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Chapter 142

The semi-finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament were scheduled for two o’clock in the afternoon, so there was a break after lunch.

When the lunch break was over, it was close to the start of the tournament. Muyang and the others arrived at the venue, only to find that the other side of the arena was already full of people.

The black silhouettes of people were crowded together, surrounding the entire compet.i.tion venue. There were noisy shouts from time to time.

Many people had been waiting there since noon to occupy the most favorable viewing position. They came over after eating and had been waiting for more than two hours. 


“Ladies and gentlemen, after the fierce compet.i.tion in the morning, the top four contestants have been chosen. They are Aso, Merry, Muyang, and Son Gohan. Both Aso and Muyang are both from the Kami School, while Son Gohan studies under the G.o.d of martial arts, Master Ros.h.i.+…”

“……As for Mellie, although her lineage is unknown, she’s the only female among the top four. Her strength is also not to be underestimated.”

The host held the microphone to narrate the opening remarks, introducing the contestants in brief language.

With the host’s introduction, the atmosphere in the venue reached a climax. All the audience cheered in antic.i.p.ation for the compet.i.tion to begin.

The host saw that the atmosphere had been heated up and no longer held back. He immediately held a microphone and loudly announcing the match, “The first match of the semi-finals, please welcome Aso and Mellie to the ring.”

Among the cheers, Aso ascended the ring. His upright posture was heading there, suddenly giving off an unmatched aura. After a moment, Mellie’s exquisite figure also appeared on the ring.

Her light blue robe wrapped around her graceful posture. Her tight outfit was even more highlighting the dainty and delicate lines. 

With both sides of the match appearing together, the arena was even more lively.

This year’s World Martial Arts Tournament had thoroughly touched the audience’s hearts due to its stunning performance. Every compet.i.tor who debuted was like a star and was sought after by everyone.

Some discerning entertainment companies had even decided to launch a related series of programs after the World Martial Arts Tournament. They were preparing to excite the frenzy a bit more.


On the ring.

Aso looked at the curtain of black hair in front of him. The clear and cold face was not familiar; it’s hard to imagine that she could be his Senior Sister Mexia.

“I now announce the first semi-final match, officially starting!”

The host waved his arm and announced the match’s start, then retreated nicely to the corner of the ring.

“Please!” Aso cupped his fists according to martial arts etiquette, then took up a fighting stance.

Across from him, Mellie nodded slightly, also stepping back a short distance.

With the breeze blowing and the black hair dancing in the air, no one on either side made a move.

Aso was watching Mellie’s movements, looking for the right moment to make a move. Mellie…, also known as Mexia, was carefully looking for the timing without preparing to reveal her superpower.

Suddenly, the wind stopped, and the air froze.

The two figures on the stage attacked at the same time. With a swoosh, they moved at the same time.


Aso and Mellie collided in mid-stride. The sudden impact caused Aso’s body to go numb and fly backward for more than ten meters. 

After landing on the ground, Aso’s heart was horrified, “Worthy of being Senior Sister Mexia; her power is far above me.”

Sighing, he knew that his hope of victory was already very slim. However, they had all reached the top four.

To make him admit defeat, even if the opponent was Mexia, he would have to show the appropriate strength.

Bang bang bang… bang bang bang…

Dazzling afterimages kept appearing in the martial ring. Aso and Mellie were extremely fast; their figures were quickly disappearing from the spot after each encounter.

There was a crack; the hard marble slab shattered. A few tiny stones ejected under the pressure of great force, then accelerated to the extreme, slicing through the air with a swoosh sound. 

The audience only felt the air pressure around them change repeatedly. Their ears rang with m.u.f.fled sounds, and the pleasing battle brought them a feeling of smoothness.

Although they couldn’t even see the players’ strikes in the arena, that didn’t prevent them from reveling in the top fighters’ duel.

Sometimes, the atmosphere reached such a point that people would feel like they were there. As for whether they could see it or not, it was the other way around.


In the audience, Isaac looked seriously puzzled.

“What exactly is the origin of that woman called Mellie?”

“….Her martial arts are too much like Heavenly Sky School.”

Just when Isaac’s mind was puzzled, there was a “boom” in the ring. A sharp sound pierced his eardrums, interrupting his thoughts.

Looking at the martial stage again, Aso was already at a disadvantage. He retreated to a corner of the arena, panting and tired of defending himself.

Although his strength was excellent among the young people, he was still a far cry from facing Mellie, whose expression remained unchanged and even so aloof on the other hand. 

The winner was already determined.

Aso leaned close to Mellie and whispered, “Worthy of being Senior Sister Mexia, just as strong as Senior brother.”

Mellie’s face changed, and her pretty face sank, “How did you know it was me?”

“Senior brother said so.”

Mellie shuddered, her lips parted, “He… already knew?”

“Well, Senior brother said you wanted to play, so he’ll play with you.” Aso nodded, confirming truthfully.

Although he didn’t know what game senior brother and Senior Sister Mexia were playing, it was better for him to stay out of it.

Mellie sniffed. Her face was suddenly turning blue and white for a while, not expecting her ident.i.ty to be exposed so early.

Thinking of the possible punishment she might receive afterward, she felt disillusioned, and her entire body slumped.

“It’s over. I’m going to be ‘punished’ by my senior brother.”

Mexia’s heart was chipper, and her legs began to weaken a bit. 

In her mind, she had already foreseen her downfall.

However, the match was still going on. Mexia shrugged off these worries for the time being, and for the sake of being a fellow disciple, Mexia gave Aso a decent step-down and fought him for a long time before knocking him down under the ring. 

“Ah, contestant Aso falls to the outside of the ring, and contestant Mellie wins.”

Of course, the ordinary spectators couldn’t see that the last few minutes were actually Mexia and Aso acting on stage. So naturally, they were all shocked by the exciting battle scenes.

Even though Aso fell out of the ring, they all stretched their necks, then shouted and cheered loudly.

Of course, the fight between Mexia and Aso was fascinating. Even a proficient martial arts pract.i.tioner couldn’t see anything wrong with it. 

By the side of the competing martial arts hall, seeing Aso decently get off the stage, Muyang lightly laughed, “Mexia can distinguish the scene.” 

From this point of view, Mexia’s IQ and EQ were not low. She was called a perfect woman, but she liked to play “scheming” in front of him… she needed to be taught! 

“I’d like to invite contestant Muyang of the Kami School and contestant Son Gohan of the Turtle School to come on stage.”

The host announced loudly, “Player Muyang has already achieved the champions.h.i.+p of the last World Martial Arts Tournament at a young age, while Player Son Gohan is a disciple of the G.o.d of Martial Arts. I hope the two of you can bring us a wonderful match.”

“Muyang, Muyang!”

“Son Gohan, Son Gohan!”

Thousands of people in the bustling martial arts venue chanted the names of Muyang and Son Gohan at the same time.

All the audiences were also enthusiastic, driven by the host’s fiery emotions. 

“Muyang, it’s our turn to go on stage.” Son Gohan smiled lightly, moving his wrist and jumping into the ring first.

“Let’s go!” Muyang followed and stood opposite Son Gohan, “Let me see how much you’ve improved over the years!”

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