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Chapter 62

One day, after six months.

 Muyang decided to go out for training again after this submersion period.

After all, he wasn’t like Son Goku, who had a special bloodline and could be wretched. Muyang could only keep up his vitality if he traveled more and drew on his knowledge of martial arts to supplement his own.

Therefore, after explaining the situation to Yiya and the others, Muyang packed up his bags and prepared to leave.

“Brother Muyang, I wish you a safe journey.”

At the entrance of the martial arts dojo, Aso and the others gave Muyang a farewell.

“Senior Brother, when you come back next time, I’ll definitely impress you.” Brother Yiya said seriously.

Ness and April were very reluctant to say goodbye. They kept waving their hands to say goodbye to Muyang, “Brother, remember to come back and visit often.”

Muyang almost tripped over and fell. This was a bit strange to say. It felt like he had married someone who lived far away.

However, the martial arts training outside was unpredictable. Three to five years might have pa.s.sed in a flash. It was indeed the same as a daughter who married away and occasionally returned to her mother’s house.

“Don’t worry. You guys practice well on your own.”

Muyang smiled faintly as he waved at everyone. He then leaped into the air and soared straight into the sky with the Dancing Sky Art, quickly disappearing into the vast clouds.


In the clear blue sky, Muyang pa.s.sed through layer after layer of thin clouds and mist. He kept moving forward against the moist vapor, which stuck to his hair’s tips and quickly condensed into liquid droplets.

There were still quite a few ancient martial art schools on Earth. They might not be as strong as Muyang, but it’s always beneficial to exchange knowledge.

Muyang’s first stop was the Orin Temple. So, after leaving the Great Azure Mountain, he turned around and rushed towards the Orin Temple.

The Orin Temple was located in the Southern Hemisphere. It was a very ancient heritage, just like the Maple Leaf School in the same Southern Hemisphere.

Legend had it that the Orin Temple was rebuilt on the foundation of the ancient Shaolin Temple that had burned down.

Muyang didn’t know whether it was true or not, but he wasn’t interested in finding out.

However, there was no doubt that Orin Temple was one of the most powerful schools rarely found on Earth, and Master Hulin was a great martial arts master.

As a place where Z-Fighter Krillin used to stay, the popularity of Orin Temple derived from this. However, it would be fair to say that the impression of Orin Temple was generally not good in Dragon Ball fans’ eyes.

This, of course, came from the hatred towards harlequins. Several Senior Brothers of Krillin, who appeared in the original story, looked more like embroidered pillows that were knocked off the stage after three or two hits.

They didn’t have much to show, and even the Orin Temple itself was scandalized to some extent.

Just after partic.i.p.ating in the World Martial Arts Tournament held at Maple Island, Muyang knew that the Orin Temple couldn’t be underestimated. There were quite a lot of masters in it.


The cold wind whistled, and the seasons changed.

A silhouette quickly crossed the sky, as the distant horizon took on a curved shape.

Muyang had already arrived not far from the Orin Temple’s location, as the quiet mountain forest was already close by.

Located on a steep mountain, the Orin Temple was remote and often haunted by fierce beasts. The surrounding area was spa.r.s.ely populated, with countless dangerous peaks, making transportation very inconvenient.

The mountain path leading to the Orin Temple was paved with rocks, and it was dug along a cracked rock fault, winding to no end.

At the top of that mountain, an ancient and towering temple stood there.

“My name is Muyang from Heavenly Sky School. I come here to pay my respects!” The loud voice spread through the entire mountain with layers of echoes continuously resounding. After a moment of waiting outside, Muyang saw the closed door open.

A monk in yellow-colored robes came out. It was Wuting who had fought with Muyang at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

“Hahaha, Muyang, what brings you here? Please come in.”

Wuting’s burly body moved to face Muyang and greeted him warmly.

Muyang smiled indifferently, “Like the best ancient inheritance, Orin Temple has always been hidden. I came here today not only to visit Master Hulin, but I also want to get a little gain in terms of training.”

Wuting was surprised, but then he greeted Muyang and led him into the temple. He found a monk and gave him a few instructions.

After a year of not seeing each other, Wuting found that the gap in strength between himself and Muyang hadn’t shortened, but had become even larger.

He then said to Muyang, “Master is discussing martial arts insight with a few elders, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little while. In the meantime, I’ll take you for a walk around the temple.”

“I hope it’s not going to bother you.”

Muyang nodded lightly. Of course, he didn’t object. He then strolled around the Orin Temple under Wuting’s guidance.

Although Orin Temple was located on the corner of a steep mountain range, the temple’s s.p.a.ce wasn’t small.

In addition to the temple for disciples to pray, there was also a large open s.p.a.ce in the temple, which was a place for monks to practice martial arts.

When Muyang walked past with Wuting, he saw many monks lined up to hone their moves under the martial arts master’s command.

“You have quite a lot of people here.” Muyang pointed at the monks in the distance.

The monks were neatly lined up in that area, all energetic and vibrant. There were hundreds of them, and the number alone was much greater than the Heavenly Sky School.

Wuting smiled and said, “These are the newly arrived disciples. Please come this way.”

Wuting acted as a tour guide as he showed Muyang around, “Muyang, how do you practice your techniques? Why do I feel like I have less ability to see through you?” In the past, the gap between the two wasn’t that big, so how come he couldn’t see Muyang’s profoundness at all after not seeing each other for a year.

“If you also go outside to pursue your training and experience, you can also have the same martial arts level as me.” Muyang said as he watched, “This is the result of my training at the Sacred Land of Korin.”

“Sacred Land of Korin?” Wuting was surprised and remembered the name in his heart.

As Muyang was strolling around the Orin Temple, Master Hulin came out from the inner hall. When he saw Muyang, a faint and compelling aura suddenly came towards him.

Master Hulin felt this astonis.h.i.+ng light flashed in his eyes. A look of disbelief appeared on his treacherous face at the same time.

“This young man, how exactly does he do his training?”

Compared to when he was at the World Martial Arts Tournament, this young man in front of him was simply a different person in terms of aura and temperament. There was a hint of a master’s presence.

Master Hulin didn’t dare to slow down and went forward hurriedly.

“Master Hulin,” Muyang said calmly.

He was a senior the last time they met, but now their ident.i.ties had been reversed. With Master Hulin’s power level was only 105, he could only be considered not bad in front of Muyang’s right now.

Master Hulin wasn’t angry at all at Muyang’s calm tone. Instead, he smiled and said incessantly, “Junior brother, please come inside.”

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