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Chapter 18

The setting sun hung with a red tinge in the sky, and the falling clouds stained the horizon.

A full day had already pa.s.sed when Muyang and Sith picked up their pace and entered the only nearby town with a train station.

The town was called Chongshan Town. It named after the Primitive Mountain that rose above the landless mountains. This was the only transportation route to the outside world from nearby villages. It was significantly more crowded than the villages at the bottom of the Great Azure Mountains. The existence of the train station has played a crucial role in the development of Chongshan Town.

Walking down the street, various shops open on both sides, with merchants standing in front of the door and hawking to sell their items. It had begun to take on a modern feel, a feeling of being back at the beginning of the 20th century.

Before the sunset, Muyang and Sith walked towards the train station with their bags hanging on their shoulders, then lined up to buy tickets. Soon, Sith bought the tickets and handed one of them to Muyang.

The long-distance trains to the South only came once every two days, while the trains pa.s.sing through their “destination” were once every half a month. The closest train would depart tomorrow evening, so Muyang and Sith would stay in this town for a day.

“It’s still a while before the train leaves, so we need to find a place to stay first.” Sith, who was often going out of town, led Muyang to a hotel next to the train station, and then explained to Muyang methodically, “We’re going to be on the train for half a month trip. So, while you’re free tomorrow, you should go and purchase some things for your daily use.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Muyang followed Sith. For him who used to the rustic appearance of the countryside, the town in front of him finally brought a little bit of feeling from his “previous life”. It was an understatement, but it seemed like another world. It was kind of unfamiliar, but the freshness was definitely there.


At night, Muyang once again entered the “Acceleration s.p.a.ce” to practice, which was the habit he had developed.

The night was silent.

The next day, Muyang walked around the streets of the town alone. Considering that he needed to spend half a month on the train, Muyang went and purchased some necessities.

This was the first time Muyang left the Great Azure Mountain to come to a town this far since he had come to the Dragon Ball World. Although the scene before him was not the same as his impression of the endless flow of floating s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps. The power of technology had brought drastic changes to the town, making him feel fresh and new.

After buying everything that he needed, Muyang walked in the Chongshan Town, carrying large and small bags. At this moment, he couldn’t help but exclaim over Dr. Brief, who invented Capsule Technology. He was indeed a super genius. No wonder Capsule Corporation could become the world’s largest company. The Capsules was very convenient for travelers, it almost pulled an era.

But right now, it wasn’t time to think about the Capsule. Maybe Dr. Brief himself hadn’t even been born that long ago.

A white martial arts uniform whipped in the wind as Muyang walked down the street, attracting glances from the surrounding people every now and then.

In this current era, martial arts pract.i.tioners were highly respected, but because of the limited transportation, not many people had actually seen them in person, which made even just a disciple became highly noticeable.

After returning to the hotel and packing their bags, it was almost time for Muyang and Sith to go to the train station. The people around them were also in a hurry with their bags and luggage as if they were afraid they might not make it to the train.


Steam trains were smoking with hot steam next to the platform, making the whole station look smoky.

After checking the ticket, they boarded the train and found their compartment. Muyang stuffed his luggage onto the shelf in the compartment, then he sat on the edge of the bed and watched the scenery outside the window.

Their compartment was a large private room and could accommodate six people. Besides Muyang and Sith, there were two other pa.s.sengers who looked like businessmen. So, after they smiled and greeted them, Muyang began to sit quietly.


As the steam train’s whistle blows, the heavy train begins to rumble.

The sound of the wheels grinding over the tracks, echoing in their ears, as the scenery on either side of them kept receding backward. To be honest, the steam train’s speed wasn’t very fast; it was around seventy to eighty kilometers per hour. Muyang could even be faster than the train if he used his full strength, it’s just that he wasn’t anything like a train.


Maple Island was located in the middle of the ocean just outside the Southern Region, so when the train arrives at the station, they need to take a ferry ride to get there.

Clack-clack-clack, the steam train rolled over mountains, moving from the flatland to the hills, and from the hills into the mountains.

As the sky grew darker and the stars began to s.h.i.+ne through the clouds, the train continued on its way after stopping at a few platforms along the way, and ten days pa.s.sed quickly.

At this time, the pa.s.senger on the bunk opposite to Muyang had already changed. The two businessman-looking travelers had already gotten off, and the newcomer was a solemnly dressed young couple. The couple brought two daughters about five years old, and they were very cute. Both of their daughters were carved in jade. Looking at the way they dressed, it seemed like they came from a wealthy family.

One day, Muyang was sitting quietly while practicing his Ki Based Technique, when he suddenly sensed a chill on his cheeks. He opened his eyes and saw a little girl with brown hair staring at him with her bright, watery eyes.

“April, don’t disturb this big brother’s practice.” The one who spoke was the little girl’s mother. That young lady was very polite as she looked at Muyang with apologetic eyes and carried her daughter over.

“How come you haven’t apologized to the big brother!” The young lady said to Muyang, “I’m sorry, this child must have disturbed you.”

“It’s okay.” Muyang smiled and shook his head.

“Big brother, I’m sorry.” The little brunette girl then looked at her mother. She flattened her lips and apologized, then pulled a candy jar out of her arms and took out a few candies, “Big brother, these are candies for you.”

Seeing the little girl looked hesitant, Muyang smiled and shook his head, not accepting the candies.

“It’s okay. You can keep these candies for yourself.”

“Yeah, April loves candy.” The little girl named April smiled immediately. Her azure pupils were showing joy; she carefully peeled a candy and shoved it into her mouth.

“Sister…I want it too.” April’s sister, a little girl with blonde hair, said in a gruff voice.

“Here you are.”

“What a thoughtful little girl…” Muyang smiled softly upon looking at April, who had peeled out candy with her own hands and fed it to her sister.

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