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Chapter 2

In the following period, Muyang continued to test his speed and explosive power, and the results he got were astonis.h.i.+ng. Although he was still not very good at controlling his current body. The physical strength he got now had far surpa.s.sed his previous life. Of course, this made him very satisfied.

“Overall, the quality of this body is really good.” Muyang thought in a pleasant mood.

“Huh?” Suddenly, Muyang furrowed, and a sharp stab of pain began to spread as if his brain had turned into mush.

Then, as if he was in the whirlpool, memories of the two worlds mixed in his brain, the fragmented pictures gathered into different pieces that flashed in his consciousness.

This is the memory of his current body.

“Muyang, Heavenly Sky School…Great Azure Mountain.”

The Heavenly Sky School was located at the edge of the Great Azure Mountain, and further into the mountains were hundreds of miles of majestic land with several dangerous wild creatures.

After taking a little time to organize his thoughts, Muyang gradually calmed down.

There was no doubt that he had crossed over, but whether it was a soul crossing or reincarnation, he had yet to figure out. After all, he had received most of his current body memories, but they were usually buried deep and messy, and he needed to discover them further.

Just like when he blurted out to call Mexia “baby,” it was a subconscious reflex.

After wandering around the courtyard for a while, Muyang returned to the house and then searched through the cabinets, trying to find something that would trigger his memories.

Unfortunately, the room was very simple, and Muyang didn’t find anything useful.

But when he opened the drawer, he found a mirror. Judging by its craftsmans.h.i.+p, he knew that he didn’t live in ancient times.

He was relieved that he didn’t live in ancient times. For him, who used to modern life, the inconvenience of ancient times was something he couldn’t bear.

Upon looking at the mirror, Muyang grinned and laughed.

He had black hair and black eyes; his facial features were straight and clear, but thin with a slightly sallow complexion due to the initial recovery from a severe illness. However, it didn’t affect his handsome appearance; he could be considered as a standard pretty boy.

“He’s quite handsome.”

Muyang couldn’t stop nodding in the mirror; he was so happy with his current situation.

He got good skills and a handsome face. He had a status as a senior disciple of a school as well. With such a condition, Muyang felt like his life was quite stable, and it was actually quite a good start. Although he didn’t get the lead role live, as long as he didn’t encounter a tragic accident, or “get into villain mode” and die as the enemy, then he wouldn’t mind to just eat and wait for his death.

But how could Muyang only have such a little ambition? As a traveler, how could he didn’t do something about it? However, all of that would have to wait until he figured out the pattern of this world, and when he did, that would be the time for him to make his grand entrance.

“Senior brother…”

Just as Muyang imagined a better life in the future. The deep, crisp voice like an oriole was heard from the distance. Upon hearing the sound, Muyang walked to the courtyard. After a while, Mexia’s small figure appeared in front of him again. But this time, a burly man stood next to her.

The man had a beard on his face, his hair was messy, and he wore very plain clothing, but his whole body exuded a compelling presence, especially his gleaming eyes, it was like a falcon that made people afraid to look at him directly.

The moment he saw that person, Muyang’s mind immediately recalled his ident.i.ty.

He’s the headmaster of the “Heavenly Sky School”, and Mexia’s father, who was also his current body’s teacher.

“Teacher!” Muyang bent down slightly and greeted sincerely.

Isaac nodded and asked Muyang’s condition with concern, “How is it going? You just woke up, do you feel something wrong with your body?”

Muyang shook his head.

Isaac saw the situation and used his hands to press different spots on Muyan’s body. After confirming that there was no major issue, he said, “Your body is no longer in danger, but it was heavily overdrawn before. Remember to take care of yourself and don’t work too hard on your future training. Our ‘Heavenly Sky School’ focuses on solid training and nurturing the body’s vitality, so the body is fundamental.”

“… You’re only going to go against the main idea by practicing so recklessly. This time you got lucky and only got physical damage. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

Of course, Muyang couldn’t remember the meaning of “Heavenly Sky School,” but he couldn’t show it in front of Isaac, so he hurriedly nodded.

“In the future, I’ll let Mexia monitor your practice. There aren’t many people in our school, and we’ll have to rely on you to continue our legacy, so as a senior brother, you have to lead by example.”

“I understand.” Muyang could only nod again; he was trying to be obedient while Mexia was smiling foolishly.

After seeing him, Isaac told him to rest and recover, then he left. Heavenly Sky School relied on Isaac to keep it going; he still had a few other disciples to take care of, so he didn’t have time to waste here.

After Isaac left, Muyang sighed in relief. Although Isaac had just made a stop there, the intense feeling of pressure still made him fl.u.s.tered.

This was probably the aura of a martial art pract.i.tioner.

Raising his eyebrows, Muyang bit his lower lip and glanced back at Mexia, who was smirking with her mouth tilted.

“Baby, why are you smiling, you seem to be happy?

“What? I wasn’t smiling; it was probably just your imagination.” Mexia immediately put away the smile on her face and said in a serious tone.

Muyang glanced at her a few times without saying anything, which caused Mexia to get a little discouraged.

“Well, I just laughed for a minute…”

Muyang hummed twice and stopped looking for Mexia’s fault.


For the next ten days, Muyang was slowly recovering under Mexia’s care. As he was recovering, he was also learning the “Heavenly Sky School” training technique again from Mexia.

Due to the scattered memories that already existed in his brain, Muyang, who was “on the road again,” quickly mastered the Heavenly Sky School training technique.

So far, what Muyang and Mexia were practicing were still the basic things. According to Isaac’s words, the early training of “Heavenly Sky School” was all about the foundation. Only after the body had been refined would they be able to learn about the more profound aspects. In other words, it was a training technique that was difficult at first but then became easier later on.

Thanks to the foundation already laid by his current body. Muyang didn’t struggle that much after taking over this body. He was quickly integrated with what he had learned before.

After a month, Muyang, who was thoroughly familiar with his physical condition, began his regular training.

As a martial arts school, the Heavenly Sky School, with all of its disciples living a semi-secluded life. The school was located on edge the Great Azure Mountain, away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Behind the Great Azure Mountain, laid Primitive Mountain that stretched for hundreds of miles. The Primitive Mountain had no specific name, but there were countless dangerous creatures hidden in it. The edges could be used as a place for training, but without the teacher’s guidance, the disciples were ordered not to go deeper into the Primitive Mountain.


One day, the sun was s.h.i.+ning, and the wind was blowing.

In the small cabin.

Muyang was sweating like a pig. Constantly practicing the basic movements; punching, and closing, lifting his legs and kicking across, and adjusting the force of his body muscles in the constant movement. Every time he practiced, he felt like he was reborn, and the visible progress that could be seen with the naked eyes pleased Muyang.

Drops of sweat dripping down from the bridge of his nose, the body spun around and caused numerous whirlwinds. The whirlwinds rubbed against the airflow and produced a sudden sound “Peng,” “Peng,” “Peng.”

Muyang’s body moved extremely fast. He quickly rotated his body, a few more blurred afterimages appeared in the air, just like the speed that Mexia had shown that day, but compared to Mexia, Muyang’s speed was even faster.

After a while, Muyang calmed the airflow and stood in place to adjust his breath.

The early training of the Heavenly Sky School gave him a feeling as if he was practicing a martial arts secret technique. He was obsessed with it, gradually generating a warm stream of air within his body.

The airflow was said to be the vitality practiced by the Heavenly Sky School martial art, which had the effect of conceiving and nouris.h.i.+ng the body and breaking the potential. Muyang didn’t know how much of a truth it was, but from the current performance, it was clear that the Heavenly Sky School martial art was indeed unique in some way. If he were to travel through the world of martial arts, his current strength would be no worse than an innate stage martial art pract.i.tioner.

This was only the result of more than a month of training; Muyang was sure he would surely become even more powerful in the future.

Unbidden, Muyang’s eyes flashed with a glint of light, as his eyes became more determined. He felt like he was going to fly.

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