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Chapter 52


At that moment, Muyang noticed Commander Wyan was heavily maintained by an armored vehicle not far away.

A smirk appeared on his face as he reversed his attack direction and rushed towards Commander Wyan.

“d.a.m.n it, my father’s legion.”

Commander Wyan’s face was now as dark as ink, and his body was emitting a piercing murderous aura. The loss of the Legion made his heart bleed.

“If you have time to worry about that, you might as well worry about your life!” An indifferent voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

“What?” Commander Wyan’s eyes shrank. His green hairs stood on end, and his beastly instincts gave him the feeling that a threat was approaching.

Before he could react, a huge force suddenly hit him on the chest. It felt like a truck full of goods crus.h.i.+ng over, bang! 

Without any resistance, Commander Wyan’s body turned into a cannonball and crashed into the wall.

“Ahhhh!!!” The rubble exploded, and Wyan’s gloomy, inky face became even darker. His mouth was dripping with bright red blood, and his eyes were dim. 

“d.a.m.n martial arts pract.i.tioners!!!” Commander Wyan’s sharp fangs grounded out a vicious sound. 

In front of him stood a young man. His white martial uniform rustling in the wind and his entire body was filled with a compelling aura.

Especially his eyes, which were like a falcon, making people afraid to look directly at him.

Muyang looked at Commander Wyan, somewhat surprised that he had survived.

“Are you an orc? By the look of your costume, you must be the Snake Charmer Legion commander, right? Surprisingly you possess a good amount of power. No wonder you’re able to rule the entire Snake Charmer Legion. However, after today, the Snake Charmer Legion won’t exist anymore.” Muyang’s voice was icy, as he directly declared the opponent’s death. 

“You’re the guy…”

Commander Wyan was annoyed and wanted to say something, but Muyang didn’t give him anymore chance.

Swish, swish, swish, a whirlwind blew above the ground. Muyang stepped forward, his body directly became blurred and appeared again. Suddenly he had reached Wyan’s side.

“Hiss…when?” Wyan’s eyes shrank a little, and cold sweat swished down his face. 

“You won’t be able to resist. From the moment you attacked April’s family, you were destined to pay that debt in blood. So, go to h.e.l.l!” Muyang appeared and didn’t give the opponent a chance to defend himself.

A wave of ki was thrown out directly. Its brilliant bright light blossomed in the air and created a gaudy flower bone. The flower bone exploded, and the terrifying energy instantly engulfed Commander Wyan’s body.

With a loud bang, Commander Wyan was strangled by the chaotic air currents transformed by the ki wave. Without the slightest hint of resistance, he disappeared into the void.

After he finished, Muyang looked at the remaining officers with a blank expression and flew high into the air using the Dancing Sky Art. 

“Your commander is dead, and there is no longer a place in this world for the Snake Charmer Legion to stand. Let me end your lives in the most glorious way possible so that you can disappear along with this headquarters.” Muyang looked down at the castle below from the air. His eyes were darkened with killing intent.

He then shot his ki wave towards the castle.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!!!”

The terrifying ki beam descended from the sky. It suddenly cracked in the middle of its landing, like a huge “pot,” directly overshadowing the officers. The ki wave condensed Muyang’s energy.

Although it wasn’t as powerful as Master Ros.h.i.+’s destruction of the Fire Mountain, it was more than enough to destroy a castle.

Boom, boom, boom!

The ki rays hurled down and struck the ground.

The mountains on either side began to shake violently. All the areas covered by the ki waves burst into brilliant flashes of light, and at this moment, the sun seemed to grow darker. 

The fiery air currents steamed the earth. When the thick smoke dissipated, the original location of the Snake Charmer Legion’s headquarters had been razed to the ground. The blazing smoke drifted on the surface, no longer visible in its original magnificent appearance.

“This is the end of the Snake Charmer Legion.”

Muyang, who was floating in the air panting violently, the ki wave just now had drained all the ki from his body.

After landing on the ground and resting for a moment, Muyang’s strength recovered a little bit. He didn’t use the Senzu Beans because they were too precious for him.

So, he could only use them when his life was threatened, and as for the current situation where he could recover slowly, he tried not to use them.

In the middle of his thoughts, Muyang’s body flashed as he entered the Acceleration s.p.a.ce to recover his strength.


Half a day later, at the original headquarters of the Snake Charmer Legion, Muyang came out of the Acceleration s.p.a.ce. His body had recovered to its best condition, and his ki seemed to have increased.

“With the Snake Charmer Legion’s headquarters destroyed, those divisions outside are no longer sufficient to be worried about. Let’s wait for some time to annihilate them all.” With that thought, Muyang floated up into the air and turned around to head back towards the Great Azure Mountain.

Half an hour later, the majestic mountain range was in sight, and once you crossed that mountain range, there was the Great Azure Mountain in front of you.

And that was when-


A fast shadow caught up from behind Muyang and was soon moving alongside Muyang. It was a fast-flying stone pillar. On the top of the stone pillar stood a person.

His cold and dry cheeks, as well as his peach-colored dress, were very eye-catching. Especially the word “kill” on his chest, which was particularly striking. 

After taking a clear look at that person’s appearance, especially that unusual outfit, Muyang’s heart thumped. His face became more severe than ever. 

“The world’s greatest, Mercenary Tao!”

With this extremely distinctive costume, it was none other than Mercenary Tao.

In the original story, Mercenary Tao accepted a mission from the Red Ribbon Army to capture the Dragon b.a.l.l.s and ended up being defeated by Son Goku, who climbed Korin Tower. At that time, the vehicle he used was also a stone pillar, just like the current situation.

I never thought that this world’s number one would remain unchanged for decades. He always used pillar to travel the world.

“Oh no, Mercenary Tao is heading towards the Great Azure Mountain!”

Crossing over the Primitive Mountains, with the Great Azure Mountains right behind it, Muyang’s face instantly turned a little ugly. Hopefully, he was just pa.s.sing through…

Mercenary Tao’s strength was definitely not to be underestimated. His power was comparable to Master Ros.h.i.+, one of the super experts on earth that could be counted by five fingers.

If his target was the Great Azure Mountains, it would be a disaster for everyone.

“Hey, kid, you’re a disciple of Crane School? How come I haven’t seen you before?”

Mercenary Tao saw the person in front of him using the Crane School’s unique technique, the “Dancing Sky Art,” so he faintly asked the question.

Muyang didn’t answer. Instead, he jumped onto his stone pillar and stood across from Mercenary Tao. 

“Mercenary Tao, where are you going?” Muyang asked seriously.

Mercenary Tao looked hesitant.

“Junior, didn’t the Crane School teach you how to respect your teachers and speak to your elders?” The voice was cold and ruthless, but because of Muyang’s ident.i.ty that he thought was a “Crane School disciple,” he didn’t show his usual strong killing intent. 

It turned out that Mercenary Tao thought he was a disciple of Crane School. So, Muyang didn’t move, taking advantage of this moment to quietly check out Mercenary Tao.

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