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Chapter 180

North Kai’s Planet’s gravity was ten times that of earth’s.

However, It didn’t really affect Muyang’s training. After all, he was usually trained in the gravity chamber with more than ten times gravity.

What really mattered to Muyang was the level element North Kai’s Planet was in. North Kai was a fifth level dimensional being, and the s.p.a.ce he lived in was also a fifth level s.p.a.ce. 

Here, the air was filled with a divine and inexplicable ki that was even more magical than the ki in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce. By training here for a long period, his body could be better nourished, and his training speed was certainly raised by a level. 

“One day of training here is worth several days in the outside world.”

Muyang greedily absorbed the spiritual ki of the G.o.ds in the air, without being addicted to it. He had to take some of it back. 

The good stuff should be shared with Mexia; maybe it would help her.

So while the North Kai was studying the jokes, he quietly communicated and opened the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, absorbing some of the ki from the North Kai’s Planet into the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

“Senior brother, have you seen Kai now?” As soon as the Acceleration s.p.a.ce opened its pa.s.sage, Mexia regained consciousness from inside.

“That’s right. This is Kai’s s.p.a.ce. Mexia, you’re allowed to come out.” Muyang smacked his head at this point, secretly confused.

He was so focused on traversing the Snake Road on the way here that he forgot to bring Mexia out.

North Kai’s Planet’s s.p.a.ce was above the Other-World, just like Heaven’s Grand Kai’s Planet. Soul bodies were able to survive on it.

“It’s already above the North Kai’s Planet. Mexia wait a moment; I’ll let you out.” After saying that to Mexia.

Muyang took a look around and saw that only the monkey Bubbles was standing at the side, staring, so he quietly released Mexia.

When Mexia arrived at North Kai’s Planet, she looked around. The endless dark red sky was floating with golden clouds, like a golden ocean, with tiny waves in the wind. The planet beneath her feet was small enough that she could clearly see the curved horizon.

“So, this is the planet where Kai lives.”

“When you see Kai later, you can say that you just came from the Snake Road.”

“Got it.”

“Huh?” Mexia had just taken two steps when a magical power was bound to her body. Even if she was a soul body, the pressure of the North Kai’s Planet affected her. 

“Senior brother, here, I feel like my body becomes so heavy.”

Muyang sniffed and tentatively reached out his hand to pinch Mexia’s cheek a few times. It was soft and had a delicate touch, just like having a real body.

It was reasonable to say that only people with great virtue would have a physical body after death. However, it seemed that this rule didn’t apply to Kai’s Planet.

“This may be the effect of the Kai’s Planet. After all, it is the divine planet inhabited by the G.o.ds who run a quarter of the galaxy. There are a few strange things that are understandable.”

The Dragon Ball World’s G.o.ds were few and far between. In terms of the level of G.o.ds, Kai was considered to be a High-Level G.o.d.

While Muyang was chatting with Mexia on top of the Kai’s Planet, the short and chubby figure of North Kai came out of the room. He was not surprised when he saw Mexia.

“Yeah, there’s another one. What day is it today? Uh… the Other-World.” Seeing the ring on top of Mexia’s head, Kai’s finger rested on his chin.

He turned Mexia around, looking up and down as if he was studying something.

If it wasn’t because he knew that the North Kai’s character was trustworthy, and if it were anyone else who made such a move, Muyang would have already blasted a ki wave.

“Tsk, your soul is extraordinary. It’s a miracle that you survived.”

North Kai was extremely knowledgeable. His pair of eyes quickly saw through Mexia’s state. As he said, it was all a miracle to have survived.

“She is my wife, Mexia, who became what she is now because her superpowers backfired during the protection of the earth. She carried demonic ki into the spiritual s.p.a.ce, and her soul was infected by it. It was only after I borrowed the power of the Planet Namek Dragon b.a.l.l.s that her consciousness woke up.” Muyang spoke up in due time to explain.

For North Kai, Muyang did not need to conceal Mexia’s condition.

“So that’s how it is. It’s indeed not easy; you should also stay here for the next few days. The divine ki generated by my planet affects the soul body as well.” Kai looked towards Muyang, “By the way, your name is Muyang, right. Undo your restraints, and let me see your full strength.”

“Okay, Lord Kai.”

Muyang looked at North Muyang with a smile. After a moment of silence, he suddenly brought up all the ki in his body.

A white flame swam up on the surface of his body, creating a whirlwind with Muyang as the center, spreading out in all directions.

North Kai stood beside Muyang, the antennae on his head being blown backward by the strong wind.

He shouted towards Muyang, “Alright, I probably understand your strength.”

“According to the universal standard of the North Area, your power level has reached 4200! It’s unbelievable, a Low-Level Planet like earth actually produces a master like you. It seems that you are not a generalist. After my instruction, you will become stronger.”

“The following training starts with weight-bearing first. The gravity of Kai’s Planet is ten times that of earth, but it seems to have no pressure on you.”

When North Kai saw how Muyang was walking on the ground, he smiled. His two antennae probed forward.

A surge of electricity shot past, and magical power was applied to Muyang’s body.

Muyang felt as if his body had been filled with load, and his cheeks quickly turned red. Within a few steps, his breathing became heavy.

“That’s fine. Get over this kind of pressure first, and we’ll talk about the rest of the training later.” North Kai said lightly. He then continued to study the essence of that sneering book.

It was the funniest book he had read in thousands of years, and needed to comprehend it properly.

After North Kai left, Mexia floated over to Muyang, “How are you feeling, senior brother?”

Muyang gasped, glistening beads of sweat already oozing out of his head, “North Kai is amazing. I feel my body sinking so much right now. It’s like I was bound by your superpowers when I was a kid.”

Mexia was shocked, “He’s so powerful, he can see it at all.” 

The short-statured North Kai was actually able to bind the current Muyang. Wouldn’t his strength be far above that of her senior brother?

Muyang sat on the ground with his head tilted up. His hands propped back, “North Kai itself isn’t very strong. It should be because of Kai’s Planet.”

“Was it just like senior brother’s Acceleration s.p.a.ce?”

Mexia tilted her head. She knew that in her senior brother’s Acceleration s.p.a.ce, even those stronger than him were no match. It was an effect of the Acceleration s.p.a.ce’s evolution. 

“Yes.” Muyang nodded his head and then exercised honestly. He used his body to overcome the constraints given to him by the Kai’s Planet.

One month later, Muyang only barely overcame the Kai’s Planet’s restraints. Previously, every time he moved his bones and muscles, he would have an unbearable burden. Now he had completely adapted.

North Kai looked at Muyang and nodded, “Very good. Your body has adapted to this intensity. Next, you go and capture Bubbles, and you’ll be introduced to a friend… Gregory!”

With a swoosh of light, a gra.s.shopper the size of a fist appeared in front of everyone.

“Lord Kai!” Gregory called out.

“When you catch Bubbles later, Gregory will interfere with you with his hammer. His hammer can’t hit you. You have to keep overcoming the limits of your body under difficult conditions so that you can grow your strength faster.” North Kai intended to train not only Muyang’s speed but also his reflexes. 

Muyang nodded his head. His body clumsily pounced towards Bubbles, while Gregory also flew in the air like lightning, knocking down a hammer at Muyang’s head from time to time.


The hammer hit the head.

Muyang fell to the ground at once.

Giggle… Mexia brought a recliner from Kai’s room, then put on sungla.s.ses. She crossed her legs and watched with a queenly air. 

When she was happy, she’d snap her fingers and float up a drink to sip. All the things of the Kai’s Planet were good for the soul body.

It was just that the way she was looking at the joke made Muyang angry.

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