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Chapter 182

The sun and moon were reversed, and a white light pa.s.sed.

Although there was no such thing as day and night on the Kai’s Planet, another month pa.s.sed quickly.

This was the sixth month of Muyang’s training on the Kai’s Planet. After learning the Kaio-ken, this time, Muyang had been exercising his proficiency.

“Muyang, exert your full strength for me to see.”

Today, North Kai moved over a chair, and both Bubbles and Gregory were watching.

Muyang was practicing at the side. When he heard North Kai’s shout, he stopped his practice and said, “Okay.” Then he quietly adjusted his state of mind.

The surrounding was silent. Muyang suddenly opened his eyes, his dark pupils suddenly flashed with a hint of electricity, and he burst out, “KAIO-KEN!”

As soon as the words fell, an intense storm spread out with Muyang as the center. The dark red light mixed in with the white flames, causing his hair to rise slightly.

North Kai and Messiah bore the storm’s brunt, feeling the powerful momentum emanating from Muyang’s body.

Right at this moment, Muyang raised his ki once again.


The dark red color was even more p.r.o.nounced, as the energy was raised to twice the body’s power level.

At this time, Muyang’s normal power level had reached 12,500. With the addition of Kaio-ken twice, the power level was approaching 25,000!


37,500 power levels!

The power level increased again.

This was Muyang’s limit. Normally, people shouldn’t continuously use more than twice the increase of Kaio-ken.

The tremendous pressure would cause the user’s body to collapse. However, on Kai’s Planet, the divine ki compensated for the damage to the user’s body, causing the user to exceed the terrifying power.

It was just right for an experiment.

At this moment, Muyang was like transforming into a small typhoon eye. A round of cold storm spread out, and the tender green gra.s.s on the ground fell towards the surroundings under the powerful ki’s effect.

The smaller stones were gradually suspended from the Kai’s Planet, and the entire Kai’s Planet began to shake slightly.

Feeling the ki emanating from Muyang, North Kai, and Mexia were both stunned.

Mexia was a soul body and had no real feelings. However, when North Kai faced the frontal ki storm from Muyang, his body was covered in terror.

He protected his forehead with his hand to block the whirlwind that was whistling everywhere and shouted, “Enough, enough! Stop quickly. I already know your strength!”


Muyang collected his ki, and the intense soreness. .h.i.t his body.

“Lord Kai, how is it?” Muyang’s face was a little pale.

North Kai nodded gravely, “It’s already very terrifying. You already have a place in the North Area. As long as you don’t mess with those powerful monsters, you can already make your way anywhere.”

“But you have to remember that when you’re in the outside world, you must never use more than twice the strength of the Kaio-ken continuously. Otherwise, your body will not be able to withstand the collapse.”

“I know.” Muyang nodded seriously.

He was still relying on his own strength outside. Although Kaio-ken was powerful as a temporary outburst of power, which could usually be used in response to an emergency, he couldn’t rely on it excessively.

Muyang didn’t know exactly how much energy was the applicable limit of the Kaio-ken.

However, with the improvement of his power level, he wanted to think that the Kaio-ken energy was high to a certain degree. There would always be a day when it couldn’t be raised again.

Always relying on the increase of Kaio-ken wasn’t the way to go either. It would only weaken the emphasis on the ontology.

For example, Son Goku and others in the original story, after developing the Super Saiyan Form, they began to pursue even more powerful Body Transformation, with 50 times, 100 times, and 400 times…

The increase in the Base Form Power Level was somewhat neglected as they sped down this crazy path.

It was no wonder the subsequent Super Saiyan Transformation was denounced as evil by the Old Kai.

Crossing a step and getting a substantial increase was genius, but pursuing an increase in strength all the time was wrong.

The hards.h.i.+ps involved in advancing from an Ordinary Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2, where the growth was increased from 50 times to 100 times, were obvious.

However, from a different perspective, raising the ontological power level from 3 million to 6 million might be a little easier instead.

Unless Son Goku’s Base Form Power Level had reached a point where it couldn’t be increased any further or the Power Level after Body Transformation had reached the upper limit of what the world could hold, making the increase in the transformation compressed.

It wouldn’t be a matter of direction and philosophy then.

To get back to the point, North Kai was quite impressed with Muyang’s performance. Although there was still some dark side in his heart, there were no perfect people in the world, and it was impossible to be one hundred percent open and honest.

“It’s just a pity that none of you can learn my Spirit Bomb.” North Kai shook his head somewhat regretfully.

During this period, North Kai had also experimentally told Muyang the principle of the Spirit Bomb.

Unfortunately, Muyang was not able to connect with all things to gather the ki. So he could only say that the Spirit Bomb was not meant for him.

Although he hadn’t learned the Spirit Bomb, the Spirit Bomb’s training techniques were firmly in his mind.

He would test it again after returning to Acceleration s.p.a.ce, where it was his own place, and everything was up to him.

The principle of releasing Spirit Bomb, coupled with his control of the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, might develop a technique that was not inferior to Spirit Bomb.

Spirit Bomb was powerful, but it wasn’t as powerful as Kaio-ken in terms of practicality –it took too long to store up ki, longer than the time it took to store up ki for moves such as Super Kamehameha or Special Beam Cannon. In a real battle, it needed someone alongside it to work. 

For example, when it came down to the enemy who required Spirit Bomb to deal with, how could there be any time left for storing up ki?

At least Muyang felt that if he were in that place and saw someone storing up ki to prepare to release Spirit Bomb, he would shake off the tangled enemy and finish off the person storing up ki first.

The actual battle wouldn’t be as good as expected.

Upon seeing North Kai shook his head as if he was sorry that his Spirit Bomb was dusty, Muyang smiled, “I believe there will always be someone suitable to learn your Spirit Bomb.”

North Kai waved his hand and didn’t take it to heart, “Maybe.”

Then he said, “It’s been six months since you guys came to me. I’ve taught you all that I know, and the rest of your training is up to you to find out.”

“There is one thing I want to remind you. There are countless masters in the universe. Besides the North Area, there are still super-high-strength monsters in other parts of the Galaxy. Even the entire Galaxy is just a drop in the ocean of the universe, so don’t be complacent.”

“Don’t worry, North Kai, we know that,” Muyang replied seriously.

He was the most aware of the pattern of the Dragon Ball World. His current power level of 12,500 was relatively high.

However, there was nothing to be proud of in front of a true G.o.d, and the opponent could exterminate him by blowing his breath.

“Um, just remember, I didn’t teach you the fighting technique to make you do evil. Especially Mexia, your soul, contains demonic ki. You have to wait until your soul mutation is over and quickly reincarnate. Don’t let yourself fall and become the demon.”

North Kai repeatedly advised. His most significant concern was Mexia; her soul was too uncertain.

It was a good thing that Planet Namek’s Porunga had magical powers that kept her consciousness from being disturbed by the demons.

“Hmph.” Mexia pouted her lips and grunted twice.

Muyang was now ready to leave, and he said, “North Kai, thank you for your guidance during this time. We will keep your teachings in mind, and we will definitely surprise you when we next meet.”

After hearing, Muyang said that North Kai shook his head and smiled. “Then, I’d like to see how you guys will surprise me.”

Next, Muyang and Mexia flew up in the air and waved goodbye to North Kai.

“North Kai, we’re leaving. Take care, and we’ll visit you again in the future!”

“Bubbles, Gregory, goodbye!”

Looking back at the pocket-sized Kai’s Planet, Muyang and Mexia leaped up and jumped onto the Snake Road tail. With a whirlwind behind them, they flew off towards the Other-World. 

As he watched their backs gradually disappear, North Kai seemed to see a future strongman rising, and his mood suddenly became happy.

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