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Chapter 92

‘How to get back?’ He didn’t think much about it before. However, it was quite tricky for Muyang to do it now, which was embarra.s.sing.

Upon taking a glance around the deserted and uninhabited surroundings, the originally cold palace had collapsed. The air was filled with a disgusting smell.

Muyang covered his nose and walked out of the Great Demon King Piccolo’s palace. He then hailed the sky and flew up to a certain height, condescendingly releasing a huge amount of ki towards the ground below.

The ki beams descended from the sky. After the earth shook, the Great Demon King Piccolo’s palace completely disappeared from the earth.

After doing all this, Muyang’s mood became a little more relaxed. He suddenly accelerated into a black dot and disappeared.

After returning to Korin Tower, he still couldn’t find a way back. Hence, he took out the booklet he received from Mutaito that recorded the principle of the Evil Containment Wave and came to the second floor of Korin Tower alone to study it.

Even if the target wasn’t a demon, as long as the power didn’t exceed the level of the person who released it, it would still have a very good effect.

Therefore, Muyang was very interested in the principle of releasing the Evil Containment Wave. He hoped to learn from it so that he could create his own compulsory techniques.



The sun was s.h.i.+ning, and the sky was blue.

Muyang was still studying his moves. He had been on top of Korin Tower for many days, but he still hadn’t found a way to leave.

This situation made Muyang wonder if there were even more powerful characters in this world other than Melukojo and Great Demon King Piccolo.

Could it be that… he still hadn’t completed the task a.s.signed by Mr. Popo?

In the middle of his thoughts, Korin walked over step by step with his crutch. His fat body approached Muyang and sat down next to him.

“Muyang, you’ve been here for a long time, and thanks to you, this world was saved this time.”

“Is Mutaito already gone?” Muyang raised his head to look at Korin. Usually, at this time, Korin and Mutaito would be discussing insights on martial arts, and Muyang dominated the second floor as they didn’t come up here much.

“Hmm.” Muyang nodded and voiced his doubts, “I was wondering if there was anyone on earth stronger than Melukojo and Great Demon King Piccolo because I think there is.”

“What do you think of your own strength?” Korin looked at him and asked.

“My strength, it’s not bad. At least countless people who dream of it would find it difficult to reach my level now.” At this point, Muyang sighed, “But if you look at the starry sky and step into the middle of the vast universe, these achievements are not worth mentioning. Those who can easily defeat me are probably not even countable.”

“Well, there’s no end to learning. You have to keep a humble heart at all times, and you’re good at that.”

After saying that, Korin was also silent. However, he took out a string of bells from nowhere and spoke, “Muyang, although I don’t know who you are and why you have such a strong power, for the sake of saving the world, you should go to the top of Korin Tower. It might be able to help you out.”

The bell?!

Looking at the distinctive golden bell in Korin’s hand, a hint of surprise appeared in Muyang’s eyes as he asked, “Does the Lookout exist in this world?”

Korin looked at Muyang in surprise, “You know about the Lookout? You seem to be a person with a great origin. Yes, of course, there is a Lookout on top of Korin Tower.”

It was then that Muyang suddenly realized.

This ninth trial was indeed different from the previous ones. It turned out that in the eighth trials before, Muyang’s strength had already surpa.s.sed the Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo.

It was only when he finally suffered a combined attack from the two that he suffered hatred. At that time, he had actually completed his mission.

This ninth trial was actually creating a channel for him to leave.

Oh, Mr. Popo, why didn’t you tell him clearly in the first place? How long would he have to wait to leave if Korin hadn’t taken out its bell!

After thinking about this, Muyang had a genial smile on his face.

“Thank you.” After taking the bell from Korin’s hand, Muyang flew straight upwards using the Dancing Sky Art.

This time, it was so easy that he didn’t use the Power Pole to go to the Lookout. Soon, he flew through the lightning-filled s.p.a.ce and entered the higher realms.


Muyang flew up to the Lookout. The familiar palace appeared before his eyes.

At this time, a silhouette in Arabian clothing appeared in front of Muyang. Its skin was dark as if dyed with ink. Upon seeing the silhouette, Muyang showed a smile on his face.

“Yo, Popo.”

When “Popo” heard the voice, his expression didn’t change at all. His eyes were dull, like a puppet’s. “Please follow me.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the entrance of the palace.

Muyang was stunned for a moment and hurriedly followed Mr. Popo. Muyang walked through the winding corridor and came back to the door of the trial room.

Unlike before, this time, Muyang didn’t see any other doors on either side of the corridor. There was only one door in front of him, and Mr. Popo didn’t say a word.

Perhaps it was because this was an illusionary world, and Mr. Popo and the Lookout were, in fact, fake.

‘Mr. Popo’ opened the golden door, revealing a dark illusory place inside.

“Go in; you have completed the trial.


Upon taking a deep look at the illusionary world, Muyang’s expression became serious as he stepped through the door.

As soon as he entered, the scenery inside immediately changed. The dark curtain disappeared, and then the entire world seemed to be turned upside down in a whirl.


Opening his eyes abruptly, Muyang found himself back in the long corridor, with a golden door behind him.

“Am I back?” Muyang searched all around with some suspicion. Only when he saw the densely packed gates on both sides of the corridor did he become certain that he had indeed returned from the trial.

The trial mission was really hard enough; he died eight times in a row inside. Even when he almost couldn’t come back, he also gained a lot.

Not only did he get the principle of the Evil Containment Wave, but his power level increased to 310 in one go.

“Oh, Muyang, you’re back.”

Arriving at the Lookout’s yard, Mr. Popo walked over with his hands behind his back. His two copper-like eyes had no extra l.u.s.ter.

“Popo, it’s all because you didn’t make it clear, I almost couldn’t come back,” Muyang said in a bad mood.

With every death, the opponent’s strength inside the illusionary world rises a step, and so on. Not to mention completing the trial mission, he might even be stuck there forever.

“This is also part of the trial. The trial is not only testing strength but also testing the mind and judgment. Even if you never find a way to come back, the illusionary world will automatically send you back after three years.”

Mr. Popo said without panicking at all.

“I’ve been in the illusionary world for so long, how long has it pa.s.sed outside?”

“Exactly one year.”

“A year?” It meant the inside and the outside were in sync.

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