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Chapter 144

“Master Ros.h.i.+…”

Son Gohan floated in the air and began to gather his ki. An azure glow appeared between his palms.

When Muyang saw it, his eyes narrowed. His palms also glowed with a pale golden light – it was the Thunder Shock Surprise.

In the past, Muyang used the Tri-Beam and Thunder Shock Surprise many times against enemies, and like the Kamehameha, they both required a long time to store ki.

However, there was no much time for him to gather ki in real life and death battle, so Muyang’s Tri-Beam and Thunder Shock Surprise had never been able to exert their true power against enemies.

At this time, on the World Martial Arts Tournament ring, Muyang looked calm, waiting for Son Gohan to complete his ki acc.u.mulation.

His power level was far greater than Son Gohan. Even if he didn’t save his ki, the moves he made were more powerful than Son Gohan’s.

He also chose the Thunder Shock Surprise because it was easier to control the damage range than his other moves.

If he used the Tri-Beam to strike over, he’s worried about accidentally knocking Son Gohan into ashes. The Thunder Shock Surprise was a domain-type move, so there were no such concerns.

“The momentum is quite strong.”

Muyang quietly looked at Son Gohan in the air, the Thunder Shock Surprise in his hand forming before Son Gohan’s Kamehameha.

With a crackle and a flicker of light golden arcs, the sky in front of him turned into pale golden color.


Son Gohan sank in and finished gathering his ki. He then shouted and sent his palm out with an aggressive push.

The azure pillars of light whistled, like a dragon roaring, like a fierce tiger descending…

At this moment, all the ki that had acc.u.mulated in Son Gohan’s body turned into the most vigorous ki attack and swept over towards Muyang.

In the face of Son Gohan’s all-out attack, Muyang reacted calmly and steadily. He was only raised his hand– 


A faint voice spat out from Muyang’s mouth. A sinuous wave of light greeted across the sky, colliding head-on with the whirling Kamehameha. 


At this moment, everything was still.

The energy of the Thunder Shock Surprise was much stronger than the Kamehameha.

It directly penetrated the Kamehameha and hit Son Gohan, who was numb and lost his ability to resist.

And just like that–

The ki from the previous Kamehameha exploded. A spot of light that looked like a nuclear bomb exploding appeared a hundred meters off the ground.

The sky instantly turned a pale color.

The audience on the ground first saw the ball of light, followed by a violent “rumbling” sound, closely afterward. At this time, the audience did not think about the physics problem of “how people fly” anymore because they had foreseen that the terrifying ball of ki created by the dreadful ki impact in the sky could threaten their lives. 

What should we do? Could it kill us?

You came to watch a game, how could you expect to be in danger?

At this moment, the audience looked up dumbfounded; they were utterly startled and absurd.

However, the “ki ball” in the air seemed to be encroaching with an arc visible to the naked eye. The fiery golden light wrapped around the dense “ball of fire” and approached the ground bit by bit.

The gale swept in all directions. The tyrannical whirlwind was like a razor blade, seemingly tearing everything apart.


As the ki’s remnants from Kamehameha and Thunder Shock Surprise reached the ground, Mexia’s pressure multiplied, and her pretty face tightened.

A vast impact was. .h.i.tting the protective s.h.i.+eld around her, almost breaking free of her superpowers. 

“This is not good. Their ki is too strong!” 

Upon realizing that she had underestimated the explosion’s power, Mexia bit her teeth and immediately increased her power.

A green flash of light enveloped everyone’s heads, imprisoning the terrifying ki and whirlwind.

Above the arena, Muyang, who had witnessed all of this, had a faint smile on his face. He who was prepared to take action, gave up his original plan.

This process only happened in an instant. After the violent storm pa.s.sed, the crowd in the audience looked as if they had experienced a death summons; they looked stunned.

“How terrifying!”

“It’s terrifying, this shocking destructive power…”

In the face of the nuclear bomb-like power exploding overhead, the vast visual impact continued to stir everyone’s nerves.

Although the danger had pa.s.sed, the people in the audience s.h.i.+vered and broke out in cold sweat.

“This is crazy.” World Fighter Oman’s face was pale, and his voice was trembling.


“Gohan, you’ve lost.”

In the sky, Muyang looked at Son Gohan, who was not far away. At this time, Son Gohan’s face was pale, his body was twitching, and he was continually flas.h.i.+ng with electricity. 

Son Gohan smiled bitterly. The confrontation just now almost caused a big disaster, but it was good that Muyang’s fiancée had blocked it all.

“Muyang, you are truly something! This move of yours, the Thunder Shock Surprise, is so much more powerful than when I used it. Now, my whole body is still numb.”

The matter had come to this point, so how could Son Gohan not recognize the situation. 

“I admit defeat.”

Son Gohan also knew the Thunder Shock Surprise, but it was far less powerful than what Muyang had made. It was evident that in terms of ki base, Muyang was far superior to him.

The match was no longer necessary to continue here, so Son Gohan fell outside the ring and directly admitted defeat.

“Ah! Player Son Gohan falls outside… the ring, and Player Muyang wins this match.”

The host looked into the deep, dark hole where the original martial arts ring had disappeared.

He was stunned for a moment before announcing that Son Gohan had landed outside the arena.

“Muyang, Muyang!”

“Son Gohan, Son Gohan!”

After the host announced the results of the match, the audience shouted out in forgetfulness.

Although Son Gohan had lost the match, it no longer mattered who won or lost at this time.

In their eyes, both Muyang and Son Gohan were like G.o.d-like existences.

“Host, let’s go straight to the final match.”

Originally there was a break after a match, but now Muyang demanded to go straight to the final.

“This…” the host hesitated for a moment. He looked at the ring that had disappeared and wondered if the following final could still be held. Of course, it wouldn’t work without holding the finals.

However, now that there wasn’t even a ring to compete in, how could the tournament still go on?

Why didn’t you talk to the organizers about holding the finals at another time?

“Hmm, I’ll take care of the ring!”

As the hosts were struggling around, Mexia finally jumped out. Her pavilion was flying in the air, glancing at the large, dark hole at the ring and snorting disdainfully. 

A sparkling light appeared all over!

Then, as Mexia’s delicate fingers, like green onions, were gently pointing towards the distant mountain, suddenly a loud “click” sound was heard.

The upper half of the hill floated up from the mountain. Then, as Mexia’s fingers gestured, the sharp blades cut the surface of the hill, as if cutting tofu. Cutting out a fifty meter long, fifty-meter wide, and ten-meter high cube. 

Then, the cubic mountain body suddenly fell from the sky towards the martial art ring. It collapsed into the top of the ring.

The whole process flowed smoothly, and all the audiences were stunned.

“Simple, now we can start the match.”

Mexia clapped her hands and floated down to the corner of the ring like a fairy.

“Player Muyang?” The moderator asked for pastoral advice.

Muyang shrugged and dropped across to Mexia.

“Now that the ring is available let’s get started!”

“Yes, yes!” The host couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva and stammered, “Player Mellie… has just repaired the martial art ring. So, I now announce that the final of the World Martial Arts Tournament, Player Mellie versus Player Muyang, will now officially begin!”

Afterward, the host ran to the outside of the ring with a megaphone. If he stood in the ring, he worried whether he had the chance to live to witness the end of the match.

When the host announced the start of the final, the entire arena was still silent. It took a while for the audience to react from the shock of what they had just witnessed.

As they looked at the flat, stone-paved martial ring, their mouths opened and closed, but they were unable to speak.

A miracle, this was a miracle!

Just by waving her hand, she repaired the entire venue. How was this still something that humans could do?

Besides, if it weren’t for the help of the woman named Mellie earlier… perhaps they would have all died.

For a while, everyone looked at Mexia with a bit of adoration in their eyes. Perhaps this woman could be Player Muyang’s opponent.

“Hahaha, let me see how powerful you are.” Muyang laughed lightly.

With a flick of her black hair, Mexia still maintained the image of Mellie. A round of spring water clear eyes looking towards Muyang.

A few sneers were creeping onto her pretty face, as if she was provoking her fiancé again.

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