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Chapter 1540 Don’t Want Your Champions.h.i.+p?

Then Su Bei retreated, the smile on her face widening.

Lu Heting chuckled, his eyes filled with her beautiful face.

Lu Group arranged for someone to accompany Su Bei and Mr. and Mrs. Brown for the next few days.

When it came to bringing the Browns to eat, drink, and have fun, Su Bei naturally had nothing to worry about.

As for work-related matters, she already had experience managing Jingbei Square. With the company of someone from Lu Group, there naturally wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

All the arrangements were perfect.

When the Browns left, they truly spent their time here in joy and returned satisfied.

Su Bei was in a good mood after sending the two of them off at the airport when she was interrupted by an urgent ringtone.

She picked it up. It was Xu Zhiqin. Her voice was a little choked. “President Su, can you come over? I’m at Director He’s house.”

“What happened?” Su Bei quickly asked.

“Please come first. You’ll know when you get there.”

Su Bei hurriedly got into the car and rushed to He Xuyan’s house.

When Xu Zhiqin and her a.s.sistant went out today, it was a little late. Because they were rus.h.i.+ng, they took a shortcut that was on a small path. Who knew that they would encounter a few hooligans who cornered them?

Xu Zhiqin made a call in a panic and happened to call He Xuyan. Coincidentally, He Xuyan was nearby and came to save her and her a.s.sistant.

The hooligans had already been taken away by the police. After Xu Zhiqin and her a.s.sistant stayed behind to record their statements, Xu Zhiqin and He Xuyan returned. This was He Xuyan’s idea. He didn’t want anyone to know about his relations.h.i.+p with Xu Zhiqin and cause trouble for her for no reason, so he didn’t even appear the entire time.

But his arm was injured and bleeding profusely.

Xu Zhiqin looked at his arm and burst into tears. “Director He, let’s go to the hospital.”

“Bring me the alcohol,” He Xuyan said in a low voice.

“The doctor can treat it better…”

“Don’t you want your reputation anymore? Don’t you want your champions.h.i.+p?” He Xuyan asked with a pale face.

“But no matter how important the champions.h.i.+p is, it can’t compare to your arm.”

He Xuyan reached out and took the alcohol. He pulled on his wound and groaned in pain.

Xu Zhiqin didn’t dare to be negligent, so she used the excuse of going to the bathroom to secretly call Su Bei. Then, she washed her hands and came out. She sprayed alcohol on him to clean his wound and applied medicine before bandaging it.

He Xuyan gritted his teeth in pain, but he did not hiss anymore.

When Su Bei appeared, Xu Zhiqin had just finished treating his wound.

Seeing He Xuyan’s injury, Su Bei panicked. She went forward and grabbed his arm. “How did you end up like this?”

He Xuyan smiled at her and comforted her. “It’s okay. Don’t worry.”

Xu Zhiqin had called Su Bei over to persuade He Xuyan to go to the hospital. Seeing their att.i.tudes, she was stunned for a moment.

He Xuyan’s cold and chilling dark eyes revealed emotions she had never seen before when he saw President Su.

At this moment, President Su was really anxious.

Xu Zhiqin quickly explained what had happened.

“Hooligans? How could it be so coincidental? Jingdu City is the most prosperous place in S Country. It’s the place with the best security. Hooligans?” Su Bei said. “Does Yali really think that she can just push the blame onto a bunch of hooligans?”

Xu Zhiqin had thought about it too, but she didn’t dare to say anything without evidence.

Su Bei said to He Xuyan, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

“I’m fine now. Last time, I gave Zhiqin a high score. There are already rumors outside. If there are more rumors, do you think the outside world will still believe I gave her a fair score?” He Xuyan asked.

Su Bei stared into his eyes and saw some emotions surging in them. Worried, she pursed her lips. “So you…”

Her words were full of teasing. The corners of He Xuyan’s eyes twitched in pain, but he did not respond.

Su Bei stopped teasing him and reached out to support him. “Go lie down and rest for a while.”

She took out her phone and pressed a few b.u.t.tons. A moment later, the Lu family’s doctor came over. He was Lu Heting’s trusted aide, so Su Bei was naturally not worried about him spreading any rumors.

After the doctor’s examination and treatment, He Xuyan was exhausted and lay down to rest.

“It’s okay. Just rest more later.”

The doctor’s words finally comforted the anxious Xu Zhiqin.

He Xuyan said to the doctor, “Take a look at her too.”

She was naturally referring to Xu Zhiqin.

Su Bei asked Xu Zhiqin, “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m fine. They’re just some minor scratches. I’ll apply some ointment on myself later.”

Su Bei threw the phone at her. “Don’t let the doctor apply the ointment yet. Take photos of them first!”

He Xuyan looked at Su Bei reproachfully. “Can you…”

“No!” Su Bei was determined.

Xu Zhiqin didn’t find it strange. She obediently took the photos before letting the doctor treat her wounds.

“Send me the photos of your a.s.sistant’s injuries too.”

The injuries on Xu Zhiqin’s a.s.sistant were slightly more serious, similar to He Xuyan’s.

After Su Bei finished compiling everything, she immediately posted the photos online.

[Excuse me, is this your att.i.tude and provocation?]

What she posted naturally caused an uproar.

The news of Xu Zhiqin being attacked by hooligans quickly caught everyone’s attention.

Yali’s fans didn’t hesitate to clamor: [That’s what that b*tch deserves! Is something wrong?]

[Who knows if the hooligans did something to her? Maybe she seduced someone else?]

[That’s right. What wouldn’t that kind of woman do? It’s too easy for her to be injured like this.]

Su Bei sneered and asked someone to go to the police station to get information.

At first, the hooligans insisted that Xu Zhiqin had seduced them. Of course, this statement was not credible and was quickly overturned.

Su Bei only asked someone to tell them that if they were accused of being a triad, what awaited them would be harsh jail time.

These people immediately became obedient. They admitted that they were fans and couldn’t stand Xu Zhiqin’s actions. They also saw that Yali was deeply wronged, so they only wanted to scare Xu Zhiqin to avenge Yali.

After getting the evidence that they were fans, Su Bei posted the evidence. It was obvious that Su Bei wanted to drag Yali through the mud.

She said righteously: [Fans who commit crimes also have to bear legal responsibility! I hope all fans can look at things in the industry rationally. Don’t be deceived by people with ulterior motives and put your precious lives on something unworthy!]

According to the information, those thugs were indeed Yali’s fans. They were also the most fanatical ones.

The outside world also began to condemn these fans for going overboard. Some of the debates in the fan circle actually began to escalate the matter to the level of personal harm. They were really bad apples in the fan circle!