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Chapter 46

At a sentry post on the edge of the Shaze Plain, a trooper-looking man was looking around with a telescope. 

At that moment, April and the young blue dinosaur came into his view.

The officer was stunned and hurriedly compared it to the drawing in his hand. After double-checking, he immediately rang the alarm.

Ring Ring!

“Go report it to Boss Lusha. The person he’s looking for has been found. Yes, in the Shaze Plain, and a dinosaur accompanied her. What? The boss is coming here himself… Okay, I’ll keep an eye on them.” 

Hanging up the phone, the officer continued his observation through his telescope. The thought that he would soon be making a significant contribution made him even more serious about his stakeout mission.


The command room of the Lusha forces. 

When he received the report from his subordinates saying that he had found the little girl, Lusha breathed a sigh of relief, and now he was looking forward to catching her.

It would be best if Claren’s robot drawings were on her; otherwise, he’d have to arrange the back-up plan ahead of time. 

“Come here!” With that in mind, Lusha shouted for his subordinates.

“Boss, what’s the order?”

“Get the plane ready. We need to get to the Shaze Plain as fast as we can.”

Upon hearing the boss’s command, the subordinate was struck with surprise. “Boss, did we find the person we were looking for?”

At this point, a rare smile appeared on Lusha’s ferocious face. “Yeah, I found her. It seems that expanding the search area is working, and d.a.m.n, that little one is so good at running. She’s a thousand kilometers away, but it was still hard for her to escape me.”

“Very good, boss, we’re on our way to arrange the men.” The subordinate also showed a hint of ruthlessness and immediately went to make arrangements for a long-haul flight.

“Get down!”

Lusha waved his hand. His hanging heart finally relaxed a little. He then laid down on the couch with his eyes half-closed.

The recent prodding from headquarters had caused Lusha to tense up immensely.

Ten minutes later, a propeller plane took off from the hangar and headed toward the Shaze Plain, more than a thousand kilometers away. 


Six hours later, the plane arrived above the Shaze plains. The dirt plains were devoid of moisture, everything was dry, and the wind was blowing from the dry conditions. 

When the plane landed, Lusha and his group stepped off the plane in a hurry.

“Where is the little girl?”

The officer at the post here was busy reporting, “Sir, the little girl is heading west alongside one of the nearest rivers. but a young dinosaur-like creature somehow accompanies her, and our men are afraid to get too close in case we alarm them.”

“Well, you’re doing great!” Lusha patted the officer. Then, with a fierce gleam in his eyes, he turned back. “Get everyone and bring the weapon. I don’t care if that dinosaur lives or dies, but I want that girl alive.” 

“Don’t miss again this time, or I’ll chop you off,” Lusha warned sternly.

“Understood, boss!”

These Snake Charmer Legion members were living a life of licking blood off the sword. To be honest, they were no different from bandits. After receiving the boss’s orders, they all smiled excitedly.

“Let’s go!” With a big wave, the group got into the jeep and headed towards April’s direction.

Meanwhile, April and her new companion were still unaware of the danger approaching them.


On the other hand, after helping the island’s inhabitants eliminated several nearby Snake Charmer Legion fortresses and confirming that the Snake Charmer Legion’s armament would no longer affect the retreat of the island’s inhabitants.

Muyang flew towards the direction of the Great Azure Mountain.

On a sunny afternoon, the cool breeze brought coldness. The Great Azure Mountain was located on the backside of a primitive mountain range.

Because this mountain range, which had towered for an unknown number of years, blocked the cold air blowing from the north, the area around the Great Azure Mountain was like spring in all seasons. Climate change was not obvious.

Seeing that he was not far from the Great Azure Mountain, Mu Yang flew and stopped along the way. He wasn’t in a hurry.


A burst of floating light swept across the vast plains. Muyang flew directly over the edge of the sandy land where the worst environment existed.

Just then, a long cloud of dust raised by a line of convoy below caught his attention. That convoy consisted of more than twenty open-topped cars filled with people dressed in earth-gray, tailored clothing, and carrying various standard firearms.

“The Snake Charmer Legion’s members actually showed up here…”

Muyang frowned. His excellent eyesight made him recognize the faces of his opponents instantly. He knew those were all from the Snake Charmer Legion. 

This place was only a small plain away from the Great Azure Mountain, and the presence of the Snake Charmer Legion was not a good sign.

Although Muyang himself could ignore them, the ordinary inhabitants near the Great Azure Mountain couldn’t fight off the Snake Charmer Legion’s firepower. 

So, Muyang lowered his speed and moved closer towards the convoy, ready to find out what they were up to.


A hissing sound with a burst of grief came steeply from a distance. Muyang noticed that another group of people was in front of him.

Those people were also from the Snake Charmer Legion. They were currently fighting against a dinosaur-like creature. 

“Squeak! Squeak!” With his dark eyes spitting fire, the young blue dinosaur looked at the officers in anger. He was protecting a little girl behind him.

At this point, the young blue dinosaur had several bullet holes in his body, and scarlet blood flowed down. 

“Oooh, Growlie, are you okay?” April wailed sadly as she stuck behind the blue dinosaur.

“d.a.m.n, the young dinosaur is really tough. Keep firing and remember to aim only at that dinosaur and don’t ever hurt that little girl back there.” The Snake Charmer Legion’s Officer Lusha had cold and gloomy eyes.

His eyes glowed with a frighteningly cold light as he angrily gave orders to his subordinates. 

“Yes!” Everyone raised their guns.

“You’re bad and evil people!” April flushed red and shouted sadly. These bad guys made her lose her parents and sister, and now they were even trying to get rid of her new friends.

“Hey, little girl, just hand over your dad’s design drawings, and I promise to let you go.”

“You’re bad people. I’m not giving it to you!” April stared with angry eyes. She didn’t realize that her answer had confirmed that the drawing was on her.

Sure enough, upon hearing April’s answer, Lusha’s face overflowed with a smile and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Fire!” He coldly gave the order.

“Roar-” the young blue dinosaur’s eyes were on fire. He was hissing and fighting for his life as well.

Just then, a light voice suddenly came, “Is everyone in the Snake Charmer Legion like this? Not even a little girl, look at that young dinosaur, it’s more humane than you guys.”

“Who is talking?”

The Snake Charmer Legion officers all went on guard when they heard that voice. They looked around, but unable to find who was speaking until they discovered that the person was actually floating in the air.

Muyang had been watching from the air for a long time and had probably figured out the situation.

Those Snake Charmer Legion seemed to be after something, and that something was in the little girl’s hands. 

The fact that they didn’t even let go of a little girl was really hard for Muyang to watch.

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