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Chapter 53

Mercenary Tao’s image, in general, wasn’t that good. Actually, it could even be considered as shameful.

With a skinny face, a flat body, and a highly distorted costume and hairstyle, he looked weak and bony. Yet, he was such a person who was actually one of the experts in the world.

So when it came to facing Mercenary Tao, even Muyang didn’t dare to take it lightly.

“Mercenary Tao’s current power level is around 135. He is not much weaker than Master Ros.h.i.+. However, he has an immense amount of experience in killing someone because he has been an for years.”

He was a tough opponent, and countless thoughts instantly flashed through Muyang’s mind.

Master Ros.h.i.+ might keep his old-style conservative because of his martial arts school’s restraint. Generally speaking, it wouldn’t be easy to commit a deadly act.

Still, Mercenary Tao was different. The killing was a routine and a job for him. Studying how to kill someone with greater precision might be his daily practice. 

Muyang, who was familiar with the original story, knew how despicable he was.

After he encountered and was defeated by Son Goku, who had climbed Korin Tower, Mercenary Tao immediately put aside his martial arts pract.i.tioner’s dignity and pride to save his life.

However, when he felt he had an opportunity, he quickly made a sneaky move, which ended up in him being killed by Son Goku instead. 

From all indications, it was clear that Mercenary Tao was a total egotist, sinister, ruthless, and utterly devoid of a martial arts pract.i.tioner’s integrity.

But it was also this lack of ethics that allowed him to avoid any unnecessary entanglements and take more chances against his enemies, which perhaps did fit the basic qualities of an

Hearing Mercenary Tao’s cold question, Muyang seemed to react. He smacked his head, piled up an apologetic smile on his face, and compensated.

“Uncle Mercenary Tao, this nephew knows that I’ve just offended you, but I was so excited. Master often mentions Uncle Mercenary Tao in front of me, saying that he is the number one in the world. His power is not below that old Master Ros.h.i.+, who is known as the ‘G.o.d of Martial Arts.’ So, when I saw Uncle Mercenary Tao, I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry if I’ve offended you!”

Mercenary Tao seemed to have no reaction. However, when he heard “Old Man Ros.h.i.+,” his face slightly changed. Muyang said with a smile on his face, “Uncle, are you going on a mission this time?”

Mercenary Tao’s eyebrows were raised, and his face had gone cold, “Do you think this is something that you can just ask?”

“Hey, this nephew might have been overstepped his authority.” Muyang was busy apologizing, while checking out Mercenary Tao, and found that he didn’t look too angry. 

“Uncle, the Primitive Mountains are ahead, and then past that is the Great Azure Mountain. I have been practicing here recently, and I’m quite familiar with this place. If uncle has a mission, I am willing to help uncle with it.”

Upon hearing this, Mercenary Tao’s face showed surprise and nodded, “It’s rare for you to have such a filial heart, but your master has taught you well.”

“Well, it’s an honor for this nephew to get a glimpse of my uncle’s style.” 

“Mm.” Mercenary Tao nodded smilingly and said, “This mission is to look for a martial arts school. There are masters too in this school. So, come over here and let your uncle see your strength first. Otherwise, if you got hurt later, it won’t be easy for your uncle to explain it to your master.”

Mercenary Tao said and waved at Muyang.

Upon hearing this, Muyang smiled humbly, “Please teach me, uncle…” Muyang then walked over towards Mercenary Tao.

Mercenary Tao kept his master’s style as if he really wanted to teach his nephew. However, when Muyang was close to only a step and a half away, he suddenly revealed his killing intent and shouted out, “Dodon Ray!”

At almost the same moment, Muyang also reacted and slammed out a punch. 


The punch hit the Dodon Ray, and a beam of reddish energy hugely deviated. With a bang and a backlash of energy, Muyang and Mercenary Tao each took half a step back, looking at each other in surprise.

Life was all about acting. Perhaps Mercenary Tao didn’t expect the other person to hold the same thoughts as he did. Mercenary Tao laughed, “Interesting, very interesting. I never thought there would be a talented young man like you among the young generation.”

Seeing that his sneaky attack had failed, Muyang secretly sighed in regret.

Judging from Mercenary Tao’s move, he might have realized that Muyang wasn’t a disciple of the “Crane School.” The only reason he was still playing this scenario was that his’s instincts made him aware of the danger. 

“Oh, it seems that I misunderstood. You’re not a disciple of Crane School at all.”

Mercenary Tao stroked the beard on his lips. With one hand behind his back, he looked like a master, but his dry, thin cheeks were filled with coldness, and his eyes were even more cold and ruthless.

“I never said I was. So, you didn’t misunderstand from the start.” Muyang shook his head. He knew the show was over and looked at Mercenary Tao frankly. 

“I told you. There’s no such person like you in Crane School!”

Mercenary Tao spoke up, then remained silent.

The two of them stood on top of the stone pillars flying at high speed across the Great Azure Mountain mountain range.

Suddenly, Muyang moved. He transferred the ki in his body and made his body float slightly with the Dancing Sky Art.

He lifted his foot and stomped towards the flying stone pillar. With a rumble, the stone pillar was struck in the wrong direction by the brute force and directly flew down towards the Primitive Mountain Range at a ninety-degree angle. 

There was a cracking and shattering sound. During the process of falling, the stone pillar broke into two pieces.

One disintegrated in the air, and the other fell to the ground, creating a crater two meters deep and three meters wide.

At the same time, a loud rumbling resounded through the world, and the several dozen meter radius was overturned, raising dense smoke.

Ahem, two figures popped out of the smoke and landed on the ground, each standing not far from the crater.

They covered their noses but showed no signs of injury.

“Kid, your martial arts are not bad. I don’t know where you stole the Dancing Sky Art from, but you’ve used it well. You have such great power at such a young age. If you grow up, I’m afraid you’ll make a great achievement. Even I have developed a love for your talent.”

“But sadly… you have offended me, Mercenary Tao, and meeting me is your greatest misfortune!” Mercenary Tao shook his head faintly as if everything was within his grasp.

Muyang sneered, “Ridiculous, all of the techniques were created by signature. Who said that the Dancing Sky Art could only be the Crane School stunt?”

“Tsk, tsk, such a shameless junior. How profound is the Dancing Sky Art that you can just create it? I’ve never seen anyone in this world capable of creating a move comparable to the Dancing Sky Art.”

Mercenary Tao said disdainfully. Compared to Mutaito’s period from two hundred years ago, the martial world had decreased so much.

Even the Ki Based Technique legacy was very limited, let alone creating moves to utilize the Ki Based Technique.

If creating move using Ki Based Technique was that easy, Kamehameha and Dodon Ray wouldn’t be legendary moves.

As far as he was concerned, Muyang was more like a villain who had stolen a move from Crane School and was still in denial to admit it. Killing this kind of person, even ten thousand times, wouldn’t be enough. 

“That can only mean that you’re lonely and unaware,” Muyang said in a cold voice. It was true that this era couldn’t compare to the Mutaito era of a few hundred years ago, but it didn’t mean that there were no geniuses in this era.


Upon hearing this, Mercenary Tao snorted coldly. A fierce color flashed across his eyebrows as the coldness on his body became even more intense.

He said coldly, “A madman who knows nothing about life has managed to p.i.s.s me off. It’s a good thing I haven’t killed anyone in the past two days, so it would be good to have a warm-up exercise before carrying out my mission. I’ll show you what it’s like to suffer worse than death!” 

“This sentence, I’ll serve it back!”

Looking at the arrogant and wildly laughing Mercenary Tao, Muyang’s face flashed with a cold murderous aura.

It didn’t matter if Mercenary Tao’s target was Heavenly Sky School or not. With that arrogance, he would make Mercenary Tao completely disappear from this world!

As he thought of this, Muyang decided to make the first move. Muyang stepped forward with a swoosh, his body instantly transforming into a high-speed moving stream of light.

He arrived in front of Mercenary Tao, but when he didn’t see any reaction, he smashed his punch down with a powerful force.


A startled look appeared on Mercenary Tao’s face as Muyang’s punch struck. Then without waiting for a response, a powerful counterattack came from Mercenary Tao fist, creating a vast whirlwind around him. 

“That’s a pretty quick reaction. I wonder how long you’ll be able to hold it!”

With a cold voice, Mercenary Tao’s body appeared like a ghost in Muyang’s original position. His body pressed firmly, and a vicious attack swept over.

The sound of cloth tearing and a crack appeared between Muyang’s sleeves. A piece of the white fabric being torn away by Mercenary Tao.

“As expected of an experienced If I’m not careful, he will catch me by surprise.”

Muyang was able to get away from the attack and escape.

To be honest, Muyang’s strength was already comparable to Mercenary Tao. However, in terms of experience, Muyang wasn’t as good as Mercenary Tao.

However, in terms of skill, Muyang, who had been trained by Korin, was a lot more clever than Mercenary Tao.

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