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Chapter 7


“Yes.” Sith and Karl looked at each other and agreed without hesitation.

“These disciples are our future; we can’t hold them back because we ran out of resources.”

Everyone else agreed. They were the school’s elders, so if the headmaster spoke, the matter was basically settled.

“Okay then, let’s move on to the next thing.” After the simple matters were discussed, Isaac’s expression became serious. He said, “Regarding the training of disciples, I think we can allow Muyang to start his training on the Qi Based Technique sooner.”

“Brother Isaac, did you just said… that we can allow Muyang to start his training on the Qi Based Technique sooner?”

The other elder looked quite surprised when they heard him say that. Although they gathered together to discuss the importance of the school’s legacy today. They had never thought that Isaac had the idea of letting Muyang start his training on the Qi Based Technique sooner.

The school’s legacy was very important. Although the Heavenly Sky School could only be considered a middle school in the martial art world, they still couldn’t be careless about the legacy, and the Qi Based Technique is the school’s greatest legacy.

It could be said that practicing the Qi Based Technique was the only way to become the Heavenly Sky School’s pillar. But unfortunately, for several generations, not many disciples of the Heavenly Sky School succeeded in practicing the Qi Based Technique, and that was the reason why half of their pillar crumbled.

“If we let Muyang start his training on the Qi Based Technique now… wouldn’t it be a little too early.” The man named Sith paused for a moment and then continued, “He’s only fourteen years old, practicing the Qi-based Technique is extremely hard for the body. Can his body handle it?”

The early stages of the Heavenly Sky School’s training were all about laying a foundation for the Qi Based Technique. So, the more solid the foundation was, the more effective the Qi Based Technique’s training. Even people like these elders started their training on this technique after they were thirty because, without a strong body, it was impossible to condense the qi in their bodies. The unique qi of this technique could even harm them.

So he was a little worried about Isaac’s idea of letting Muyang start his training on the Qi Based Technique sooner.

“It’s not too early. Muyang has a very solid body foundation, so I don’t think there would be a problem.” Isaac made his point clear.

As a teacher, Isaac was very satisfied. Muyang was tough, stubborn, and unyielding. Also, he was pretty talented. After seeing Muyang’s performance during this time with his eyes, he considered Muyang, a true successor. Especially in the past year, Muyang’s progress had shown him the rise of a genius martial arts pract.i.tioner.

“Since Brother Isaac thinks it’s okay, then I have no problem with it,” Karl said.

“I agree that Muyang’s a great kid,” Yula said.



The rest of the elders expressed their opinion; they all agreed to let Muyang start his training on the school’s Qi Based Technique sooner. Sith saw that everyone agreed, shrugged his shoulders, and then helplessly said, “Okay then, I agree, tsk tsk, practicing Qi Based Technique at the age of fourteen, that’s the earliest on the record.”

The six elders voted unanimously.

“Then it’s settled. Arrange a time tomorrow to officially teach Muyang the school’s Qi Based Technique.” After this matter was settled, a smile appeared on Isaac’s face.

“Oh yeah, and about Mexia, I just received a letter back from the Southern Region Superpower Academy.”

“Oh? How about that, did she pa.s.s?” Upon hearing that Isaac had received a reply from the Southern Region Superpower Academy, Karl and the other elders were curious.

The Southern Region Superpower Academy was a very mysterious place on Earth that had existed for an unknown number of years and was said to be the cradle of superpowers. It was also famous for the Transformation Kindergarten. When Mexia awakened her superpowers for the first time, Isaac thought about contacting the Superpower Academy for her. Now, he finally got a reply.

“She pa.s.sed!” Isaac looked at everyone’s expression and nodded with a smile, “So, from the second half of the year, Mexia will be a student of the Superpower Academy.”

“Good, two geniuses have sprung up in our school all at once. I believe later when Muyang and Mexia grow up, our Heavenly Sky School might even be able to reach the top again.”

“Who says we couldn’t?”

At this time, both Yula and Sith were in a good mood; they seemed to have seen the day when their school would rise again.


The next day, Muyang came to Isaac’s house early in the morning after being notified.

Isaac had just finished his breakfast and was gathering his qi in the backyard. Mexia, who was still was.h.i.+ng up and urging with her mother, Alice, quickly washed her face when she saw Muyang’s coming. She even ran out before her hair was dried, her dark green hair hanging with water droplets, and a few strands of hair sticking to her fair chubby cheeks.

“Senior brother, you’re here.” Mexia was elated.

“Yeah.” Muyang nodded with a smile, and after wiping the water droplets from the tip of her hair, he turned to greet Mexia’s mother. Although Alice was an ordinary person who didn’t know martial arts, she usually helped to take care of food for the disciples; that’s why the disciples respected her a lot.

“Madam, where is the teacher?”

Alice came over with a smile, “Your teacher is in the backyard. Wait, I’ll go get him.”

After saying that, Alice dropped what she was doing and went to the backyard to call Isaac. Soon Isaac came. Muyang was about to greet his teacher, but when he glanced, he suddenly felt a s.h.i.+ver all over his body. He could feel that his teacher was a little different today.

Compared to usual, there was a bitter aura all over his body.

Muyang couldn’t take his eyes off him and look at Isaac with confusion.

Isaac laughed, nodded appreciatively, and said, “Come on, let’s go, to the martial arts training ground at the Great Azure Mountain. Some of the elders were already waiting there.” Isaac looked at his daughter, Mexia, then said, “Mexia, you can come with me; it’s good for you to see it, think of it as an experience.”

“The martial arts training ground at the Great Azure Mountain?”

Muyang was dumbfounded, he didn’t know what his teacher meant, but he still nodded.

Mexia leaned in and asked, “Does senior brother know what will father do?”

Muyang shook his head, “You don’t even know, how could I know.”

Mexia thought about it, then said umm as an answer. She then followed Isaac and Muyang, the three of them walking together towards the back of the Great Azure Mountain.

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