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Chapter 1542 Dig Up The Past

Faced with Su Bei’s question, the eloquent reporters were speechless.

Su Bei continued, “I know that the outside world has always said that Xu Zhiqin has been pestering Pan Hongsen for years. However, do you have any evidence for that? It’s been so many years. Have you taken any photos of Xu Zhiqin in this area? If you really believe everything that others say, shouldn’t you be reflecting on yourselves? Aren’t you too gullible?”

She raised her voice. “Also, what Xu Zhiqin is facing now is not only verbal violence but also the harm caused by fans! Have you ever thought about how much harm it’ll cause an innocent artiste to accept all these groundless accusations? If you can produce evidence to prove that Xu Zhiqin did such a thing, I’ll publicly apologize to her! If not, you guys should be the ones apologizing!”

Su Bei’s words caused a huge stir.

Some netizens who had already come up with their own conclusions thought about it carefully. It seemed that they had never seen scandals or photos of Xu Zhiqin pestering Pan Hongsen.

Every time such news was reported in the media, it was only because Xu Zhiqin and Pan Hongsen happened to be in the same place, but they had never been photographed together.

As for Xu Zhiqin’s entanglement with Pan Hongsen, the party that was most vocal about it apart from Pan Hongsen was Yali!

Looking back at it now, it seemed that it all started due to the connotative remarks said by Yali during the reality show. They pinned Xu Zhiqin to the pillar of shame!

“I think what President Su said makes sense.”

“That’s right. There really doesn’t seem to be any concrete evidence.”

“But if Xu Zhiqin didn’t do such a thing, why did Pan Hongsen and Yali say those things?”

“I still have my doubts. After all, Xu Zhiqin was once Pan Hongsen’s manager. She could’ve hara.s.sed him in private.”

“Xu Zhiqin has never stepped out to refute either. Who knows if it’s true?”

“Protect our Yali! Yali’s boyfriend was s.n.a.t.c.hed away for no reason. Who did she offend, huh?”

The comments on the internet were mixed.

However, Su Bei’s words finally had a considerable effect. In addition, it was a fact that Xu Zhiqin was injured last time. At the moment, she had regained some trust.

The finals began at this time.

The atmosphere in the finals was already tense.

The compet.i.tion between Xu Zhiqin and Yali was the most intense.

The other contestants had already become foils.

In the finals, He Xuyan did not partic.i.p.ate in Xu Zhiqin’s guidance because of his injured arm and the previous score he gave.

This time, Su Bei was backstage personally discussing the script with Xu Zhiqin.

Of course, Yali was relieved.

“President Su is really overestimating himself. Does he think he can manage both the company and the actors’ acting skills?” Yali’s a.s.sistant mocked. “Is he too worried that Xu Zhiqin will make a fool of herself?”

“Who cares?” Yali was happy about President Su providing guidance to Xu Zhiqin. The more guidance she received, the better. “Isn’t this good for me?”

On the other hand, Xu Zhiqin realized that Mr. Su seemed to be someone who knew one or two things about acting. His suggestions were of help to her.

“President Su, you’re really amazing. Can I still get your guidance in the future?” Xu Zhiqin said sincerely.

“After you win the champions.h.i.+p.” Su Bei smiled.

Xu Zhiqin nodded heavily. “I must win the champions.h.i.+p!”

He Xuyan heard her from afar and turned his head away.

Was the champions.h.i.+p and Pan Hongsen really that important to her?

The compet.i.tion began.

Yali performed well today. Su Bei looked at Xu Zhiqin from below the stage and realized that she was feeling nervous.

She nodded gently, indicating for Xu Zhiqin not to be nervous.

Xu Zhiqin took a deep breath. Her gaze moved from Su Bei to He Xuyan and then back to Su Bei.

She entered the scene and became one with the character.

She performed even better than her last time.

The off-site voting never stopped.

After knowing about all the recent incidents, there were many people voting for Xu Zhiqin this time. This was because she had used her super impressive acting skills to win over everyone’s hearts!

On the other hand, Yali’s fans were obviously not strong enough. There was still a gap between their votes and Xu Zhiqin’s.

On the production team’s side, the directors also began to vote.

The scores given by these directors were considered fair and just. Xu Zhiqin maintained a slight lead over Yali for director votes.

Seeing that the viewers.h.i.+p ratings kept rising, the entire production team was very excited. They did not expect Xu Zhiqin to bring about such a good effect.

The host watched as Xu Zhiqin’s and Yali’s votes soared. His voice was also very high-pitched. “Now, Yali’s audience votes are slightly more than Xu Zhiqin’s, but Xu Zhiqin has slightly more director votes. The two of them are almost even! However, our voting channel will close in five minutes. The directors’ last round of voting hasn’t ended yet! Who will win the champions.h.i.+p tonight?”

Brother Mark and Pan Hongsen sat in front of the TV, looking unhappy.

Pan Hongsen said unhappily, “I don’t want to film a TV show with her.”

“But if she really wins the champions.h.i.+p, we can’t do anything about it. The production team can’t go back on their word,” Brother Mark said. This was really a lousy situation to be in.

“No matter what, I won’t work with her!” Pan Hongsen said. When he left Xu Zhiqin back then, he was in the wrong and felt guilty. That was why he destroyed all the evidence of him being with Xu Zhiqin so that she wouldn’t cause any trouble.

If they worked together again, what if others dug up the past…

“I’ll think of a way.” Brother Mark naturally did not want his good resources to be given to outsiders.

On the stage, the final voting had already begun.

In the last round, the directors’ votes would be displayed at the same time. The outcome would be decided decisively.

When He Xuyan picked up his pen to write the score, his hand hesitated for a moment.

He would naturally give Xu Zhiqin the points he thought she deserved. From beginning to end, he had never gone against his conscience.

And now, the points he gave were very likely to determine the final outcome.

As long as he lowered his score slightly, Xu Zhiqin would not be able to win the champions.h.i.+p and she would not be able to work with Pan Hongsen…

He picked up his pen and wrote down the score.

When the scores were displayed, the voting was officially closed.

The host shouted, “Xu Zhiqin! The champion tonight is Xu Zhiqin! She defeated Yali by 0.1 points and won tonight’s champions.h.i.+p! Congratulations!”