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Chapter 194

“Oh, does the Ginyu Force has been formed?” When he heard his subordinates report the news of the Ginyu Force’s return, a trace of joy flashed across Frieza’s face.

Because from today onwards, he also had his special force team.

Compared to his father’s “Strongest Squadron” and Cooler’s “Armored Squadron,” Frieza didn’t have a strong special force team because he had just taken over the universe.

This caused a situation where the high-end battle force was overstretched. The rebellion on many planets could not be effectively suppressed.

Frieza was looking forward to having a robust special force team for a long time since this was a sign of his true self-reliance.

The reporting alien replied cautiously, “Yes, my subordinates saw a total of five members of the Ginyu Force.”

“Son, show your father that you have formed a team.” King Cold’s eyes glinted brightly. He then whirled around and looked like he was full of care.

“Yes, let them in quickly.”

A smile appeared on Frieza’s face, and commanded the alien in front of him to bring in the Ginyu Force.

“Yes!” The alien in battle-armor took the order and carefully exited the main hall.

Shortly afterward, Captain Ginyu led the other four members of the Ginyu Force into the main hall. He knelt on one knee respectfully to pay their respects to King Frieza and King Cold.

“These subordinates greet King Frieza and King Cold!”

“Meet the two King!”

Jeice and the other members of the Ginyu Force carefully faced Frieza and King Cold.

“Hmm.” King Cold nodded indifferently, sitting on top of his throne without getting up.

Frieza looked at Ginyu, Jeice, and the other three members. However, when he couldn’t find the original member, Gausan and Ouaosi, he asked confusedly, “Captain Ginyu, I remember there were two other members of your team, right?”

Captain Ginyu said with a shameful face at this point, “King Frieza, it was this subordinate who was negligent in his duty. We encountered a powerful opponent on our way to form the Ginyu Force, and Gausan and Ouaosi have been killed. If it wasn’t for this subordinate’s timely reaction, I’m afraid that even I and Jeice wouldn’t be able to return.”

Frieza was very surprised to hear that. Even King Cold looked over at him sideways.

One had to know that Captain Ginyu’s power level was a terrifying 94,000. Although he was not as strong as the members of King Cold’s Strongest Squadron and Cooler Armored Squadron, he was also a mighty master in the entire North Area. Now, it was surprising to hear that he had encountered a strong enemy and had nearly fallen to pieces.

“What kind of opponent did you actually encounter?” Frieza asked curiously.

“It was a man with black hair and black eyes. The opponent could hide his power level. Of course, in that case, I could still fight him. However, the opponent’s fighting technique was bizarre and unpredictable, and he could suddenly increase his power level. I severely injured an arm before I was able to fight him off.”

Captain Ginyu understated the course of the battle, withholding many details about what was going on.

For example, the deaths of Gausan and Ouaosi were actually caused by his negligence and not paying attention to the opponent at first. However, this obviously couldn’t be said explicitly and in his words. In his words, Gausan and Ouaosi became good fighters who fought bravely but were unfortunately killed. He deeply blames himself for the death of his subordinates.

Jeice added, “The situation was just like the captain said. We didn’t even have time to react; Gausan and Ouaosi died tragically at the opponent’s hands. Even Guldo, who we had originally planned to recruit, died at the hands of that man.”

“Oh, that’s interesting.”

Frieza laughed lightly after hearing that. However, everyone knew what kind of anger and killing intent was hidden behind Frieza’s laughter.

The temperature of the entire room suddenly dropped to the freezing point. The other members of the Ginyu Force: Burter, Recoome, and Natani, all facing Frieza for the first time, were now overwhelmed by his power, and a cold sweat broke out on their bodies.

“Don’t be angry, Frieza. From what Ginyu told us, that man probably has the power of the Strongest Squadron and Armored Squadron members. The presence of such a master in the North Area should have caught our attention instead.”

King Cold gently put down his wine gla.s.s and walked up to Frieza. His burly stature immediately brought a great sense of oppression.

Frieza snorted coldly to Ginyu and the others, “All of you, get up!”

“Explain things more carefully again.”

“As ordered!” Captain Ginyu breathed a sigh of relief. He carefully looked at Frieza and King Cold and recounted the events that happened on Planet Demen.

King Cold listened to Ginyu’s explanation and fell into thought, “Black hair, black eyes, and able to suddenly burst the power level. Is he a Super Saiyan? But no, that’s not the color of Super Saiyans’ hair.”

Frieza said, “Father, is the Super Saiyan you’re talking about the one that is legendary in our races?”



Frieza suddenly raised her head, “They are a fighting race living above Planet Vegeta. They seem to be cosmic mercenaries and have also worked with the forces under me a few times.”

Ginyu said, “According to the information that this subordinate has, the Saiyans have no more than 10,000 power level at best, not as powerful as the one I met this time. Moreover, Saiyans don’t hide their power level at all. The way they increase their power level is to transform into a giant ape. I believe that person is not a Saiyan; he just looks similar.”

“Well.” Frieza nodded indifferently.

The weak and small race with only 10,000 power levels, who also called themselves a fighting race, seemed to be just arrogant. Although it was a fact that the Saiyans were aggressive in fighting, the legend of the so-called “Super Saiyans” was mostly just nonsense.

King Cold said, ” That Saiyans should still be taken seriously. Planet Vegeta is still not the sphere of influence of our clan. However, since it is a fighting nation, it has value to use. 10,000 power level is not weak, so rather than letting them wander away, it is better to subdue them completely.”

“Father is right. I was planning to set foot on Planet Vegeta later. However, now that something like this has happened, conquering them sooner would save a lot of trouble.”

Frieza had heard his subordinates report on the situation on Planet Vegeta earlier and had wanted to take measures later. However, now he couldn’t lose face in front of King Cold. Whether or not Captain Ginyu’s affair had anything to do with the Saiyans, the fact that a powerful race was outside of his rule was indeed a problem.

Even when in Frieza’s eyes, the tiny Planet Vegeta was simply not enough to get his attention.

“Son, why don’t you let father come with you? I would like to see if the Saiyans rumored among the tribe are as powerful as they are, or if they are just a vain race.”

“I’m certainly welcome if father is willing to travel with me.”

Frieza chuckled, gathering his wine gla.s.s towards King Cold and drinking it down in one gulp.

After finis.h.i.+ng his drink, Frieza put down his cup and turned to Captain Ginyu with a cold and evil voice, “Captain Ginyu, go inform Mr. Dodoria and Mr. Zarbon. Told them to form a team immediately, and that this king will travel with father to Planet Vegeta!”

Captain Ginyu breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that King Frieza no longer blamed him. He then immediately nodded vigorously.

“This subordinates will inform them. . This trip to Planet Vegeta is considered the official debut of the Ginyu Force, and I would like to ask the King to allow us to act as pioneers to open the way for the King Frieza and King Cold.”

“Well, thank you, Captain Ginyu.”

Frieza narrowed her eyes and stretched out his hand, ready to shake Captain Ginyu’s hand.

In front of Captain Ginyu’s strapping body, Frieza’s small size seemed extraordinarily slender. However, at this time, Captain Ginyu didn’t dare to be bold in any way and bent down respectfully.

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