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Chapter 5

The Owner of the Villa, The Undercurrent of the Zhongtian Lake-View Villa Complex


100 million in cas.h.!.+


Ye Feng was overjoyed, this was worth it.

The screen of his phone lit up, and he received a notification that his bank balance had changed to 100,000,107.63 dollars. For the first time, Ye Feng experienced what it meant to be on his feet.

He unconsciously hummed a little tune as he turned on the navigation and headed straight to the Zhongtian Lake-View Villa area.

Behind them, Xia Qiu looked at Ye Feng’s back with curiosity in her eyes.

It was not until Ye Feng’s figure was completely gone that she retracted her gaze and turned to her manager. “Sister w.a.n.g, is my schedule full for the next two days?”

Sister w.a.n.g immediately opened her memo and quickly replied, “It’s all full. Also, you’ve turned down a few of Zhonghai’s bosses and second-generation heirs for dinner, and some of them have been quite critical about it. Should we…”

Xia Qiu reached out and interrupted her. “Don’t worry about them.”

“Also, help me cancel the charity dinner tonight.”

Sister w.a.n.g was taken aback. “Xia Xia, this is a great opportunity to show your face. It’ll be very helpful in building your public image…”

“Reject it.” As Xia Qiu spoke, she looked at the direction where Ye Feng disappeared. “Our interesting savior is still waiting for me to treat him.”

As she spoke, she ignored w.a.n.g Jie’s confused look. A hint of curiosity and slyness flashed in her eyes. She chuckled and got into the car.

Zhongtian Lake-View Villa.

The Real Estate Management Office.

It was almost noon, and the real estate management staff were almost done with their work. Everyone looked relaxed.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

A woman walked in from outside the door.

The woman looked to be around 25 or 26 years old. Her looks were around 90 points, and her figure was also above 93 points. Her pair of sinful eyes were very terrifying.

She was wearing a suit and her hair was tied up. When she walked, she had a special effect, looking very capable and experienced.

Her name was Lin Junjun and she was the CEO of Zhongtian Real Estate Company. She was the standard ‘royal sister’!

Upon seeing her, everyone in the Real Estate Department of the Zhongtian Lake-View Villa Complex quickly greeted her.

“President Lin!”

“Good day, President Lin!”


At this moment, the sloppiness in their bodies had disappeared.

Everyone in the Real Estate Department knew that Lin Junjun was known for her swift and decisive actions, so they didn’t want to be taught a lesson by her.

However, Lin Junjun seemed to have something urgent to attend to today. She merely nodded at everyone before hurrying into the office.

She went to her office and turned on her computer. After a few operations, a piece of information appeared on her computer screen.

If Ye Feng was here, he would realize that the photo on the doc.u.ment was his.

About an hour ago, Lin Junjun suddenly received a phone call that someone had purchased Zhongtian Lake-View Villa No. 1 in full, so she rushed over to the Real Estate Department to check the customer’s information.

But the information given in the information…

‘Ye Feng, a first-year student at Zhonghai University, ordinary family background…’

If she hadn’t personally retrieved this information from the inside, she would have thought that someone was deliberately joking with her.

Could an ordinary first-year university student afford a villa worth nearly 100 million yuan?

However, internal information could not be faked.

That meant that Ye Feng had intentionally concealed his ident.i.ty.

Although she was curious, she also understood that she couldn’t casually investigate a big shot of that level.

Lin Junjun closed the file and called her a.s.sistant over.

Her a.s.sistant, Xiao Xing, looked very quiet, but she was decisive. After entering the office, she immediately asked politely, “President Lin, what are your orders?”

“Go and inform the Surveillance Department to keep a close eye on him. Once Mr. Ye appears, inform me immediately.” As she spoke, Lin Junjun pa.s.sed over a printed photo of Ye Feng.

“Alright, President Lin!” Xiao Xing nodded.

“Also, order two more expensive bonsai. When Mr. Ye checks in, send them over as soon as possible.”

“Yes!” Xiao Xing nodded again, but her eyes were a little puzzled.

She looked at Lin Junjun and hesitated.

Lin Junjun raised an eyebrow upon seeing this. “Just ask me what you want to ask.”

“This Mr. Ye is…?”

Xiao Xing couldn’t understand why Lin Junjun would try to please this young man with her status.

Lin Junjun raised her eyebrows. “Zhongtian Lake-View Villa No. 1 has been sold! In full!”

Little Xing’s expression changed when she heard that.

The villa was actually sold!

The Zhongtian Lake-View Villa area was famous in the entire Zhonghai City.

The people who could live here were either rich or n.o.ble.

Even the lowest-end villa worth 20 million yuan was out of reach for most people.

And now, the king of villas, Villa No. 1, had been sold in full…

Obviously, Ye Feng was the owner of Villa No. 1.

Xiao Xing finally understood why Lin Junjun wanted to please Ye Feng. If she were in her shoes, she would also rush to curry favor with him.

There were a total of 100 villas in Zhongtian Lake.

The grade of the villas was arranged according to the number 1 to 100.

The lower the grade of the villa, the lower the number.

In Villa 97.

Jiang Gaoming, a local snake with a little fame in Zhonghai City, quickly ordered his men to pay attention to the movements of Villa No. 1 after receiving a phone call.

The phone call just now was from an old friend in the Real Estate Department.

The other party told him that Zhongtian Lake-View Villa No. 1 had been sold.

Hearing this, Jiang Gaoming’s mind became active.

People like him made a fortune by taking projects from the big bosses and then reselling them.

Although it was still okay in the outside world, in the Zhongtian Lake-View Villa area, it was at the bottom.

Now that Villa No. 1 had an owner… The owner must be super rich.

To him, he was a potential gold mine and an existence that he could not afford to offend.

“I have to take advantage of the time when they move in to find an opportunity to meet them and form a good relations.h.i.+p.”

Thinking of this, Jiang Gaoming decisively called his secretary and said, “Go pack up one or two red robes in my safe and send them over immediately!”

After finis.h.i.+ng everything, Jiang Gaoming was ready to go upstairs. Suddenly, he saw his second son, Jiang Hao, playing games on the sofa, and his face suddenly turned cold.

“Why didn’t you go to cla.s.s today?”

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