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Chapter 165

Apart from the lousy mood caused by the escape of one of the Karov Brothers on Muyang’s side, the “disappearance” of two of the Karov Brothers on Garlic’s side had brought equal fear to them and could even be described as a shock.

It must be known that Mr. Hawke and the Karov Brothers were the biggest supporters of Garlic’s earth invasion.

The previous “disappearance” of the Karov Old Fifth and Niefer, plus the sealing of the Karov Second and Fourth in front of his face, the successive losses made Garlic’s mood extremely bad, and his wrinkled face was dark.

“What just happened? Where are the Old Second and Old Fourth?”

Karov Old Third, who had just escaped from the Evil Containment Wave, was still confused.

He was completely unaware that he had just returned from the edge of life and death.

However, after stabilizing his body, he found that he had not seen the Old Second and Old Fourth.

So, he could not help but inquire about the whereabouts of the other two brothers.

The boss suppressed his anger, “A strange move from the opponent just hit you. If it weren’t for Mr. Hawke’s action, you would have been sealed up.”

“Uh…” Old Third recalled the scene from earlier and thundered, “Waaaahhhh, d.a.m.n humans. I fell under their spell!”

“Karov Brothers, kill them!” Garlic said coldly.

What had just happened was very unexpected. Garlic didn’t expect the opponent to have such an overpowering sealing technique in their hands that they had lost two generals.

However, he also understood that as long as he took precautions, something like this would never happen again.

“Okay.” The Karov Brothers’ Boss licked his lower lips evilly.

Now, even without Garlic’s orders, he had a desire to shred the person opposite him into pieces.

As the Karov Brothers stepped forward in large strides, an icy cold murderous aura erupted out.

When he faced the Karov Brothers, who suddenly exploded with full force, Muyang’s face sank as his body moved closer to Son Gohan.

He quietly opened the pa.s.sage of the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, preparing to put the two sealing bottles in.

“Muyang, what should we do this time? There are more of them than us!” Son Gohan asked with a stern face.

In addition to the two Karov Brothers and that mysterious man called Hawke, there were still countless demons on Garlic’s side.

Although the remaining ones they could ignore, they were a significant threat to Kami and Annin.

Muyang gritted his teeth, “What else can we do other than fight it out? There is no way back this time.”

Under the heavy siege of the demonic race, avoiding a fight was clearly impossible. Dodging the first day of the first year couldn’t prevent the fifteenth.

It was only a matter of time before this fight happens! Besides, Old Kami, Korin, and Mexia were all here, so it’s impossible not to fight!

With this judgment in his mind, Muyang knew that he could only fight to the death.

So he began to pump the ki in his body frantically.

Suddenly, all the ki started to rotate wildly around his body, forming a faint layer of a cyclone.

Son Gohan and Mr. Popo, who saw Muyang explode in full power, knew that there was no other way out.

“Let’s fight!” Son Gohan looked back at the peacefulness behind him and dashed towards the Karov Brothers.


Without a hint of tension on his face, he sighed grudgingly and rushed up, quickly fighting with the Karov Brothers.

“You’re looking for death!” Seeing the oncoming Son Gohan, the Karov Brothers snapped indifferently. Their bodies were erupting with a suffocating murderous aura.

Son Gohan’s face went white; his body slowed down as if it was frozen. In a duel between the best fighters, the moves were all within a millimeter of each other, not to mention that Son Gohan’s power level was not a bit inferior to the Karov Brothers.


The Karov Brothers looked at Son Gohan like they were looking at a dead man.

Their mouths cruelly smiling fiercely as a blood-colored ki wave stirred out from between their palms, turning into a giant pillar of ki in an instant and vastly charging towards Son Gohan.

If such an attack hit him, Son Gohan would either die or be crippled.

But at this moment, rus.h.i.+ng together with Son Gohan, Mr. Popo’s figure quickly flashed and appeared beside Son Gohan.

He pushed Son Gohan away, and his copper eyes looked at the ki wave. His body flashed again, appearing between Karov Brother without warning. His two hands opened separately, and two ki waves knocked them out.

“Son Gohan, leave the two of them to me. You deal with Garlic!”


Son Gohan was startled. At this point, he had no time to think about whether or not he was a match for those two demons.

His eyes aimed at the aged Garlic, whose demeanor had become fierce.

“Hmph, Mr. Hawke, kill that kid.”

Garlic, who was uncomfortable at Son Gohan’s fierce stare, said grimly to Hawke as he led the demons towards Old Kami.

“Don’t worry, Lord Garlic.” Hawke smiled heedlessly. However, as soon as he set up his stance, he saw Muyang and Mexia rus.h.i.+ng over to the left and right, stopping him in front of him.

“If you want to go over there, you’ll have to go through us first!” Muyang stopped Hawke in front of him and said icily.

Mexia’s turquoise eyes stared at him as well. She raised her hand up and saying in a clear voice.


“Oh, that same trick may work fine against the Karov Brothers, but it won’t work against me…!” Hawke sneered under his cloak. Not that he was bragging, but he was dignified dark magic. With a slight movement of his finger, a whiff of black and purple spread out, breaking through Mexia’s superpower confinement at once.

“Oh no, ughh… “Mexia grunted. A terrifying spiritual backlash caused her to spurt out a mouthful of blood. She had never thought that Hawke’s mental strength was so powerful, and her superpower was useless against him.


When Muyang saw that Mexia was injured, he was busy guarding the past. The ki on his body burned even more. However, Hawke had no intention of letting them go.

His body suddenly blurred, shadows flashed, and Hawke’s figure moved into a range of three feet within Muyang.

With his speed, he was not giving Muyang much of a chance to react at all.


Muyang’s arm blocked the opponent’s attack. The violent collision in the air generated a whirlwind. Muyang’s arm went numb, and his face changed abruptly.

He was horrified to discover that the black-clothed demon in front of him, wearing a cloak, was more robust than the Karov Brothers he had met before.

Fight! Muyang’s morale was raised, and he went into a Power-Up State. He pushed Mexia away, and then he came forward with a fierce whiplash kick towards Hawke’s temple.

Hawke subconsciously raised his hand to block. He was snapping, unloading the leg, while at this time, a black shadow smashed down on his head.

However, it turned out that Muyang saw the failed blow, so he used his other leg to attack.

This continuous bombardment came like a cannon, not allowing Hawke to have any chance to breathe.

At this moment, Muyang’s melee skills, which he had practiced for many years, reached their peak in actual combat.

He twisted his waist, turned, and kick. Hawke could not retreat, and he did not even think about it.

His right hand lightly raised, the fingers of his left hand quietly stabbed towards the side of Muyang’s joint.


Both fighters skirmish. No one knew how to gained the benefit of the first round.

“Haha, with this much strength, you guys can’t stop me.”

Hawke took a few steps back and laughed. Just from the performance of his body, he was even more swift than Muyang.

At the same time, the demonic ki on his body was even stronger.

Muyang smiled bitterly; his face was cold and steely. In front of him, this demon was so much more powerful than he had imagined, making him felt like he was completely suppressed, which made his attacks ineffective. However, no matter what, the battle would continue.


On the other side, Garlic had already led the demons towards Old Kami and Annin, attacking toward them.

The Old Kami and Annin were tired of dealing with the constant stream of demonic attacks. Soon, they were exhausted.


An azure ki wave swept over, and Son Gohan opened his arms to block it. Although most of the demons around Garlic only had four or five hundred power levels, there were too many of them.

Even though Son Gohan’s power level was far superior to those demons, he was exhausted after a battle.

Suddenly, over Mr. Popo’s side, the Karov Brothers broke free from the attack.

The two of them combined forces to fly out of the fight. After that, one of them chased after the fall, while the other saw the situation on Son Gohan’s side and swooshed at him.


Huge mushroom clouds rose outside of the Mount Five Elements. Son Gohan was no match for the Karov Brothers’ attacks. Even when he was in Power Up Stage, he couldn’t stop them.




There was a series of a rapid succession of strikes, and Son Gohan was. .h.i.t hard. His bones were shattering, and his muscles were aching intensely.

With a swish and another cracking sound, the terrifying heavy blows struck again.

The Old Third of the Karov Brothers turned frosty, and his ugly face was enlarging in front of Son Gohan.


Sun Gohan spat out a large mouthful of blood. With a “wow,” and his body flew out diagonally like a cannonball.


Annin’s clear cheeks were incomparably white. The intense ki consumption caused her to gasp for breath.

“You better worry about yourself!”

Garlic glanced at Annin then focused on Old Kami. “Ma Junior, it’s time to say goodbye forever, but remember to say h.e.l.lo to that old man Noah for me in the Other-World!”

After saying that, Garlic’s eyes were cold. He threw a backhanded wave of vast ki towards Old Kami.


The ki wave was bounced off ninety degrees, and a figure blocked it in front of the Old Kami; it was Muyang!

After stopping Garlic’s attack, Muyang’s body sprang up and flashed several times in a row.

A heavy strike landed on Garlic’s body, and Garlic, whose power level was only about 600, couldn’t react in time and was directly hit by Muyang’s attack.

“Wow,” As Garlic bowed his body, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Turning back, Muyang shouted to the Old Kami, “Kami, you can’t die. Hurry up and go back to the Mount Five Elements!”

In any case, Old Kami could not die. His survival represented whether the Dragon b.a.l.l.s on earth could still exist.

Without them, the world would become like the future world of Future Trunks, forever in despair.

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