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Chapter 63

Strong people always needed to be respected. This was an unchanging truth. Even though Muyang looked very young, his martial arts were already ahead of everyone else.

No matter how aloof they were, it was still the dignity of the strong ones. Not only would no one accuse them, but they would take it for granted.

Muyang only stayed in the Orin Temple for one day and left on the second day accompanied by Wuting and Master Hulin.

In that one day, Muyang fully interacted with Master Hulin and shocked everyone with his astounding strength. Surprisingly, no one in the entire Orin Temple was able to match him.

He was so young, yet so much stronger than everyone else.

A whole new legend seemed to be slowly taking shape.

And the Orin Temple was just a stop in his path.

Looking at Muyang’s back as he gradually disappeared between the mountains and forests, Wuting was overwhelmed with emotion.

The two who were able to fight each other not so long ago, but now he could only admire Muyang.

“Teacher, I think it’s time for me to go out and have some training as well.” Wuting’s expression was very determined as if he had made some sort of decision.

Master Hulin said, “Have you thought about where to go?”

Wuting was silent for a while, but then remembered what Muyang had told him before, “Yes, I am preparing to go to the Sacred Land of Korin.”

Master Hulin nodded at the words, “Well, Sacred Land of Korin is the origin of martial arts. There is a Korin Tower there; you can try to challenge it. Back then, I didn’t manage to climb the Korin Tower, so I hope you can succeed.”

Master Hulin also tried to challenge Korin Tower when he was young. However, with his strength at that time, he fell down halfway up because of physical exhaustion.

So, after several unsuccessful attempts, he gave up.

Now he pinned his hopes on Wuting’s shoulders.

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.” Wuting clasped his hands together and silently bowed.

“Mm.” Looking at Wuting’s determined look, Master Hulin recalled his youthful days and smiled. As he looked out over the distant cloud-covered mountains, he was a little lost…


On the other hand, after leaving Orin Temple, Muyang continued to visit various schools according to his plan. It wouldn’t be an easy task to blend a hundred schools’ strengths, and Muyang was ready for a long struggle.

Next, he visited the “Cross Fist” School, which was similar to Heavenly Sky School. There were also many dojos in the area.

Muyang came directly to the door. This time he didn’t reveal who is he. Instead, he used physical force to fight one-on-one, pus.h.i.+ng the opponent to do his best.

It was easy to offend people this way, but the gains were obviously becoming even greater.

Muyang didn’t care about offending people. That was why the next thing he did was simply and brutally hit the doorstep and learn the best of all.

At some point, a rumor began to spread in the martial arts world that a certain mad disciple was challenging all the great schools of martial arts.

Several of the schools that were already in the news were all defeated by him, not knowing who he was.

At first, everyone thought that the mad disciple wasn’t strong enough to win a battle, but gradually, more and more masters were defeated. He defeated even some legendary masters.

It only then did they realize that this disciple might be a legend.

Muyang’s constant challenges had caused all schools to become alarmed and busy closing their doors. They were afraid that they would become the next target.

At the same time, many of them also came back to their senses. Something was wrong. If this man was really trying to become famous, why would he hide his ident.i.ty?

It seemed that the rumors were unreliable after all. However, regardless if it was true, it was better not to get involved in this mess.


One day, on a beach.

The white waves lapped the sh.o.r.e, cracking into tiny splashes of water.

Muyang’s eyes were slightly condensed, the ki in his whole body fused and gathered on his palm. With an “ooh” sound, a ball of light appeared on the palm.

The bright and flawless color looked as translucent as a night pearl. However, this small ball of ki was gathered with most of the ki in Muyang’s body.

“After practicing for so long, I’ve finally managed to build this ki ball.”

Muyang smiled at the corner of his mouth as he looked at the ki ball that was buzzing with a piercing sound.

Suddenly, his arm shook, and he pushed forward with one hand–

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

A surge of ki was violently emitted from his waist. The sparkling ki ball shook abruptly, transforming into the shape of a crescent moon.

It spun and accelerated to its fullest, whoos.h.i.+ng straight out along the surface of the sea.

The sea’s surface boiled with a sudden rush, splitting in half along the path where the Heavenly Sky Beam was flying out.

The subtle waves looked like the heat had burned them. It was vaporizing directly under the extremely hot ki, accompanied by a blazing ball of fire rising into the sky as the blinding white light wrapped around the furious storm, spreading in all directions.

Muyang stood in the storm’s sweeping spot, allowing the hurricane to hit him.

This ki attack might be insignificant in the universe, and only equivalent to a normal blow from a “martial arts” alien.

But at this stage on Earth, its power should be no weaker than Mutaito’s Tri-Beam, or Thunder Shock Surprise.

After watching the sea spray gradually calm down with satisfaction, Muyang took a short break and prepared to leave.

Just then-

A small boat floated on the sea. There was a figure on top of the boat, shouting at Muyang, “Hey, are you the one who just released the ki wave? What kind of move was that? Can I see it again?”

Upon hearing that, Muyang stopped his preparations to leave and swept his gaze towards the small boat.

It was an ordinary-looking young man, around twenty years old. He looked similar in age to Muyang.

He was carrying a cloth bag bundle behind him and had a remote outfit. However, upon examination, Muyang let out a light sigh as he sensed a slight difference in that person’s appearance.

“Interesting, he doesn’t seem to be weak!” Muyang’s face showed a trace of surprise.

The small boat gradually approached. The person on the boat jumped in front of Muyang. After that, regardless of whether Muyang agreed or not, he unexpectedly attacked Muyang directly.

“Did you just attack me without permission?”

A cold light flashed across Muyang’s face. With a sneer, his palm flew out, grasped the opponent’s striking fist, and then threw it with a powerful swing, throwing the opponent out with his belongings.

Then his body quickly flickered, rus.h.i.+ng to the man before he could hit the ground.

As his body floated down, his arm bent, and an iron fist slammed out.

“Waaaahhh!” The man shouted wretchedly, but a roar caused his body to pause in the air.


The young man shouted strangely. His palms gathered together, and a beam of s.h.i.+ning deep blue light ki waves blasted over towards Muyang.

Muyang’s eyes flashed with surprise, but his hands didn’t pause. As he was facing the blasted ki wave, he immediately transferred his ki, his fingers stretched forward, and the faint beam shone’s light.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

The two ki met in the air, rumbling and cras.h.i.+ng into a terrifying airfield. The atmosphere shook for a moment, and the ki’s aftermath turned into an intense whirlwind spreading out.

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