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Chapter 44

Time slipped by, and in the blink of an eye, more than two months had pa.s.sed since Muyang left Korin Tower.

During this time, Muyang traveled around the Earth, practicing in the way he knew how, while constantly perfecting his martial arts by combining the knowledge taught by the Heavenly Sky School and Korin.

In this regard, 

it wasn’t just a matter of using fists and feet, but more of a theoretical drill. As he imprinted the two martial arts concepts, Muyang was surprised to discover that Heavenly Sky Shcool and Korin Tower’s martial arts overlapped with each other in large part. 

“The two are different, but they can be integrated with a general direction. Their founding philosophies are surprisingly consistent.” 

Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts focus on nurturing the body with vital energy. Using the body as the foundation to exert power level, then achieved the goal of controlling and utilizing every trace of energy, which was a way of strengthening the foundation.

On the other hand, Korin Tower Martial Arts uses the ki’s flexibility to change the body’s physical movements, focusing on controlling the body and reducing unnecessary movements. 

At first glance, the two appear unrelated and even contradict each other in some aspects. For example, Heavenly Sky School focused on the role of the body in the process of luck.

In contrast, Korin Tower Martial Arts were focused on the physical retreat of the body. However, a closer study reveals that the two cross over exactly the same way, with both being as efficient as possible with ki, while the rest just happen to complement each other. 

This was strange.

Although there had been rumors circulating that Korin Tower was where all martial arts on Earth originated, the Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts were clearly not detached from this former. They should have existed in parallel. 

Muyang realized the similarity between the two, but couldn’t figure out the reason why. This was clearly two systems, which should have been developed according to their respective “training trees,” but he had a sneaky feeling that the Heavenly

Sky School was like an internal strength, and the Korin Tower was like an external strength.

Both had their own strengths, and combining the two was a truly powerful martial arts concept.

At this time, he deeply appreciated the disadvantages of knowledge deprivation. If he had been a little more discerning, what he encountered in front of him might not have been a problem. 

“This question can’t be answered now. Perhaps it can only be solved when you go into The Lookout for training.” He shook his head and said to himself.

If a person didn’t think far ahead, there would be worries close at hand. So, more consideration would be more opportunities. It was true that there was still The Lookout above Korin Tower, where there were even more profound martial arts.

However, that was something that Muyang couldn’t touch, for the time being, so he needed to think on his own. 

This question plagued the journey, and by the time he came back to his senses, he was somehow on top of an ocean. 


Several large fish jumped out of the sea and popped back in, splas.h.i.+ng into a large, fine wave.

 Upon looking at the vast and boundless ocean, Muyang’s mood actually relaxed a lot.

“This ocean is surely a good place to live in peace.” Muyang smiled lightly and looked out over the distance, and he could still see looming s.h.i.+ps casting their nets for fish.

In this era, it was very progressive to be able to drive a fis.h.i.+ng boat out to sea to fish.

This place was only a few hundred kilometers away from the Great Azure Mountain, but other than crossing a stretch of ocean the last time he partic.i.p.ated in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Muyang had never truly appreciated the vastness of the ocean.

Now that he was here, he was going to feel it properly.

Therefore, Muyang didn’t stop any longer and flew straight towards a beautiful looking island. It was always humbling to face the vast and majestic energy of the ocean’s tumbling waves.


An island by the sea.

The surroundings were beautiful and airy, and the not-so-large island was densely populated with short hills. Initially, this place was a paradise scene, but the brutal behavior taking place at the moment shattered the tranquility of the place.

A group of men in uniforms boarded the island in a yacht and then entered the residential area.

Suddenly there was a scene of chickens and dogs on the island. Every time this group came, it was a disaster for the people of the island.


Someone violently kicked open the door of a home, looked around the corner, and rudely shouted to a farmer couple inside, “Hey, hey, it’s time to pay this month’s service.”

“This gentleman, can you be lenient for a few days? We really can’t get anything here.” The farmer wearing a peasant hat begged.

“Bah, how will I explain this to my leaders if you don’t pay? Be honest and hand over your family’s property.” The officer spat, as he saw that the other man really couldn’t get his finances out.

Therefore he had to break the dishes obscurely and took something from the house that looked like it was worth a little money. 

This scene played out in every house. The elderly man on the island couldn’t stand and came forward and argue, but he was beaten to the ground by the officer. 


“Such an old bones, you better be honest. We’re not bandits, so just follow our rules honestly, and I promise I won’t hurt you.” 

“You… you, Central City’s laws, will never let you go!” The old man almost vomited blood in anger. Although these decent guys were not bandits, what they were doing was no different from bandits.

Unfortunately, these officers had guns in their hands, and the villagers were powerless to fight back. 

“Hey, the laws of the Central City doesn’t work in the Snake Charmer Legion territory.”

The officer of the Snake Charmer Legion sneered, with a mocking expression.

Central City had its own law enforcement department, but the Earth was too big, and local tyrant dominated many places.

Central City was beyond its power to reach. Snake Charmer Legion was the biggest revolting force.

In the area that it’s occupied, the laws of the Central City were only a few of paper with no effect. 

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The inhabitants of the island were all furious as they looked at the arrogant and face of the Snake Charmer Legion’s officers.

“I’ll fight you!” Seeing their food being carried away, the old man shouted out in grief and anger. He clutched his weak fist and attacked the officer.

“Well, shame on you!”

The Snake Charmer Legion officer’s face immediately darkened when he saw that the old man actually dared to fight back; he must be tired of living!

With a wink, the soldier on the side immediately took a big step forward. He threw the old man out of the way, reload up his gun, and aimed it towards the old man to shoot. 

“Stop it!” The villagers shouted when they saw it.

“Don’t shoot!”


A half-inch long fiery snake shot out of the gun bore, and all the men closed their eyes unbearably. However, after a long time, there was no sound of screams.

They opened their eyes and saw an upright man blocking the old man’s path. The man had black hair and sharp eyes that pierced everyone’s heart like a sword.

At this point, he had one hand on the old man’s shoulder, the other stretched forward, and he held something in his hand. 

“Tingling!” There was a crisp sound as the metal hit the ground.

It was actually a fiery bullet, and the bullet’s surface was still smoking a little at the moment.

The bullets!

It was taken by hand…

Everyone’s eyes were wide open. They couldn’t believe how human strength could grab a bullet fired from the gun bore with bare hands? 

“Are you all right, old man?” The friendly voice sounded, as Muyang calmly looked at the old man next to him.

“No…I’m fine. Thank you!”

The old man was still in shock and couldn’t figure out what was happening.

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