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Chapter 159

After recovering her physical strength, Mexia’s body erupted with a powerful emerald green light.

Her superpower blocked the other side of the gate again. At this point, Mexia was no longer worried about the gate here.

Instead, she was worried that the demons escaping from the Primitive Mountains would endanger her loved ones.

“Senior brother, leave this place to me. You go and kill the scattered demons.”

“Okay, be careful and take care of yourself.”

Muyang also had this idea in mind. So, after instructing Mexia to be careful, Muyang’s figure quickly flashed and chased after those scattered demons.

With a crackling sound, Muyang’s hands continuously threw out attacks; each attack killed a large portion of the demons.

Some demons with a power level of 300 to 400 were no match for Muyang. They were crushed into powder like a withered and decaying creature.

Soon, under Muyang’s powerful attacks, the demons around the Primitive Mountain Range grew fewer, leaving only a few scattered ones still fleeing.

However, at this point, he couldn’t be careless yet, because even the weakest demon race out there wasn’t something that could be easily dealt with by the people outside.

After about fifteen minutes, all the demons that could be sensed by his ki were wiped out, leaving a few stragglers.

Muyang then flashed and appeared at the Kami School’s Martial Arts Building.


At this time, the place was already full of people. Back when the darkness appeared, Isaac and the Kami School elders had already gathered all the disciples at the martial building. When they saw Muyang coming, they all gathered over.

“Muyang, what the h.e.l.l is going on? What are those disturbing ki?” Isaac asked worriedly.

Muyang looked pale as he explained, “It’s the demons. The Earth Demon Gate has been opened, and now countless demons are pouring into the earth.”

Isaac exclaimed in alarm, “Is it the same as the Great Demon King Piccolo incident back then?”

Muyang smiled bitterly, “I’m afraid it’s much more serious than that. A total of seven gates to the Demon Realm have appeared this time. The nearest one is located deep in the Primitive Mountains. Most of the demons coming out of their possess no less than the strength of the Great Demon King Piccolo.”

Isaac took a breath of cold air at the words, not expecting things to be this serious.

“Most of them possess the strength of the Great Demon King Piccolo, so who else can deal with it!” Karl, Sith, and the others looked horrified.

Back then, a single Great Demon King Piccolo had caused the earth to be in a state of panic. The current disaster was clearly many times more dangerous than a few hundred years ago.

“Don’t worry, for now, the Lookout’s Kami and Mr. Popo are working on a solution. As for the gate at the Primitive Mountains, it’s being suppressed by Mexia. Apart from some leaks, I’ve cleared out the other stronger demons, so this place is safe for now.”

Although Muyang said this, everyone was still anxious in their hearts.

Sith said, “Since there are still demons leaking out of the net, wouldn’t the town below the Great Azure Mountain be in danger?”

Muyang’s elders, Clarissa and Beyaros, looked at each other. Then Clarissa said, “We can’t leave the people down there alone. Rather than staying here, I suggest taking people to guard the town down there immediately.”

Beyaros said, “Leave it to me. Since Muyang said that the powerful demons had been wiped out, we should be able to deal with some of the remaining ones.”

“Right, we can’t just sit back and watch those people suffer.”

Several elders of the Kami School all agreed to take action. A few of Muyang’s junior siblings were also emotionally charged, unwilling to huddle among the building.

The martial arts pract.i.tioners had an innate sense of responsibility. Those who practiced martial arts were well-intentioned; they were rarely nasty and unpleasant.

Muyang looked on indifferently, not raising any objections.

It was true, as he had said earlier. Since he had already wiped out the slightly stronger demons, the remaining fish leaked out of the net were all from the Earth Demon Realm and were not much of a threat to Isaac and a few of his junior brothers.

Isaac waved his hand, “It’s decided, except for Yura and Karl, who will stay behind to guard Alice and the junior disciples, everyone else will follow me down the mountain.”

Muyang nodded, “Yes, everyone should be careful once you go down the mountain.”

Even if a demon was coming out of the Earth Demon Realm, they could still be wounded if they were not careful.

“Yiya, Aso, Lida, and Ness, you each take your people to a different town and pay attention to your safety.”


“We won’t back down easily.”

The disciples of the Kami School shouted with a boost of energy, then split into groups of two and headed to different towns.

As for Muyang, after bringing the news and seeing the uncles and fellow disciples make their decisions, he also nodded. Then with a flash, returned to Mexia’s side.


“Mexia, how is the situation?” Muyang asked the condition of the gate as soon as he returned.

Mexia’s forehead was oozing with glistening sweat from pus.h.i.+ng her superpower abilities for a long time. Her face was a bit pale as she said, “It’s fine; the demons inside didn’t come out again.”

Muyang confirmed the situation, “It seems that this side of the gate is not the main one. I feel that the strongest ki is in West City.”

“Then wouldn’t April be in danger?” Mexia screamed.

With a sigh, Muyang said thoughtfully, “There is nothing we can do now. We can only hope that Mr. Popo will collect the Dragon b.a.l.l.s soon and close the gates…” After he said that, Muyang looked at Mexia and saw her pale cheeks.

Just at this time, the azure sky suddenly became dark, and Muyang was shocked, ‘How can Popo summon Shenron so quickly?’


Another place, in a highland mountainous area.

Mr. Popo raised his head. His l.u.s.terless eyes were staring at the green dragon hovering in the sky.

“You, who collects the Dragon b.a.l.l.s, speak your wis.h.!.+”

Shenron lowered his head and looked at Mr. Popo.

Mr. Popo said, “Shenron, you already know what’s happening on top of the earth. I want you to close all the gates to the Demon Realm on earth and try to repair the weak s.p.a.ces around the earth so that no more demon from the Demon Realm can enter the earth through the gates.”

This wish of Mr. Popo was very comprehensive. In addition to closing the gates, he also wanted Shenron to eliminate the possibility of opening them in the future.

Hearing Mr. Popo spoke out his wish, Shenron coiled his body and remained silent for a long time. A long while later, it said in a flooded voice, “I can try!”

After saying that, Shenron’s eyes burst into scarlet light. After a while, Shenron’s slightly weary voice sounded, “Okay, this wish of yours has been granted. All the Demon Gates on earth have been closed, so goodbye!”

Everything was like a set procedure, and Shenron retransformed into seven Dragon b.a.l.l.s as soon as the wish was granted.

The Dragon b.a.l.l.s then circled in the air a few times before scattering around the world.

The sky reverted to azure once again after Shenron disappeared.


West City.

Garlic looked at the sky in amazement. A moment ago, the sky suddenly darkened, as if it had fallen into the night, but just less than a minute later, the sky was once again bright.

However, the scene that happened next made him furious.

He saw that the scarlet spatial gate behind him actually distorted a few times; it grew smaller and disappeared.

“What’s going on here?”

Garlic’s face was terribly dark.

The Dark Wizard Hawke was also puzzled. After twitching his magic to investigate, Hawke said in a chilling voice, “Earth’s s.p.a.ce has been fortified. A mysterious power has cut off our connection to the Demon Realm. Now we all can’t go back.”

“A mysterious power?”

Garlic was silent for a moment. A fierce light was bursting out of his eyes, “It must be the power of Kami. Although I haven’t come into contact with the power of the Kami, to say that the most mysterious power on earth is the power of the Kami.”

In the end, it was still Kami who was against him.

At this time, Kami should still be Ma Junior, and he shockingly could react so quickly.

As for returning to the Demon Realm, Garlic wasn’t worried at all. At most, they would just leave earth and go back from another planet.

“Niefer!” Garlic beckoned.

“My lord.” Niefer stepped forward respectfully, waiting for Garlic’s command.

Garlic narrowed his eyes and smiled sardonically, “You take some of your men to the Lookout and give Kami a warning. Remember, don’t kill him. I want to see that old friend of mine after I’ve killed everyone in the lower realm.”

“As you command!”

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