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Chapter 4

The Big Star Looked Sideways, Slipped Away!

As they chatted, Ye Feng and Xia Qiu talked about the concert that would be held two days later.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t get a ticket,” Ye Feng said with a regretful expression. “Otherwise, I would be able to go to your concert live.”

Xia Qiu smiled and consoled him gently, “It’s fine. You can listen to it online.”

“That’s true, but it’s different in real life and online. Xia Xia, will you come to Zhonghai for concerts in the future?”

“I can’t be sure. If there’s a chance, I’ll come. Oh, right.” Xia Qiu smiled and asked, “Looking at you, you should still be a student, right?”

“Yes.” Ye Feng nodded. “I’m a freshman this year.”

“I see…” Xia Qiu nodded and hesitated.

Looking at Ye Feng’s clothes, he should be from an ordinary family.

The cheapest ticket for her concert cost more than 500 yuan, so she didn’t want Ye Feng to fight for the ticket.

It was not that she looked down on Ye Feng, she just felt that it was not worth it. It was not worth it to save and scrimp for so long just to watch a concert.

She would also often say these words to her students and fans.

However, she was not familiar with Ye Feng and did not understand his character. She was afraid that she would hurt his self-esteem if she said too much, so she decided not to say anything.

From Xia Qiu’s expression, Ye Feng already understood what she wanted to say.

Although he didn’t really want to go to the concert, seeing that Xia Qiu was so considerate of her fans, he suddenly had a better impression of her.

He looked at the tank truck again.

He had only driven for about a hundred meters.

It was too slow!

It seemed like they had to talk about something else?

Xia Qiu saw that Ye Feng would glance in front from time to time and was a little confused.

Was he waiting for something?

Just as she was about to ask, Ye Feng spoke first, “Xia Xia, can I take a picture with you?”

“Xia Xia, we’ve wasted too much time. We should go.” Before Xia Qiu could speak, Sister w.a.n.g spoke first.

She felt that if she did not remind him, Ye Feng would continue to pester Xia Qiu.

They still had to attend a charity auction later, so they couldn’t stay here any longer.

Xia Qiu also knew that time was tight, but when she saw Ye Feng’s expectant eyes, she was too embarra.s.sed to reject him.

“Sister w.a.n.g, let’s take a photo together. It won’t take long.”

After signaling for Sister w.a.n.g to wait, she nodded at Ye Feng.

Seeing this, Ye Feng’s impression of Xia Qiu became better.

She was such a pure, beautiful, and kind girl. Even without the system’s reward, he would not hesitate to save her.

Then, he took out his phone and started taking photos with Xia Qiu.

While taking photos, he observed the tank truck.

After taking more than a dozen photos, the tank truck drove out of the safe area.

Ye Feng heaved a sigh of relief. Feeling Sister w.a.n.g’s unkind gaze, he quickly put away his phone and said to Xia Qiu, “Xia Xia, I’m so sorry for taking up so much of your time.”

“It doesn’t matter!” Xia Qiu shook her head.

Then, she got into the car.

Suddenly, the sound of an emergency brake came from the front.

Then, there was a loud bang as the tank truck hit the roadside guardrail.


A deafening sound was heard.

The tank car exploded!

In an instant, the flames soared up to the sky, reaching more than ten meters high.

The rolling black smoke carried flames and quickly spread to the surroundings. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of square meters of land around them were razed to the ground.

Xia Qiu and the other two paled at the sight.

After a long while, the few of them seemed to react.

When they came back to their senses, Sister w.a.n.g and the driver’s gaze toward Ye Feng had changed.

Although it was a little annoying that Ye Feng had delayed their time, if Ye Feng had not stopped them just now, with the distance between their car and the fuel tank truck, they would have been…

Xia Qiu’s face was also filled with shock and fear.

After signaling Sister w.a.n.g to call the police and ambulance, she looked at Ye Feng with a complicated look.

She had already noticed that Ye Feng was looking forward.

At that time, she thought that Ye Feng was waiting for someone, but now that she thought about it, he was most likely observing the fuel truck.

But now, she was a little suspicious. Did Ye Feng already know that the fuel truck would be in trouble? Did he deliberately chat with her, take a photo with her, and delay the time…

Ye Feng also noticed her little movement, but he still looked at the burning fuel truck in front of him in horror, as if he was scared silly.

Seeing this, Xia Qiu could not help but be suspicious. Could it be that she was thinking too much?

Could it really be a coincidence?

Then, how could she explain his behavior of observing the tank truck earlier?

Just as she was thinking, Sister w.a.n.g’s voice was heard. “Xia Xia, I hope you’re not too scared.”

Xia Qiu shook her head. She then smiled at Ye Feng, “By the way, I still don’t know how to address you.”

Ye Feng told Xia Qiu his information and also gave her his contact information.

Xia Qiu took note of it and chuckled. “Ye Feng, no matter what, you saved my life. I’ve been busy for the past two days, I’ll treat you to a meal when I’m free.”

“Alright!” Ye Feng nodded and pretended to look at the time, then quickly said, “Oh no, cla.s.s is about to start.”

“Xia Xia, I’m going to leave now. I’ll wait for you to treat me to a meal.”

After that, he rode the shared bicycle again and left quickly.

Almost at the same time he left the scene, a system notification sounded in his mind.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the destiny navigation. The reward is 100 million in cash. The reward has been issued.]

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