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Chapter 175

Mexia’s reaction to this made Muyang very happy.

Without any more hesitation, he directly opened the channel to ingest Mexia’s soul into the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

“Giggle…” The silver bell-like joyful laughter sounded in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

Mexia’s misty figure floated around in the void with a golden light ring on top. 

“Senior brother, your Acceleration s.p.a.ce has gotten so much bigger. I can’t even see the edge.”

“Well, you can settle down for a while. Until your soul digests the demon ki, you can only stay here.”

Looking at Mexia, who was soaring freely in the air, Muyang had a faint smile on his face.

After secretly bringing Mexia out of h.e.l.l, Muyang had placed her inside the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

This small s.p.a.ce was Muyang’s territory. Under his protection, Mexia could complete her soul mutation without any worries.

The Other-World soul could only stay in the World of the Living for a maximum of 24 hours.

After the time limit, unforeseen things would happen, making Mexia couldn’t show up in front of everyone frequently in the future.


Mexia fell from the air and tried to jump into Muyang’s arms. However, without a physical body, she could only fall in the air.

Mexia curled her lips in dissatisfaction and said somewhat regretfully, “It’s really inconvenient not to have a body. I can’t do many of the things I want to do.” 

“Come on; it’s hard enough to keep your consciousness.” Muyang glanced at her and said, “Because you got affected by the demonic ki, your status is equivalent to half Demon Race. Having a physical body is something you don’t have to think about for now. That is something that only souls who have done great deeds in their lives can have.”

Muyang was thankful that Mexia could get through this current stage in peace.

“Senior brother, how long will it take me roughly to complete the mutation?” The soul floated in front of Muyang, her turquoise eyes looking at him.

Muyang shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Porunga said it would take a long time.”


“Don’t worry. The time flow here is eight times faster than outside; it must be faster.” Although he couldn’t come in all day, he could maintain six hours a day, which inside was the equivalent of two days and two nights.

Meanwhile, the time in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce was frozen while he was away.

“Hmm.” Mexia’s eyebrows widened and smiled.

She hailed and flew up, happily drawing an “eight-like” trajectory back and forth in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce. 

Muyang saw the situation and smiled calmly. He then opened the hatch of the gravity s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and practiced inside the gravity chamber.

To stay with Mexia often, Muyang would spare six hours every day from now on to train in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

The life ki in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce paired with the gravity chamber’s training intensity could be considered a strong combination.

In such an environment, Muyang’s training speed could increase to a great level. 



A gentle soft wind was blowing in the azure sky when a white light cut through the void, flying to the east.

Feeling the bitter wind blowing in his face, Muyang squinted his eyes.

His black hair was blown backward. The distance from the Mount Five Elements to the Great Azure Mountain was roughly ten thousand kilometers, but this distance was only a matter of minutes for Muyang.

As he flew through the air, past the plateau and the basin, and continued forward, hills gradually appeared.

A city that had collapsed into ruins was also gradually reflected in Muyang’s eyes.

The city was no longer as prosperous as it used to be. The ground was crisscrossed with ravines, collapsed houses could be seen everywhere, and some places were even flattened to the ground.

The ring-shaped explosion crater, the jaw-dropping impact band, all ill.u.s.trated the terrifying degree of the disaster more than two months ago.

The unprecedented disaster had almost destroyed the vast majority of the modern achievements on earth.

It was probably impossible to return to the state before the demon invasion without more than a decade of work.

On the construction site, machinery rumbled, and people were working feverishly to rebuild.

A month ago, when Shenron had just resurrected everyone, there were actually a lot of people who didn’t quite believe they had died once and thought they were having a nightmare.

However, when they saw the surrounding city destroyed into rubble and a giant impact crater, the seemingly apocalyptic sight stimulated their eyes.

It made everyone believe that it had indeed happened that they had died once! 

Afterward, the voice of Kami, the appearance of Korin Tower, and the Lookout images making all the earthlings know that there was a group of strong people in this world who were called “martial arts pract.i.tioners.” 

They also knew that it was Kami of Lookout who saved them.

Later, they asked a small group of people who had survived. From the images they took, they learned the cruelty and horror of the Demon Race. The whole disaster was as strange as a mythical story.

Everyone’s back felt a chill.

There was a large-scale “simultaneous broadcast,” making all the earthlings see an intense terror.

Although it caused a global uproar and even localized chaos, it was not bad to let the earthlings understand the situation they were in in the long run.


Great Azure Mountain.

The town under the mountain was also severely damaged during the demon invasion.

However, the good thing was that the town was initially very simple, and the rebuilding work did not take much time.

When Muyang entered the town, the market was already beginning to return to its lively appearance.

Muyang didn’t stroll down the mountain for long; he headed directly towards the Kami School Residency above the Great Azure Mountain. 

At the lush green hillock, Beyaros was inspecting the Primitive Mountain range with a disciple.

This disciple was Lida. Suddenly a flash of light descended from the sky. Beyaros fixed his eyes, and after seeing that it was Muyang, he came over with an excited face in a row.

“Muyang… you’re back.” Beyaros looked at Muyang with a very excited expression.

“Senior brother!” Lida, who had also flushed, shouted excitedly.

“Uncle Beyaros, Lida!” Muyang came forward and called out.

At that moment, Beyaros suddenly stopped talking and patted Muyang’s shoulder, comforting him, “Well, we don’t know what happened to Mexia, but she’s no longer alive, so you have to cheer up.”

“Mexia’s cemetery is right there in the back of the mountain. I’ll take you to see it.”

“Cemetery?” Muyang was a little startled.

Suddenly it occurred to him that he wished for Porunga in Planet Namek to resurrect the bodies of all those who had died due to the demon invasion…

That meant that Mexia was also resurrected, just not brought back to life like the others.

Did teacher Isaac bring back Mexia’s corpse and then build her a tomb?

Did Annin not explain the situation to them?

With a strange look on his face, Muyang followed Beyaros. He used a trace of spirit to open the Acceleration s.p.a.ce and communicate with Mexia.

This was a mess; how would he explain it to his teacher and the others later?

Muyang then headed to the back of the mountain with Beyaros leading him, while Lida ran to the martial arts building to inform the elders of Muyang’s return.


The Great Azure Mountains were the remnants of the Primitive Mountains extending inland.

It consisted of several valleys and jutting hills, with several scattered mountain ranges spread out in the back near the Primitive Mountains.

There was a cemetery at one of the ridges, where the successive elders of Kami School had been buried.

There was a new grave with a photo of Mexia smiling brightly attached to the tombstone.

The photo was black and white.

What a brilliant smile, looking at that new grave, Muyang silently lit incense, “praying” a few times. 

Lying in that tomb was his wife, “Mexia,” even though it was only a physical body.

“Mexia, come on, pray for yourself.”

“Senior brother, stop it. I’m not doing this!”

Mexia couldn’t help but roll her eyes a little and incense herself. She hadn’t expected a day like this before.

“Teacher and the others are here.”

At this moment, a few familiar ki came from the distance. Muyang broke the connection with Mexia and raised his head. Indeed, he saw that the elders, such as Isaac and Yula, were here.

“Teacher!” Muyang shouted upfront. 

“Ugh… you did well. We were able to resurrect thanks to you.”

Isaac looked at Muyang with a desire to speak. He placed his rough palm on Muyang’s shoulder. Muyang had lost his wife, and he had also lost his daughter, the grief in his heart was obvious.

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