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Chapter 157

Muyang gazed at the sky with a solemn face. In his senses, there were a total of seven places on earth that were constantly emitting demonic ki.

It meant that there wasn’t just one Demon Realm Gate that had been opened, but the entire seven.

Seven gates had been opened at the same time, something that had never happened before.

In just a few years, the Demon Realm Gate repeatedly appeared. Muyang realized that there were already discrepancies between the current world and the original story he remembered.

It was possible that the scene that happened in the illusionary world – “The Disaster of Merucuho” – was going to play out in the real world.

“Judging from the strength of the ki, the opponent has come prepared this time. With several of the powerful ki in particular, even if it were me, I wouldn’t have much chance of winning!” Murmuring, Muyang’s face was very heavy. Several of the demons that kept emerging from the gates were already above him in strength.

Although the scouter’s data could not measure Muyang’s actual strength, he was simply no match if the gap was too big.

Son Gohan’s breathing became rapid as he looked at Muyang, “The enemies are so strong. What can we do about this?”

Muyang shook his head, “I don’t know. Mr. Popo and Kami should have reacted as well. However, with the enemies’ strength, I’m afraid they are no match.”

Kami’s strength for the time being, definitely not a match. As for Mr. Popo, he had always been mysterious, but against such a large number of demons, Muyang was afraid he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Is there no one left on earth who can stop them?” Son Gohan’s voice trembled a bit after hearing the words.

Muyang sucked in a breath to calm down, “It’s useless for us to judge any longer here. Why don’t we go and see what’s going on… hopefully, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.”

“Right. Let’s hurry over there and take a look.” Son Gohan agreed.

“Annin, what’s wrong with you?” At this moment, Mexia noticed that Annin was beginning to become unreal, as if she would disappear at any moment.

Annin said, “My connection to my original body has been affected by the demonic ki. I can no longer continue to support this incarnation, so it seems that I can’t help much. Gohan, Muyang, you guys listen to me. My body on Mount Five Elements is in another dimension. I can avoid the demonic attacks for a short time. If it’s really impossible to fight, you guys should withdraw to the Mount Five Elements.”

As soon as Annin finished speaking, her figure couldn’t afford and turned into a bubble of energy, disappearing in front of everyone.

Son Gohan’s face sank, “Let’s go check the situation of the Demon Gate.”

Muyang nodded, “The nearest source of ki is deep in the Primitive Mountains. Let’s go now.”


Mexia and Son Gohan responded. Then the three of them took off into the air and quickly flew towards the depths of the Primitive Mountains.


The main peak of the Primitive Mountain Range stretched for hundreds of kilometers.

The branch roads radiated for thousands of kilometers, and a roof ridge was lying across the northern hemisphere.

At this time, in the depths of the Primitive Mountain Range, countless fierce beasts of different forms cried out with frightening roars.

They seemed to have forgotten their dignity as fierce beasts and frantically ran towards the outside of the mountain range.

Behind them, a steady stream of demons of different forms came from behind.

The dark and oppressive demonic ki that invaded the marrow of the bones was chilling.

There was a rumbling sound as a cloud of ki descended from the sky. The blazing fireball set off a terrifying wave of power that reached these fierce beasts, immediately incinerating them into ashes…

They were panicking. They were scared and ran away…

The Primitive Mountain Range was filled with demonic flames, black smoke, and burning fire. The formerly quiet mountain forest no longer existed.

Just as Muyang and the others went to the depth of Primitive Mountains Range to investigate, other places around the world were also being invaded by the demons.

As the gates opened, there were constantly demons from the Demon Realm entering the earth.

These demons were cruel by nature and had no mercy for the earthlings. They saw the earthlings as if they saw delicious food, opening their mouths one after another with a big bowl of blood.

In less than an hour, a tragic scene continued to unfold on earth.

One of the Demon Gate appeared directly in the center of a city. When a black ma.s.s of demons appeared, the city was immediately reduced to a playground for the demons.

“No, demons, don’t eat me.”

“Someone, please save us.”

“Run. The demons are coming.”

Seeing the monsters’ appearance, especially when the demons started spitting ki waves and destroying city buildings, people who hadn’t reacted a moment ago started fleeing everywhere. A city with hundreds of thousands of people quickly turned into a purgatory.

On the Lookout, the Old Kami’s expression changed dramatically. He held the Divine Staff hard in his right hand and looking down at the lower realm with a pale face.

“The demons even entered the earth without warning, and all seven Demon Gate appeared. Who’s behind this?” With a sunken face, the Old Kami’s furrowed face did not look good, and his voice was shallow.

Mr. Popo said on the side, “Kami, now that the lower realm is under ma.s.sive invasion by the demons, we need to take action.”

“Well, this will be a catastrophe for the earth. I hope we can get through it safely.” The Kami’s pale face showed heaviness, “Mr. Popo, you immediately go and find Muyang. He seems to have equipment there that can detect the Dragon b.a.l.l.s. You go and collect the Dragon b.a.l.l.s, then use the power of Shenron to close all the gates!”

Now that the seven gates continued to be flooded with demons coming to earth, Kami had no right solution for those demons.

So, he could only use Shenron’s power to close the Demon Realm gates first and cut off their sources.

Mr. Popo was startled and nodded at Kami, “Okay, I’ll be on my way.”

“This crisis is too dangerous. It seems that we have been comfortable for too long and lost our vigilance.” Kami smiled bitterly.

In ancient times, the people of earth had been struggling to cope up with the demons.

He was very much to blame for these centuries of being comfortable and allowing the earth’s martial arts to fall.

Mr. Popo looked at Kami without any l.u.s.ter. He didn’t say anything, then took a flying carpet and headed towards the direction of Muyang.

After Mr. Popo left, Kami also entered the Lookout. Even if Mr. Popo used the Dragon b.a.l.l.s to cut off the demons’ source, those demons that had entered the earth still needed to be eliminated by them.

So, to deal with this crisis, he needed to bring out all the Lookout members.


At the same time, martial arts pract.i.tioners worldwide also vaguely sensed the disturbing ki on earth.

Although there were very few martial arts pract.i.tioners who could sense the ki, the scale of this demonic invasion was so large that they could feel the uneasy chill in the air as long as they closed their eyes.

At the Kame House, Master Ros.h.i.+ flopped down from the hammock with a thud. He looked at the beach with a startled face and trembled slightly.

“This disturbing ki… it’s demons!”

“It’s even more terrifying than the Great Demon King Piccolo back then.”

Master Ros.h.i.+ couldn’t perceive ki in detail, but an uneasy feeling for no reason haunted his heart.

Had another round of disaster struck?

Upon thinking of a scene from a few hundred years ago, Master Ros.h.i.+ couldn’t sit still any longer.

He walked into the room and found the martial arts uniform he hadn’t worn for a long time and put it on; it was a long black uniform.

At this time, Master Ros.h.i.+’s entire appearance was severe. He no longer had the appearance of a lecherous old man.

An aura that emanated from his bones and could not be faked. Master Ros.h.i.+ then looked at his Kame House, and with a serious face, he beckoned the sea turtle and rode it towards the mainland.

Just as Master Ros.h.i.+, in the distant deep mountains, in an old house surrounded by mountains.

Master Shen was feeding a monster called the “Inos.h.i.+kaCho” when suddenly a wave of terror overtook the entire earth, causing Master Shen’s body to stiffen and his face to flash with horror.

After a few moments of uncertainty, he couldn’t help but think of his teacher, Mutaito.

He finally sighed sorrowfully and returned to his room to sort out his martial arts uniform.

Although this person, Master Shen, was evil and even somewhat despicable, Mutaito’s teachings from back then were still in his heart as a martial arts pract.i.tioner.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have followed Mutaito to fight against the Great Demon King Piccolo’s invasion in the first place.

It was only because his philosophy didn’t match Master Ros.h.i.+’s that they finally parted ways.

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