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Chapter 3

The clouds on the horizon were white, and the blue sky was like seawater, so clear that it seemed as if it had been washed. It was exceptionally bright.

Muyang’s small courtyard was located on a small hill in the Great Azure Mountain. There were several similar mountains nearby, where the other disciples of the Heavenly Sky School lived. In order not to affect each other’s training, each disciple had a completely separate environment to practice on their own.

And the places where these disciples lived were still only a few insignificant places of the Great Azure Mountain.

Today, Muyang was dressed neatly, wearing relatively rough craftsmans.h.i.+p cloth garments and laced shoes. After lamenting the backwardness of the times, he hurriedly went down the mountain.

It was the time for headmaster Isaac and a few elders to teach their disciples martial arts. This kind of teaching would only happen once every seven days, and of course, Muyang wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity.


Walking on the road that gradually opened up, Muyang would encounter some disciples gathered from the other direction of roads every now and then. When they saw him, these disciples would greet him warmly, and Muyang would smile and greet them back.

As he got closer to the Heavenly Sky School’s martial art building, he could see more people gathered, and several older people gradually appeared in the crowd. Some of them seemed to be an adult. These older people weren’t the disciples of the Heavenly Sky School; they were martial arts pract.i.tioners from the nearby villages.

As the most famous martial arts sect in the Eight Villages of the Ten Mile Countryside, the Heavenly Sky School’s prestige was extremely high. Countless martial art pract.i.tioners came here in admiration, but not a lot who came here to become Heavenly Sky School disciples.

Including the headmaster Isaac, and a few elders, there were only sixteen people in the Heavenly Sky School.

Below the Great Azure Mountain was the village where the crowd gathered. Although Heavenly Sky School was a martial arts school, it was impossible to be completely detached from the world. The daily expenses of so many people in a school still needed to be purchased from the nearby villages. That’s why at the bottom of the mountain, Heavenly Sky School had a martial arts building for the ordinary people.

Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts Building.

In order to be able to purchase some of the daily supplies for the disciples, this martial arts school also teaches simple martial arts to the villagers and recruits some potential disciples.

“Dang!” “Dang!” “Dang!”

Along with the gong’s sound, the arriving disciples and martial arts pract.i.tioners all stepped into the building. The empty building suddenly became crowded, but soon it was all quiet again as people were waiting for the teachers to appear.

Muyang was sitting at the front of all the disciples. Next to him was the always leathery Mexia, who was constantly scratching Muyang’s arm with her little hand.

“Be quiet!” Muyang whispered.

Mexia flattened his mouth and gave him an unhappy look.

Muyang was speechless; this girl was always fussy; she must have been a spoiled girl back then, that’s why she had developed her current problem. Then, he saw her stared alone, looking up at the light source that shone brightly on the ceiling of the hall.

It was an electric lamp that required energy called electrical energy to power it. It was very amazing, and supposedly the latest technology to be developed in the outside world.

The martial arts building was able to have electric lights inside; it was all thanks to an elder who brought in generators and cables from outside.

Looking at the bright and dazzling light bulb, the soft light wasn’t as smoky and hot as a burning candle, which made the people from the nearby villages who saw this object for the first time exclaimed from time to time.

Muyang was the only one who sat on the ground calmly.

Electric lights were something he had seen a lot in his previous life, but it was comforting to see them in this world, at least it showed that the world he lived in wasn’t too undeveloped.

On the other hand, the other disciples who didn’t know the truth were very impressed to see their senior brother was very calm.

After waiting for a little while, the headmaster Isaac and a few elders came out from the back of the building. Muyang, who saw the teachers came, sat upright, and looked at the elders in front of him very seriously.

The last generation of the Heavenly Sky School’s elder wasn’t a lot; there were only six of them, and it showed how small the number of inheritance was. Even if the number of new disciples had increased in Muyang’s generation, the entire Heavenly Sky School only had sixteen people in total.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to increase the number of disciples, but the resources used by the disciples to practice were too frightening to look at. This is what makes the Heavenly Sky School different from other schools. Other schools only teach their disciples martial arts, and the disciple had to refine their skills on their own depending on their potential.

The Heavenly Sky School was different. The reason was that the legacy of the Heavenly Sky School was relatively old. The training concept was very different from other schools because They didn’t demand their disciples to be brave and fierce and practice great strength. Instead, they focused on nurturing the body, training vitality, and extending energy and blood…

So, in order to look at the disciples’ potential, the early investment of resources was staggering. Especially when it came to one-on-one teaching, the limited faculty simply couldn’t support a large number of disciples, that’s why they have no choice but to choose only the elite line.


After the martial arts training was over.

“Senior brother, senior brother, is it true that the outside world is just like what Uncle Karl said, that everyone lives in a big village called ‘Metropolis’?” Mexia chirped like an oriole, constantly asking Muyang about the outside world.

“What do you mean by big village, it’s a city.” Muyang stopped to answer.

“Aren’t many people living together there as well, how is it different from a village?” Mexia tilted her head; she was confused about the difference between a village and a city.

“That’s fine if you think it’s a big village.”

Muyang thought about it, and he didn’t know how to explain it to Mexia. It’s like he was trying to explain nuclear energy to the ancient, which was totally impossible.

Mexia was still young. Unlike Muyang, she didn’t have any memory from the earth, so it was normal that she couldn’t understand the difference between a city and a village. According to the news brought by Uncle Karl, Isaac’s younger brother. The outside world is now undergoing a ma.s.sive change. A power called technology is gradually progressing, which was already being felt in many places.

“By the way, senior brother, do you still want to go into the Primitive Mountain this afternoon to practice?”

“Yeah.” Muyang nodded; he insisted on doing his training daily. This was a habit that Muyang developed after coming to this world. Although the Primitive Mountain was filled with beasts, the beasts in the outskirt areas were generally wasn’t that strong, so it should be a perfect place for martial arts training.

Mexia’s eyes immediately quirked into crescent shapes after she heard what Muyang said. She then playfully laughed and said, “I want to go with you.”

“Of course, you’re very welcome if you want to come, baby.”

“Don’t call me, baby!” Mexia lunged with her teeth and claws.

“Then, I’ll call you baby hitch.”

Muyang moved a few steps away to avoid Mexia’s pounces; he then laughed and teased her.

His strength had improved so much that Mexia could no longer defeat him.

“Huh? I’m offended.” Mexia paused, her whole body was floating unsatisfactorily, she moved half a meter off the ground.

“Senior brother, don’t forget to wait for me this afternoon. I picked up a beautiful crystal ball yesterday. If you go to the mountain without me, then I won’t show it to you.”

After saying that, Mexia flew straight towards the bushes in the forest, and her small figure shank into the forest.

“This girl…she’s flying again.”

Looking at the direction where Mexia disappeared, Muyang burst into laughter; he didn’t expect that besides being capable of doing martial arts, she also had superpowers. He remembered he was shocked when he saw her flying for the first time. 

Martial arts, superpowers, and the initial budding power of technology, this world was really colorful.


In the afternoon, where the sun didn’t s.h.i.+ne in the Primitive Mountain, there was still a light coating of mist.

At the entrance of the Primitive Mountain’s outskirts, Muyang had been waiting for Mexia for quite some time, but still didn’t see any trace of her coming. So, he decided to practice the basic move there; it didn’t take long until he could feel his muscles began to tense up.

Not long after, Mexia came; she was flying from the distance. Her dark green hair blew in the wind, and her simple dress rustling in the air.

“Senior brother I’m here, look this is the crystal ball I found yesterday, isn’t it beautiful?”

Mexia landed on the ground and saw Muyang was waiting for her as he promised, so she handed him the orange-red crystal ball.

The crystal ball was only the size of a fist, it was glazed with a warm orange-red color, and six bronzing bright red stars arranged in sequence, very beautiful indeed!

“Huh? Oh, s.h.i.+t!” When Muyang saw the crystal ball handed to him by Mexia, his entire body froze as if he was struck by lightning.

“How did you get this?” Muyang asked.

“I found it near the stream yesterday!” Mexia looked proud, and immediately replied happily when she saw her senior brother looked so disoriented.

Upon hearing the innocent answer, Muyang’s eyes popped out, and his entire body felt numb!

f.u.c.k, what Mexia showed him was a Dragon Ball!

Muyang stared at the pattern inside the crystal ball as he took it from Mexia’s hand, and sparks were about to emerge from his eyes.

One, two, three, four, five, six, There were six stars in it, six stars!

s.h.i.+t, he knew that this world was somehow unusual, but he would never imagine that this was the Dragon Ball World!

At this moment, there were a lot of things that came through his mind, and he felt that the universe had played a joke on him.

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