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Chapter 154

After returning home, Muyang had April fetched and then handed April the information disc that recorded the Planet Domini’s technology.

April received the small disc in dismay, somewhat unable to believe that there was alien technology in her brother’s hands.

“Brother, is there alien technology on this disc?”

‘Why did my brother have alien technology in his hands?’

Muyang nodded, “Yes, it’s a basic science on a planet called Domini. The science and technology of this Planet Domini is very advanced. You can study it when you have time. Of course, the alien science and technology are a little different from earth’s science and technology. It might be a little difficult to learn, but it can be used as a reference.”

“Wow, is this real?” April guarded the disc carefully. She kept it in her arms as if it were a treasure and cheered excitedly.

“Of course, it’s real.” Muyang smiled.

“Thank you, brother!” When April heard this, both her eyes lit up. She stood on her tiptoes and opened her hands to hug Muyang.

However, she suddenly remembered that her brother was already married, and her sister-in-law was standing to the side.

She narrowed her eyes and smiled at him, then happily ran off to study the technology of Planet Domini.

Seeing April’s eccentric behavior, Muyang was slightly stunned and shook his head with a smile, “April, this little girl. She is usually pretty quiet. I didn’t think she would actually be so oblivious when she is excited.”

Mexia blankly looked at Muyang like, “She’s doing this because she’s too happy.”

For a ten-year-old girl like April, there were only a few ways to express affection. It wasn’t surprising that she wanted a hug when she opened her hand, and Mexia wasn’t jealous of her. This was a reasonable thing for Mexia.


In the next few days, Muyang and Mexia continued to practice in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

The training was a matter of perseverance, and if you didn’t progress, you’d fall back.

Muyang wouldn’t waste his potential in vain like Son Gohan in the original story.

Even if he couldn’t break through the second limit, for the time being, he planned to take this platform period to hone his skills to exert even more power.

As for April, after getting the technology of the Planet Domini, she had locked herself in her room all day long, continually absorbing the knowledge inside.

Inspired by the alien technology, April had various ideas coming to her and felt herself getting smarter again.

Soon, it was time for school to start.


On this day, April packed up her supplies and prepared to go to school in West City.

In addition to the teacher in charge of transporting her, Muyang and Mexia would be going along with her.

After all, when children were out alone, the adults were quite uneasy.

Isaac had been thinking about having the disciples in his division go over to take care of her.

Still, it happened to be when Muyang and Mexia had learned Marlene’s restaurant’s craft and were ready to go over to West City to take a look.

Hence, they accepted Isaac’s commission to go along with April to look after her conveniently.

“Teacher, senior brother, senior sister, goodbye!”

“I’ll be sure to study.”

April waved goodbye to the people who were seeing her off behind her.

She was enrolled in the most famous school in West City and would study there for several years.

April’s sapphire eyes became blurry at the thought of not being able to return for several years.

“Let’s go.”

Muyang nodded towards everyone, while Mexia took April’s hand and walked together down the mountain…


On the other side, just as Muyang and Mexia were heading towards the West City together.

The edge of the Dark Demon Realm, the Greater Demon Realm.

The fertile ground was piled with white bones, and not far away stood a tower-shaped building with the tired white bones.

The entire building emitted a cold demonic aura that was chilling.

Today, there were several guests in the white bone palace that Garlic, as the ruler of this area, personally came to the palace entrance to greet them.

“Lord Garlic, these are the masters I brought back from the central mainland.”

The person kneeling below was a green-skinned demon, and behind this demon were six upright figures standing side by side.

These six figures were ugly and scally. Even when they faced Garlic, they weren’t humble, and their eyes looked directly at him.

Garlic’s pale face was smiling, and he wasn’t offended in the least by the disrespectfulness of the others.

“Niefer, get up, and quickly introduce me to these gentlemen.” Garlic stepped forward to allow Niefer to rise.

His cloudy eyes looked at the six demons, the abundant magical ki that lingered over them, making his eyes light up a little.

“As you command, Lord Garlic!”

Below, the green demon immediately got up upon hearing the words.

This green demon half-kneeling on the ground was none other than Niefer, the demon who had been a.s.signed by Garlic to seek foreign aid in the Central Region of the Dark Demon Realm.

Two years ago, Niefer went to the Central Region under Garlic’s orders to meet with Garlic Jr, who was serving the Lord Dabura and working on behalf of the Demon King.

It was unnecessary to repeat the hards.h.i.+ps in the process, but as a “father’s envoy,” Niefer was able to meet Garlic’s son, Garlic Jr.

In the Demon King’s palace, Niefer met Garlic Jr, who was indeed a high ranking and powerful demon in a white cloak.

Just standing beside him, the demonic aura that was casually emitted caused Niefer to fall into an abyss of cold sweat.

The arrogance that was nurtured in the Greater Demon Realm was shattered instantly in front of an even more powerful and mighty demon.

After telling Garlic Jr about the events on the Greater Demon Realm side, although the other’s eyes were filled with disdain, for the sake of his father, Garlic, he agreed to lend six of his subordinates to follow Niefer to the edge of the Dark Demon Realm.

“Lord Niefer, this is Mr. Hawke.”

Niefer bowed respectfully towards a cloak-wearing demon, “Mr. Hawke is a rare Dark Wizard under Lord Garlic Jr. He has a magical hand of black magic that can keep his enemies at bay.”

Garlic’s face was shocked, and his wrinkled face smiled more happily, “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Hawke.”

“Greetings, I’m just a subordinate of the Lord Garlic Jr.” That Dark Wizard Hawke spoke with humble words on his lips.

However, he looked so arrogant that he didn’t put himself down at all on account of Garlic’s ident.i.ty.

Garlic didn’t care and gestured for Niefer to continue the introduction.

Niefer pointed to the other five, “These five are the Karov Brothers. They have one mother each and are very powerful, possessing a terrifying power to dominate the world.”

“Hehe, Niefer, you’re overpraised.”

The five brothers grinned and showed their sharp teeth, but they enjoyed being praised very much.

Reasonably, these demons invited by Niefer couldn’t be considered true masters.

Their power level was only about 1500, definitely not robust in the Central Region of the Dark Demon Realm.

It was also because Garlic Jr despised this barren part of the Greater Demon Realm and wasn’t good enough to spoil Garlic, so he casually sent a few people over.

However, even if they were randomly sent over, they were still strong enough to sweep the entire Greater Demon Realm.

“It is a great honor for these six gentlemen to come to my little place in the middle of nowhere,” Garlic said in a pale voice, “I have set up a banquet to welcome you all. We will talk as we eat.”

“There is no need to be polite, Lord Garlic. We are Lord Garlic Jr’s subordinate.” That Dark Wizard Hawke was clearly the leader, “I heard that your target is a Low-Level Planet called earth.”

Garlic nodded with an emotional face, “Indeed. I originally came from the earth as well. I came to the Demon Realm because of some stories back then, but now that I’m old, I’ve always wanted to return to my homeland. It’s just that the gates from the Demon Realm to earth have been completely blocked, and I’m unable to get over…”

At this point, Garlic gritted his teeth, as if he still hated Noah’s decision to choose Ma Junior to become Kami back then.

“Hahaha, Lord Garlic, don’t worry. Mr. Hawke is the best at dark magic. It’s not at all difficult to reopen a s.p.a.ce gate as long as you find a weak spot in it.”

One of the Karov Brothers laughed, a flood of sound that made the hall rumble.

“Really?” Garlic’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right. The name of Dark Wizard isn’t something you can just acquire.”

Garlic laughed, “That’s right. There are several weak places where s.p.a.ce is weak. Although several gates leading from the Greater Demon Realm to earth have been blocked, there must be quite a few gaps in the Lesser Demon Realm adjacent to it. It’s where s.p.a.ce is relatively weak and can open up the gate to earth.”

Hawke smiled confidently, “You’re talking about the secondary s.p.a.ce attached near the planet earth. As long as I find the right location, opening up the gates won’t be difficult for me.”

“Good, everything will be up to Mr. Hawke. Let’s go; let’s enjoy the feast.”

Garlic was in a great mood upon hearing the news. The wrinkles on his face were much less. He was busy greeting Hawke and the other six demons to the banquet.


“Niefer, go immediately to organize your men and have everyone a.s.semble near the Earth Demon Realm. Just wait for Mr. Hawke to open the entrance to earth, and I will personally lead the legions into the earth.”

In the middle of the feast, Garlic gave his order to Niefer with great intent.

Niefer smiled with a grimace on his face, “Please, don’t worry, my lord. I will go and make the proper arrangements.”

The earthlings who had tricked him back then, Niefer always remembered, the black man called Mr. Popo. As soon as the demon army entered the earth, he would definitely take revenge.

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