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Chapter 66

While the people outside were talking, Fortuneteller Baba brought Muyang and Son Gohan to a ring above the lake’s center.

“Boy, you two are going to challenge my warriors. Hey, there aren’t much more powerful earthlings above your level anymore, but you guys have me here!” Fortuneteller Baba laughed, her husky voice a little creepy, “If you can defeat two of my warriors here. I’ll do a free fortunetelling for each of you.”

Muyang was stunned and asked, “Don’t you have to defeat five people?”

Fortuneteller Baba looked at him with a sour expression, “There are only two. I don’t have that many experts here.

It was still hard for me to find them. Ordinary experts are meaningless to you, even if I have two or three more.”

That was right, Muyang nodded his head.

“Let’s make an agreement beforehand. Even if you guys succeed in the challenge, I’ll only give you one fortunetelling. So you can’t rely on this challenge to keep me giving you fortunetelling.”

Fortuneteller Baba had set up the rules of the challenge just to add a little fun. She was never thinking of giving free fortunetelling for people.

“She is such a person who sees money as life.”

After listening to Fortuneteller Baba’s words, Muyang had a clearer understanding of her greedy character. She and her siblings, Master Ros.h.i.+, were really strange.

One was greedy for money, and the other was l.u.s.tful. In addition, Master Shen and his brother Mercenary Tao were sinister and vicious.

These four people who had lived long lives, none of them were normal.

“Fortuneteller Baba, the guests have come.” At this moment, the ghost man next to her walked closer.

Fortuneteller Baba nodded her head and said, “My guests are already here, so don’t be surprised later.” After saying that, Fortuneteller Baba glanced at the palace entrance, as two figures came out of that pa.s.sage.

One of them was not very tall and had a white beard. However, what attracted people’s attention, in particular, was that red “Wu” printed on his chest. As for the other man, he looked like an old man, but his body was covered with wonderful ripples, which made it hard to see his face.

“Are these the masters that Fortuneteller Baba was talking about? How could they be two old people?”

Son Gohan could clearly see the two of them and was really worried that he might accidentally kill them.

“Don’t be careless. We might lose over them today.” Muyang looked condensed since those two people came out.

Son Gohan was very surprised at what he heard, “What, you mean we can’t beat them?”

Muyang nodded, “Look at the light circling their heads. That’s the sign of the Other-World people.”

Son Gohan sucked out a breath of cold air, “You’re saying those two old men are dead.”


Muyang’s gaze swept over those two people. He had already guessed the ident.i.ty of the one with the red “Wu” character on his chest. If he wasn’t mistaken, that person should be Mutaito, who had personally sealed the Great Demon King Piccolo over two hundred and fifty years ago.

As for the other person, he was even more mysterious, and Muyang couldn’t guess at the moment.

Hey, when he was young, the Great Demon King Piccolo had almost 260 power levels, and Mutaito was no match for him.

That was why it was only through painstaking training of the Evil Containment Wave that Mutaito could seal him off.

But then again, Mutaito power level that time was over 200, to say the least.

Saving the Earth was his great achievement. After entering the Other-World, had also retained his physical body and could still continue to practice in the Other-World.

However, after two hundred and fifty years of hard training in the Other-World, where there were so many powerful people, how much Mutaito’s strength had grown. Muyang couldn’t estimate.

The next battle would be fascinating and exciting. Upon thinking of this, Muyang’s blood was faintly boiling.

“Haha, it looks like someone has already recognized us, Mutaito.” That old man who was standing beside Mutaito said gently.

Mutaito smiled and looked at the two young men not too far away, “That young man is called Muyang, right, his eyesight is indeed good.”

Fortuneteller Baba sat in a crystal ball and floated up to the two men.

“I’m tired,” Mutaito said softly.

Fortuneteller Baba said politely, “No problem. Don’t worry about it.”

In front of her, the old man was the teacher of her younger brother, Master Ros.h.i.+, who was also considered her teacher.

Also, Fortuneteller Baba had a close relations.h.i.+p with Mutaito’s daughter, Wu Fanfan, back then. So in every aspect, Mutaito could be considered her elder.

“Kid, you’re a disciple of Turtle School, so your opponent is Grandmaster Mutaito. Do well, and don’t let anyone down.”

Fortuneteller Baba floated back to the center of the ring and said to Son Gohan.


Son Gohan p.r.o.nounced the name confusedly. He felt the name was somewhat familiar. Suddenly, as he remembered who Mutaito was, he pointed at Mutaito with his trembling fingers, “Are you Master Mutaito, the one who sealed the Great Demon King Piccolo?”

“That’s correct. You’re Ros.h.i.+’s disciple, right. It’s great, you’re not as jumpy as Ros.h.i.+, but your strength has completely surpa.s.sed him, even me. When I was your age, I wasn’t even comparable to you.” Mutaito laughed lightly. Overall he was very satisfied with Son Gohan.

After all, Son Gohan was still young. Upon hearing Mutaito praise him, his entire body stiffened and stammered, “Grandmaster… Grandmaster, you’re too kind.”

Mutaito waved his hand, “Alright, aren’t you going to challenge the warriors here? Now I’ll be your opponent, put out your full strength, don’t worry about hurting me. I can handle that strength of yours.”

“Yes, yes!”

Son Gohan nodded his head repeatedly and said yes loudly.

His opponent was Grandmaster Mutaito. Winning or losing had become unimportant. He was sure he could learn a lot from this battle.

“Fortuneteller Baba, Grandmaster Mutaito is a figure from over two hundred years ago. It wouldn’t be such a coincidence for him to be here today, did you know we would come over?”

As Son Gohan prepared to fight Mutaito, Muyang walked up to Fortuneteller Baba’s side.

Souls from the Other-World could only return to the World of the Living for one day. Muyang felt that no matter how lucky he was, he wouldn’t just happen to stumble upon the day when Mutaito returned to Earth.

The only explanation was Fortuneteller Baba pre-arranged these. Just like in the original story, when Son Goku met Sun Gohan.

Fortuneteller Baba laughed, and her slumped skin squeezed together even more creepily.

“There are only very few things on this planet that this old woman doesn’t know about. Isn’t it exactly what you wish to get when you want to fight a powerful person.”

“Did you really arrange this?”

Muyang was stunned.

“What? Don’t you trust Fortuneteller Baba skills? I also know that you killed Mercenary Tao with your own hands six months ago. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I’m not fond of those two Crane School brothers, either.” Fortuneteller Baba said aside.

Muyang nodded. As long as this matter wasn’t exposed, it wouldn’t attract Master Shen.

Then a sudden flash of clarity flashed through his mind. He looked at the old man beside him. Since Master Mutaito was Son Gohan’s elder, then the one next to him, could it be he was the elder of Heavenly Sky School?

It just so happened that the old man also turned his attention to him. Muyang was shocked, but he quickly smiled.

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