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Chapter 4

Talking about the dangers of the Dragon Ball World, it actually depends on where it is. It wasn’t that there weren’t paradise-like planets in the universe. But, the Earth as the “home” of the Dragon Ball fighters, without doubt, was absolutely dangerous. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to escape their fate.

Looking at this six-stars dragon ball in front of him, Muyang had confirmed that this place was indeed Earth. Because a small and delicate dragon ball could only be found on Earth.

At this moment, Muyang could only feel numb as if he had knocked over five-flavored bottles, all kinds of tastes poured into his heard. If you looked at his expression, it was somehow fascinating.

He needed to calm down…

But how could he calm down when his life was at stake!

The Dragon Ball World was no joke; this was a world where destroying planets was as easy as popping a balloon! So, one day, when G.o.ds was upset, he would take a breath out, and a planet would disappear from the universe. Hundreds of millions of lives were buried without even having a chance to argue.

At first, Muyang thought he had come to a beautiful world where he could learn martial arts and made his life untouchable until the day he die, but now that he found out… he realized that the future he imagined was too good to be true. Although there were many opportunities here as well, they were not necessarily the ones he could tap into.

In the Dragon Ball World, with his small figure, he’d only be able to make a living!

Luckily, the technological power on Earth was just starting to develop now, so there was still a long time before the original story began.

The early stages of Dragon Ball were relatively smooth and didn’t appear to be destructive.

“So first, I need to determine which era I live in…” Muyang told himself.

Mexia blinked when she looked at her senior brother’s changing expression, then asked, “Senior brother, what’s wrong with you? Is there something wrong with this crystal ball?”

After taking another look at the six-stars dragon ball, Muyang finally calmed down, he shoved the ball back into Mexia’s arms and shook his head. “Everything is fine, just put this away and don’t lose it.”

“Is this crystal ball important? If that so, then I’ll leave it to you!” Mexia was in a hurry, afraid that she might do something wrong.” Muyang shook his head and said, “It’s fine, you can keep it with you, it has a few magical powers, but it’s not much of a use to us right now.”

Without the Dragon Ball Radar, a single Dragon Ball was indeed just a showpiece. And for a foreseeable period, this so-called six-star dragon ball would be useless.

“Alright, Mexia, let’s enter the Primitive Mountain to practice. Remember when we’re inside, you must listen to my instructions; even when we’re only in the Primitive Mountain’s outskirts, we can’t be careless…” Muyang told Mexia.

“Yeah.” Mexia nodded vigorously, a serious expression appeared on her fair face, as she waved her fist to express her determination.

A smile appeared on his sad face after seeing Mexia, he then nodded, and the two of them walked towards the Primitive Mountain.


The Primitive Mountain spread over hundreds of miles, surrounded by mountain and lush, filled with countless fierce beasts and monsters. It had been standing there for who knew how many years since ancient times. The majestic mountain and the fierce beasts within it were like a natural barrier that blocked humans’ footsteps, causing them to only move around the outskirt, rarely going deeper into the hinterland.

Even when Muyang and Mexia didn’t walk that fast, they still felt how the scenery around them changed as they continued to move in.

Soon, their surroundings became suffocating. The original translator is System Translation. The dark green branches blocking out the sunlight as if they were deep in a cavern, and the roar of a beast deterring intruders could be heard from afar.

“Roar–” a growl spread through the forest, the sound of the growl suddenly disturbed the surroundings, and scaring a large group of birds.

“Watch out; a beast is coming.”

Muyang stopped in his tracks, he became serious, and his eyes kept flas.h.i.+ng.

“Oooohhhh…” Mexia’s eyes lit up, she shook her fist and standing next to Muyang, cautiously examining the surroundings. Soon a behemoth with spots painted all over its body appeared in front of them. It had sharp fangs and a fierce appearance. This leopard-like behemoth was very common to appear on the outskirts of the Primitive Mountain.

The behemoth came to Muyang’s side, stepped on its front feet, shoveled the ground with its claws, and caused a crater on the ground. Then it swooped down and suddenly attacked Muyang and Mexia.

“Are you looking for death!”

A cold light flashed in Muyang’s eyes. He quickly stepped forward and stretched out his fist to attack the behemoth.

Boom! The hard fist collided with the behemoth’s head, Muyang’s mouth grimaced as his arm went a little numb, and his body couldn’t help but backed up a few steps. The behemoth didn’t take it well either; it whimpered and stumbled a little bit.

“Whew!” Grinning and spitting out a cloudy breath, Muyang nodded his head; he was quite satisfied with his attack.

If the combat power of an ordinary adult was between 3 and 4, then the power that Muyang was currently showing should have reached a value of 15.

It seemed shabby, but it was Muyang’s rough estimation of himself. The behemoth in front of him looked strong, but he could handle it!

“Mexia, you should practice your skills too!” Muyang wasn’t just concerned about himself; he didn’t forget to call Mexia so she could have her practice.

Mexia cheered up, and yelled like a fried wildcat.

She narrowed her eyes, then raised her slender arms, her dark green eyes showing a ferocity trace. We might drop the novel if we lacking the reader on the original translator site. Her body was emitting fluorescent green light; then, she turned her wrist as if she had grabbed something between her five fingers. With a forceful twist, she slammed towards the gnarled tree in the distance.


The giant tree shook, and the scattered leaves flew in the sky, followed by a whimpering sound of grief. The behemoth was slammed on the trunk of the gnarled tree, and when it landed on the ground, it was already half dead.

“Look at that power!”

After seeing Mexia’s superpower, Muyang’s half-lidded eyes snapped open, frowned, and said, “Mexia, when you practice martial arts, you have to concentrate on it. If you only use your superpower, then what’s the point of practicing martial arts?”

Mexia’s telekinesis power was somehow similar to Chiaotzu’s superpower. Even though it was so powerful, it didn’t enhance the Heavenly Sky School’s training technique. That’s why Muyang warned Mexia not to use it when she was practicing her martial art.

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