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Chapter 327: Soaring Strength (2)

Translator: Daoist6fubtiW

The path of cultivation was always to inherit the past and the future. Once one made a mistake, the price to pay in the future would be too terrifying.

To this step, I’ve come to the end of the world

The all-powerful Essence of Vitality seemed to be unable to help Chen Daoxuan.

Luring the incorporeal divine soul into the Purple Mansion, no one could help him except Chen Daoxuan himself.

After learning this, not only was Chen Daoxuan not dejected, but he also relaxed.

If there really was a treasure that could help him increase his cultivation level like playing games, Chen Daoxuan would feel uncomfortable instead.

This meant that his previous hard work in cultivation seemed laughable in front of a treasure like the Essence of Vital Qi.

Fortunately… Essence of vitality was not omnipotent.

At the very least, it wouldn’t be able to help Chen Daoxuan in the slightest in guiding the spirit into the residence.

If he failed, it would also mean that Chen Daoxuan’s efforts to break through to the Zifu level would be in vain.

Thinking of this, Chen Daoxuan took a deep breath.

He carefully sensed the ethereal soul in his body.

Fortunately, although Chen Daoxuan’s divine soul had yet to take shape, his divine sense far surpassed that of ordinary Foundation Establishment Cultivators, which meant that his divine soul was also far stronger than ordinary Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

In fact, his soul wasn’t far off from a Zifu Disciple’s.

It must be understood that it was extremely rare for a soul to be able to compare to the soul of a Zifu Disciple without being nurtured by a Zifu Disciple.

Chen Daoxuan was able to do this because of the golden scripture in his sea of consciousness.

About the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.

Chen Daoxuan finally sensed the intangible spirit in his body.

Next, he had to guide the sensed soul into his Zifu, allowing the Zifu to nurture and strengthen the soul.

Being able to sense the divine soul, there was almost no difficulty in guiding the divine soul into the residence.

Very soon, Chen Daoxuan completely guided his divine soul into the Purple Mansion.

Right at the instant his soul entered the Zifu region…

Chen Daoxuan instantly felt his divine soul begin to sublimate.

He knew that this was the nurturing effect of the Zifu on the divine soul.

Following the nurturing of the divine soul by the Purple Mansion, Chen Daoxuan’s divine sense began to strengthen again.

Immediately after, his sea of consciousness began to expand.

120 miles, 150 miles, 170 miles…Two hundred and ninety miles, three hundred and thirty miles, three hundred and fifty miles.

Finally, Chen Daoxuan’s sea of consciousness expanded to 350 miles, and the speed of expansion slowly slowed down.

Inside Lil ‘Pagoda’s Paradise.

Chen Daoxuan opened his eyes and frowned.”My spiritual sense has only increased by three times.”

This was clearly somewhat different from the other Foundation Establishment cultivators who had broken through to the Zifu Disciple level and had their divine sense increase tenfold.

But considering that Chen Daoxuan’s sea of consciousness had already been comparable to a Zifu Disciple’s, and that it had increased by three times, it was now even more powerful than the divine sense of a late-stage Zifu Disciple.

In addition, he had the Soul Setting Divine Light, which could help him expand his sea of consciousness. Chen Daoxuan’s consciousness would sooner or later be comparable to that of a Golden Core cultivator.

Except for this change.

What made Chen Daoxuan even more excited was that the Rain of Threads Sword Intent, which had been stagnant, had finally broken through to the third level of the Astral Transformation Realm with the breakthrough in his cultivation.

In his dantian.

Above the Purple Mansion, a dazzling star flickered. This was Chen Daoxuan’s first sword intent that had reached the third realm.

Even though this sword intent was only a branch of the water element sword intent, Chen Daoxuan still felt an incomparable sense of accomplishment.

Because he had relied on himself to comprehend the Silk Rain Sword Essence bit by bit, Chen Daoxuan’s feelings towards it were naturally different.

Although Chen Daoxuan’s second sword intent, the spatial sword intent, had much greater potential, Chen Daoxuan was more used to using the Rain Sword Intent in battle.

Speaking of spatial sword intent.

Chen Daoxuan’s spatial sword intent had also improved greatly. From the first level of formless realm, it directly soared to the second level of tangible realm.

Although it did not turn into a star above the Purple Mansion, it still became a faintly discernible starlight that floated beside the Rain Sword Intent.

Other than that.

Beneath the Purple Mansion, wisps of faint purple magic power were like clouds and mist, setting off the Purple Mansion in his Dantian like an immortal mansion.

As for his life-bound magic treasures, they were all nurtured in his Purple Mansion.

Chen Daoxuan was extremely excited as he observed the changes in his dantian.

“I’ve finally reached the Purple Mansion Stage!”

With a thought, a faint purple magic power instantly circulated throughout his body.

With the nourishment of his magic power, his originally stagnant body refinement cultivation actually began to break through.

Flesh Derivation Level 4, Flesh Derivation Level 5, Flesh Derivation Level 6.

After breaking through two minor realms in a row, the tempering of Chen Daoxuan’s corporeal body by the Zifu Dharmic powers finally stopped.

“Not bad. Perfected Lord Yuan Chen said that Qi Refinement, Body Refinement, and Spirit Refinement complement each other.”

The transformation of his Aura Refining strength not only improved his divine soul, but also strengthened his physical body.

Of course.

The most crucial change was still the change in the realm of the Great Dao and the transformation from Quintessential Essence to Dharmic powers.

These two changes had made Chen Daoxuan’s strength improve by leaps and bounds.

Before this, Chen Daoxuan had believed that his strength was not weaker than the prodigies on the Purple Prefecture prodigy roll.

And now, he was almost certain that his strength was enough to make it onto the Zifu Prodigy Roll, and his ranking was very high.

Thinking of this…

Chen Daoxuan stood up and silently walked out of the thatched cottage.

The Jiang Family cultivators ‘Small Grotto-heaven wasn’t big. There was only a small valley with a radius of several miles inside.

The place where Chen Daoxuan went into seclusion was in a thatched cottage in the valley.

They flew to a relatively flat area in the valley.

Chen Daoxuan took out the Yun Mo Wall that he carried with him.


He placed the Yun Mo Wall at the bottom of the valley and a dull sound was heard.

Looking at the Yun Mo Wall in front of him, Chen Daoxuan didn’t use any techniques, he just used his mana to attack the wall.


There was a loud bang.

On the Yun Mo Wall, the light rings flashed crazily, so fast that normal people couldn’t see them clearly.

In the next moment, a huge ” 50 ” appeared before Chen Daoxuan.

“Compared to the extreme state of true essence, the transformed Zifu Disciple’s magic power is five times stronger?”

Chen Daoxuan muttered.

According to his calculations, the maximum magic power of the Purple Mansion Stage should be around 100.

In other words, he was still half way from reaching the limit of the Purple Mansion Stage.

This was because his cultivation level was only at the first level of the Purple Prefecture Realm, and also because his sword intent realm wasn’t high.

That’s right. Chen Daoxuan’s current level of sword-intent wasn’t considered high among the group of Zifu Disciples.

For example, Zhou Mubai, who was ranked ninth on the Zifu Prodigy Roll, had long since reached the third level of sword-intent. However, Zhou Mubai was able to become ranked ninth on the Zifu Prodigy Roll not because he had reached the third level of sword-intent.

Instead, he comprehended his own sword path and created his own sword technique.

In this aspect, Chen Daoxuan could not compare to the other party.

Of course, Chen Daoxuan also had advantages that Zhou Mubai couldn’t compare to. For example, he had the Soul Setting Divine Light and the Three Heads and Six Arms Divine Power, as well as his close combat skills.

Therefore, he would only know who was stronger after a fight.

“Right now, my basic strength as a Ki Refiner is 50. With the sixth level of Flesh Derivation and the addition of my Dharma Idol divine ability, 1 can only reach a maximum of 6. Altogether, my basic strength is only 56.”

Chen Daoxuan believed that the combined strength of the cultivators on the Zifu Prodigy Roll, both as Ki Refiners and as Body Refiners, would definitely exceed 100 in terms of basic strength. He just didn’t know how much more than 100 it was.

Of course, although their combined basic strength exceeded 100, Chen Daoxuan believed that more Heaven’s Favorites were not necessarily good at close combat.

In this way, many of the Zifu Disciples could only unleash a basic strength of less than 100.

But no matter what, it was definitely not lower than Chen Daoxuan.

“The combined power of the third level of sword intent, Rain Sword Intent, and a magic tool can increase the power by five to six times. If the spatial sword intent of the second level of sword intent is combined with a magic tool, it can increase the power by at least eight times.”

At this moment, Chen Daoxuan couldn’t help but sigh. Even though the Space Sword Intent had only reached the second level, in terms of the amplification of the basic strength, it had already surpassed the Silk Rain Sword Intent.

‘If I include the six-arm combined attack technique of the three-headed six-arm divine power… Hiss!”

Chen Daoxuan was shocked by himself.

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“It can’t really be that fierce, right?”

Thinking of this, Chen Daoxuan immediately displayed the complete Three Heads and Six Arms Dharma Idol.

A three-headed, six-armed giant holding six immortal swords appeared in the valley.

Following that, he formed a hand seal and the Yun Mo Wall also grew bigger, about the same size as Chen Daoxuan’s chest.

Looking at the growing Yun Mo Wall, Chen Daoxuan took a deep breath..

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