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Chapter 1541 You Don’t Mind Me Carrying Her To Sleep On My Bed?

The fans were scolded, and Yali was involved too.

Everyone scolded her fans, and even more so, they scolded Yali for not managing her fans well and allowing her fans to hurt others.

Actually, these scoldings were considered light because not only did she indulge her fans, but she was also the mastermind. She deliberately got someone to contact her most fanatical fans and instigate them to do such a thing.

She wanted to scare Xu Zhiqin so that she would not perform well in the finals. Then, she would find someone to get her fans out. Everything would pa.s.s quickly.

Unexpectedly, Su Bei refused to let the matter rest. Su Bei was prepared to take things to the extreme.

Yali naturally did not manage to get someone to fish out the fans. Su Bei insisted on pursuing legal responsibility, while Yali could not get anyone to help her.

“Yali, we can’t. We definitely can’t get these people out,” the a.s.sistant said.

“d.a.m.n it!” Yali said angrily. “Everything was fine before!”

“Su Lu is blowing things up this time. They’re going to punish the fans severely.”

“Forget it, then. I’ll take it one step at a time. Did you do a clean job?”

The a.s.sistant quickly nodded. “Yes.”

Yali didn’t have to worry. As long as it was a clean job, she wouldn’t be implicated. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t protect those fans for the time being.

After dealing with these matters, Su Bei said to Xu Zhiqin, “Zhiqin, you can go back first. I’ll get Brother Yue Ze to pick you up. I’ll stay behind to take care of Director He.”

“I’ll stay and take care of him,” Xu Zhiqin said anxiously. Her face was pale with heartache.

He Xuyan lifted his eyelashes and looked at her heavily. “Do you want my injuries to be for nothing?”

Xu Zhiqin understood what he meant. If the media caught even the slightest trace of her presence here, she and He Xuyan would be scolded until they were doomed.

Su Bei said, “Go back. The finals are about to be filmed. I can stay and take care of him.”

Xu Zhiqin had no choice but to agree.

Su Bei reached out and touched He Xuyan’s forehead. Fortunately, it was not hot.

Xu Zhiqin was a little stunned.

Yue Ze came to pick her up.

“Don’t worry, President Su will handle these things. Just prepare well.”

“Is President Su familiar with Director He?” Xu Zhiqin asked.

Yue Ze knew that Su Bei and He Xuyan had worked together before, but with her ident.i.ty as Su Lu, he indeed did not have many interactions with He Xuyan. Yue Ze could only shake his head. “I’m not too sure.”

“President Su…” Xu Zhiqin asked again, “Does he like girls or boys?”

For some reason, she felt that He Xuyan and President Su’s interactions were too intimate. For some reason, she felt a little disgusted. Actually, it was not disgust. It was just not a pleasant feeling.

Yue Ze glanced at her. “Zhiqin, you can’t like President Su.”

Of course, Xu Zhiqin did not like Mr. Su. However, Yue Ze’s tone was too serious. She quickly asked, “Why?”

“No reason. Anyway, it’ll be good if you don’t like him. That way, there won’t be any scandals.”

“Oh, got it.” Xu Zhiqin was only worried about He Xuyan now. She was not in the mood to like anyone else.

Su Bei took care of He Xuyan and fell asleep on the sofa.

As soon as she fell asleep, Lu Heting made a video call to her.

He Xuyan stood up and picked up the phone.

When the call went through, Lu Heting’s aura immediately became cold and dark.

Only when he realized that it was He Xuyan did he calm down a little.

“Where’s Su Bei?”

“She’s sleeping beside me,” He Xuyan replied.

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes. “Are you itching for a fight?”

“It’s for some work-related matters. She stayed with me for a while, but she was too tired and fell asleep.” He Xuyan saw enough of his jealous expression and explained slowly.

Lu Heting’s eyes darkened when he saw Su Bei. “You let her sleep on the sofa?”

“If you don’t mind, I can carry her to my bed,” He Xuyan said provocatively.

Lu Heting: “…”

Seeing that he looked uncomfortable but couldn’t show it, He Xuyan smiled with a hint of satisfaction.

After all, he was his brother-in-law. It was fine if Lu Heting didn’t respect him, but he was even jealous of him.

He Xuyan was also happy to see Lu Heting be defeated.

Lu Heting seemed to have made up his mind. “I don’t mind.”

In order to let Su Bei sleep more comfortably, he could choose to ignore the fact that this was He Xuyan’s residence and it was his bed.

He Xuyan stretched out his arm for him to see. “Su Bei only stayed because I was injured. I can’t carry her, so I can only make her sleep on the sofa.”

Lu Heting clicked off the video.

He Xuyan couldn’t help but laugh. He was relieved that his sister had found a good husband.

He returned to the bed in pain and recalled what had happened today. Xu Zhiqin was really in danger at that time… Since he was the first person she called, He Xuyan did not have any complaints about his injury.

As he was thinking, there was a knock on the door.

He Xuyan opened the door and saw Yue Ze standing at the door.

“Manager Yue, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?” He Xuyan asked.

“I’m here to take care of you. Qiao Mei is downstairs. She’ll take Su Bei back home to rest.” Both Yue Ze and Qiao Mei were summoned here by a threatening call from across the ocean.

They did not know Su Bei’s true relations.h.i.+p with He Xuyan. As soon as they heard that Su Bei and He Xuyan were alone, they immediately came over.

He Xuyan pouted. “Su Bei is already asleep. You can take her away, but I don’t need anyone to take care of me.”

“Then we’ll just take Su Bei away,” Yue Ze said.

Su Bei had already sat up in a daze. She did not know that a certain someone who was overseas was so worried that she would not be able to sleep well on the sofa that he made such a big fuss.

He Xuyan was really convinced by his brother-in-law.

The next morning, when Su Bei went to the company, she was surrounded by reporters.

“President Su, Xu Zhiqin was injured by a group of fans. Are you going to sue the fans?”

“Xu Zhiqin keeps pestering Pan Hongsen, which has caused him and Yali great harm and inconvenience. What do you have to say about this?”

Su Bei happened to want to take advantage of this matter, and these people came knocking on her door.

She stood still and took a microphone. “Xu Zhiqin is pestering Pan Hongsen? May I ask how you guys determined this? Have you taken photos that prove it? When has Xu Zhiqin ever pestered Pan Hongsen? Has she ever said in public that she liked Pan Hongsen? Has she done anything to make you think that way?”

“Didn’t she partic.i.p.ate in Actors, Please Go On Stage? The champion will be able to film a drama with Pan Hongsen,” the reporter said weakly.

“Then can it also be said that all the other actors and actresses in Actors, Please Go On Stage are aiming for this?” Su Bei asked. “If everyone is just fighting for a chance to work with him, why can’t Xu Zhiqin do it if everyone else is also doing the same?”