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Chapter 1539: Lower Your Head

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Su Bei walked up to Mrs. Brown and continued, “Mrs. Brown, bamboo in S Country symbolizes high morality and fearlessness. It’s most compatible with your temperament. The poem in this painting says, ‘The snow presses down on the bamboo’s head, and the bamboo’s head is lowered. A red sun rises, but it’s still as high as the sky.’ It means to praise the bamboo for being unafraid of difficulties and being neither servile nor overbearing. Even if it faces setbacks, it’ll quickly rise.”

Su Lu had just drawn this painting and left quickly.

No one had seen what the poem was about.

Su Bei opened her mouth and spoke fluently. Everyone finally believed that she was indeed the one who arranged this gift.

Such an arrangement was meticulous and ingenious. It was indeed commendable for her to consider Mrs. Brown’s preferences in every way.


Mrs. Brown, in particular, only vaguely understood the meaning of the poem when she first received the painting. After hearing Su Bei’s words, she nodded repeatedly and pulled Su Bei along, wanting to ask about the poems from S Country, especially the ones about bamboo.

Fu Yujia had spent a few days making arrangements, but this was the result. Her expression turned a little ugly.

The people from the Fu family were naturally unhappy.

On the other hand, the Lu family was only concerned about benefits. All of them were smiling. In any case, they had not suffered any losses.

Mrs. Brown and Su Bei were chatting happily, so Mr. Brown approved of this woman who made his beloved wife happier. He and Su Bei had tentatively decided that Su Bei would arrange their itinerary in S Country for the next few days.

“Okay, Mr. Brown,” Su Bei agreed.

Although it was called a trip, there were definitely many opportunities to talk about work.

In the Lu family’s mansion…

Mrs. Fu was chatting with Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu.

“Jia Jia arranged the banquet today. Don’t worry, the two of you. Mr. and Mrs. Brown will definitely be happy during their stay and return satisfied,” Mrs. Fu said with a smile as she poured tea for the two elders.

She came over today to praise her daughter.

Even if Old Madam Lu wanted to speak up for Su Bei, she could not.

She couldn’t help but feel depressed. If Su Bei had worked harder and learned from her, she wouldn’t have ended up like this.

Old Master Lu smiled and said, “It’s obvious that Jia Jia has been capable since she was young.”

“Actually, Jia Jia’s ability is inseparable from the upbringing that the two of you have shown her since she was young.” Mrs. Fu smiled. “Isn’t it said that one is marked by one’s company? Jia Jia has learned a lot from you, so that’s how she became so good.”

Old Master Lu picked up his teacup and drank it calmly. In fact, he could not help but feel regretful. As expected, without Heting around, there was no one in charge at home.

He would not be around for long. Could it be that as long as Heting was far away, there would be no one at home to help manage the business?

“Old Master, Old Madam, since Jia Jia did a good job this time, Mr. and Mrs. Brown will definitely be accompanied by Jia Jia during the remainder of their trip. When the time comes, will you still arrange for Su Bei to accompany them?” Mrs. Fu asked.

Although she seemed to be asking for Su Bei’s opinion, her words meant that she looked down on Su Bei. If Su Bei didn’t do a good job of receiving the guests, would the Lu family replace her with someone who could take on the big responsibility?

Old Master Lu put down his teacup and said, “We’ll see.”

He was indeed looking for a suitable candidate to take on this job.

Seeing this, Mrs. Fu was extremely proud. She took out her phone and said, “I’ll make a call and ask Han Xu how the reception is going.”

She deliberately made a video call, and Han Xu picked up quickly.

“Han Xu, have you confirmed Mr. and Mrs. Brown’s schedule? Jia Jia will be very busy in the next few days, right?”

Han Xu’s expression was not very good as he said, “Eldest Miss won’t be too busy. Mrs. Lu, Su Bei, will be in charge of the follow-up arrangements.”

“What? She’ll be in charge?” Mrs. Fu asked in surprise.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu also looked at each other.

“Su Bei has won Mrs. Brown’s favor this time. The couple plans to travel alone with Su Bei for the next few days,” Han Xu said.

Mrs. Fu hung up the video call. She originally wanted to show off in front of Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu, but she didn’t expect to be slapped in the face instead.

She looked a little embarra.s.sed.

Old Master Lu smiled. “Jia Jia has indeed worked hard these few days. It’s appropriate to let Su Bei do the rest of the work.”

“Yes, yes. That’s indeed the case.” Mrs. Fu was bewildered. How did Su Bei do it?

“Then I’ll leave first.” Mrs. Fu was too ashamed. She stood up and said hurriedly before walking away.

Old Madam Lu hurriedly glanced at Old Master Lu. “What did Su Bei do?”

“Who should I ask?” Old Master Lu was in a good mood.

“You’re quite happy to see Su Bei suppress Jia Jia, huh? Haven’t you always liked Jia Jia?” Old Madam Lu asked.

“I like her, but your good grandson doesn’t, so what’s the use?” Old Master Lu retorted.

Before the two of them could finish speaking, Lu Heting called from overseas.

Old Master Lu coughed lightly and regained his calm expression as he picked up the phone.

“Grandpa, Su Bei can help me occasionally. But after I’m done with my work, I’ll let her go back and do what she likes.”

“I didn’t say I wanted to tie her up,” Old Master Lu said unhappily.

“Really? Thank you so much, Grandpa.” Lu Heting thanked him sincerely.

Old Master Lu’s words were stuck in his throat again.

As soon as Su Bei got into the car, she received a call from Lu Heting.

When she picked it up, the man’s deep and gentle voice sounded. “Mrs. Lu, congratulations. You could even handle the Brown couple.”

“Why? Are they difficult to deal with?”

“Not really. However, it’s indeed difficult to get them to request for your company alone.”

Su Bei smiled until her eyes narrowed. “So, are you calling to praise me?”

“What reward do you want?” Lu Heting chuckled. His woman was great. Even if she had to do something she didn’t like, she would do it well.

And he knew she did it for him.

“I want you to come close.” Su Bei tilted her head, her eyes s.h.i.+ning with a smile.

Lu Heting obediently approached the screen.

The woman planted a quick kiss on the screen.