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Chapter 5

“Got it!”

Mexia nodded slightly, but her little nose wrinkled in disapproval. No one knew how much she disagreed.

Muyang muttered in his heart, knowing that Mexia didn’t take his words seriously. It’s just that he couldn’t take care of her all the time, so he didn’t say anything more and led Mexia to continue walking around the Primitive Mountain.

The Primitive Mountain was undoubtedly a forbidden area for humans for countless years. Soon after they continued to walk, the two of them encountered other behemoths. Still, those behemoths were nothing in front of them and were easily defeated.


Time flew as the fight went on.

The sun was setting in the west, leaving a blood-red residual light in the sky.

Half-day pa.s.sed in a blink of an eye, and in the evening, the forest became even more gloomy.

After finis.h.i.+ng the half-days training, Muyang and Mexia walked out of the Primitive Mountain in ragged clothes. They were famished, so they were rus.h.i.+ng back to enjoy a hearty dinner.

After enjoying dinner and saying goodbye to Mexia, Muyang returned to his cabin.

As his body soaked in the warm pool of water, all his tiredness seemed to have been washed away. Now, he finally had the time to consider his current situation.

His current world had been confirmed to be Dragon Ball World without a doubt. After experiencing the initial shock and disbelief, his heart gradually calmed down.

“If I go buy a lottery ticket, I could win the lottery.” Muyang mumbled as he put his hand on the edge of the pool.

Crossing over to the Dragon Ball World was something he never thought of before. Here was where only the powerful races had the opportunity to show off to their fullest. It could be said that the rule of the Dragon Ball World was simple. The strongest one is the king.

Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza Race, and Majin Buu… which one who wasn’t the vicious character that destroyed the world?

Thinking about this, Muyang felt an intense pain in his brain.

The only good thing was that the early stages of the Dragon Ball World were pretty peaceful, at least until the Saiyans attacked. The safety of the earth wouldn’t be affected by powerful foreign enemies. But as the rest of the story progresses, especially in the later stages, all kinds of powerful enemies keep surfacing, and earth is like a powder barrel. All of a sudden, it turned into a more dangerous place than any planet in the universe.

At that time, in addition to Saiyans’ powerful bloodlines who’re still qualified to remain active in the battle. Everyone else, even the strong ones from the early stages, the elite of the earthlings like Krillin and Yamcha, could only be helplessly relegated into playing the role of a punching bag.

Obviously, Muyang was now an ordinary earthling, without any other bloodline in him.

Does this mean he was only a sidekick?

To be honest, as a traveler, Muyang would never be satisfied with this.

“What’s the point of thinking so much about it? It’s still an unknown number of years before the story starts. I might be seventy years old by the time the story starts, and I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to see that part.”

Muyang came back to his senses and shook his head in some mockery.

According to the news brought by Uncle Karl from the school, the technological innovations in the outer cities were only just begun to develop. Obviously, it’s far too early to think about the advanced era of jet aircraft flying in the sky.

The original story might not have started yet, and you would already die of old age. If that really happened, that would be a joke.

So let’s set a goal first – live until the original story begins!

Until then, he needed to be strong and keep himself at the top of his game because that’s where great strength came.

Like Master Ros.h.i.+, Master Shen, and Tao Pai Pai, they are still alive and healthy even if they had live for two or three hundred years.

“From tomorrow onwards, I need to practice more seriously. Since I’ve come to the Dragon Ball World and the race’s ident.i.ty has been fixed and cannot be changed, I’ll use more time to acc.u.mulate. If there is a limit to the earthlings’ bodies, then I have to break the limit, I don’t believe that earthlings can’t become stronger.” Muyang made the first step in his plan.

Luckily, the Heavenly Sky School he was currently in was most particular about conceiving and nurturing the body. Although the school’s technique might not be as strong as Kamehameha and the Dodon Ray, the inherited technique was what Muyang needed most at the moment. As a senior disciple of the Heavenly Sky School, he was qualified to access the essential training technique.

“Take it one step at a time, build a solid foundation first, and then explore the other training places on earth when you are strong enough in the future.”

There were many places to practice martial arts on earth, like the Sacred Land of Korin, the Mount Five Element, and even the temple hovered above the sky. Those places that were full of mystery would be the places that Muyang needed to step on to climb to the top.

But for the current Muyang, it was too little early to consider so much.

Thinking that the pool’s temperature had become colder, Muyang stepped out of the pool and walked into the bedroom, still dripping wet.

The night was slightly cold, the light of the stars s.h.i.+ning on the other side of the galaxy, and with many thoughts, Muyang drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Muyang woke up early. Before the sky turned bright, he began his training on the basic moves in the courtyard. As his muscles grew a little sore, he knew that continuing his training wouldn’t help but hurt his body, so Muyang sat down and thought about his training problems.

If you want to be strong, you can’t rush. Muyang always kept in mind what happened to this body before he woke up.


Time flew by like a white horse, and a year pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

During this period, Muyang practiced methodically according to Isaac’s instructions, and his physical strength was constantly increasing. One year had pa.s.sed, and Muyang was now fourteen years old, which was the golden age of physical development.

Muyang, who was already fourteen years old this year, seemed to be taller than his peers. It was because of his training and enough nutritional supplements. Although he still wasn’t quite strong, every muscle in his body contained an amazing explosive power.

His strength had almost doubled compared to a year ago.

Even his teacher, Isaac, praised him from time to time, saying that he could achieve the rare upper realm of their school.

But even though his strength had increased greatly, Muyang still needed to train more.

He had to be humble because his strength was still nothing. With gross estimate was over 30 points of combat strength, a true strong man’s blow would easily defeat him.

Remember that Son Goku had 120 combat strength when he was twelve years old. Even if he wasn’t a match to Son Goku, but Krillin had 113 combat strength at the same time, so he genuinely felt that there was nothing to be proud of when he compared himself to them.

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