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Chapter 161

In response to the king’s question, the officials beside him looked at each other and didn’t say anything. Until an official in charge of doc.u.mentation manager spoke up, “Your Majesty, according to the doc.u.mentation, these monsters could be the demon race….”

“Demon race?” The king frowned, the Central City had been established for decades, and he never knew that there was a race called the demons on earth.

That doc.u.mentation manager swallowed his saliva and carefully said, “The demons are not creatures of the earth. Legend has it that they live in a place called the Demon Realm. About two hundred and sixty years ago, the same catastrophe happened on earth. At that time, a demon called the Great Demon King Piccolo led a large army to try to invade the earth…”

“Did that happen over two hundred years ago too? How did we destroy them at the end then? Did we use some secret weapon?”

More than two hundred years ago, technology was not as advanced as it is now.

However, in the end, earthlings manage to destroy the demons. Upon hearing this, the king brightened up and quickly asked.

The official replied, “No, we don’t have a secret weapon. It was those martial arts pract.i.tioners who did it. At that time, a martial arts grandmaster named Mutaito united the strongest people in the world to seal the demons.”

“Martial arts pract.i.tioners?”

The king murmured and suddenly said, “Are they the same type of people that appeared at the World Martial Arts Tournament two years ago?”

The king remembered that he had only agreed to take over the hosting of the World Martial Arts Tournament from the private sector because of the entertainment officials’ strong request.

At that time, the idea was to promote the entertainment industry, so he didn’t pay much attention.

However, afterward, he read a brief about it. He learned there was a group of people called themselves “Martial Arts Pract.i.tioners.”


“Don’t you have the video of the compet.i.tion there? Hurry up and bring it over and show it to me.”

The video footage of the World Martial Arts Tournament was still kept in the doc.u.ment library. The king of the Central City had a slight understanding of what happened above the World Martial Arts Tournament at that time, but he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. Now that he heard his officials mention it, the king, who was sick and desperate, quickly had the video brought over.


The official in charge of doc.u.mentation management responded and sent someone to bring over the video material, which was then played in front of the king.

The screen showed exactly the video of the finals and semifinals of the 12th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Everyone in the office was silent when the screen showed Muyang, Son Gohan, and Mexia using the same ki wave like the one captured on the live video. 

Then after a while, the discussion began to sound.

“Oh my, so humans can still have such great power.”

“We haven’t paid enough attention to the martial arts community before.”

“If some of these powerful martial arts pract.i.tioners are willing to step up to the plate…”

Officials of the Central City looked at the figures in the video as if they had seen a savior.

After a moment of silence, the king asked, “Can we contact those martial arts pract.i.tioners now?”

The response was quick, “According to people who have been in contact with the martial school before, all martial arts pract.i.tioners are on the move. However… the enemies are too strong this time. I’m afraid they won’t be able to stop it.”

The king listened and paced uneasily in his office.

“Let’s just try it. If we can get through this disaster, we might have to change our policy.”

Looking at the flickering ki light in the video, the king was stunned and looked a little out of his mind.

It was only after truly facing an enemy that could not be defeated that he realized how good it would be if there were more masters among the earth.


The world was pale, and the winds were raging. With the Demon Gate opening, the entire earth was filled with an atmosphere of uneasiness and restlessness.

Half a day pa.s.sed, and most of the cities on earth were under attack as the human allied forces were unable to organize an effective counterattack.

Within a short time, the earth’s population had been drastically reduced by a third, which was a vast number.

The equivalent of larger cities had all been destroyed.

Coupled with a demon race comparable to the Great Demon King Piccolo was killing everywhere, the earth’s martial arts community suffered ma.s.sive losses. Many schools had been wiped out at the hands of the demons.

The Old Kami looked at the events in the lower realm with a pale face. When he noticed that Niefer was flying towards the Lookout with a dozen or so powerful demons, his heart suddenly rose with powerlessnessꟷthose demons.

He couldn’t even defeat one of them; how could he still protect the earth! 

“Garlic had brought so many powerful demons from the Demon Realm. Is the earth really doomed?” The Old Kami was frustrated and closed his eyes in pain.

“Kami…” At this time, a faint call came out. The figure of Mr. Popo appeared in the middle of the Lookout.

The Old Kami turned back, “Mr. Popo, you’re back.”

Mr. Popo nodded his head and said, “Many demons are flying towards the location of the Lookout. Popo can deal with them, but I was hoping you could hurry up and go to the Mount Five Elements. These demons can’t find you there for now.”

“As a Kami, how can I leave everyone behind and go for refuge alone!” The Old Kami listened and refused utterly.

Mr. Popo said thoughtfully, “As long as Kami is still alive, there will still be the Dragon b.a.l.l.s on earth so that everything can be started over again.”

The Old Kami was struggling. Just then, the Lookout s.p.a.ce suddenly trembled, and Niefer led a dozen or so demons into s.p.a.ce where the Lookout was located.

A cloud of icy demonic ki broke through the Lookout’s protection and landed on the Lookout’s square.

“Hehe, finally I found you guys.” Niefer smiled fiercely as he entered the Lookout. His eyes were looking at Mr. Popo, and all of his hatred was coming out.

It was this man in front of him who had brought him great humiliation in the first place, so he wanted to fully return the shame. 

“Kami, be careful.”

Mr. Popo glanced at Niefer and those demons beside him with a flat tone and said.

After taking two steps towards the front, his figure quickly flashed beside Niefer and the other demons.


More than a dozen slices of silhouettes suddenly flew up, and then there were several flashes of glittering light.

The bodies of these demons were directly cut into several pieces.

Niefer’s expression was somewhat startled as he looked on, unable to accept the scene in front of him.

Suddenly there was a sharp pain on his body, only to discover that his body had also been cut into two segments.

“How did… this happen? How are you so powerful….” Niefer’s speech broke off; his face had turned black. 


Mr. Popo returned to the Old Kami’s side and turned around without speaking.

If it weren’t for Niefer and the other demons being bold enough to invade the Lookout, Mr. Popo wouldn’t have struck so hard.

As the Lookout guardian, Mr. Popo was like jumping out of the world and fighting with the world.

He hadn’t killed too many of them, even though he had entered the Demon Realm last time. 

“Kami, it’s no longer safe here. Please leave quickly!”

The Old Kami’s pale eyes looked at the bodies of those demons and nodded his head with difficulty.

After telling Mr. Popo to fetch Korin on Korin Tower, he controlled the Lookout and flew towards the Mount Five Elements.

The Mount Five Elements was located in the extreme west, where the s.p.a.ce was able to block the demons’ prying eyes temporarily.


Meanwhile, in the skies above the outskirts of the West City, a demon race was continuously cruising the skies.

The people dodging below were on tenterhooks. Along with a huge mushroom cloud rising, the bustling city was already in ruins.

The ground continued to tremble as if it was the end of the world.

In the bas.e.m.e.nt, several teenage children were huddled together. Their faces were filled with anxiety and fear.

These children were students of the school in the suburbs.

When the disaster struck, they hid in the bas.e.m.e.nt under the shelter of their teachers.

A little girl with blond hair said timidly, “Senior Sister April, are we going to die?”

April hugged the little girl and shook her head, “No, Panchy. We’ll be fine, I’m sure.”

“Hmm.” The blonde girl named Panchy whispered. She seemed to be comforted and shrank into April’s arms.

Looking at the blonde hair of the child in her arms, April pursed her lips and sighed. She remembered her sister, Sipriel.

Although her memories of her sister were very fuzzy, April vaguely remembered her blonde hair.

If her sister was still alive, she should have been such a cute girl as well.


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