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Chapter 132

“Is there a way to eliminate the Elixir of Immortality?”

The Elixir of Immortality would deplete the human body’s potential. Still, Muyang didn’t want Mexia to be as stagnant in strength as the Master Ros.h.i.+.

Korin shook his head, “There’s no way. It’s a recipe pa.s.sed down from ancient times; even I couldn’t refine it.” 

After all, the lifespan was a natural law of the universe. Even King Yemma of Other-World had no way to change a person’s lifespan at will.

However, Muyang wouldn’t give up; he felt that there must be other ways to circ.u.mvent the flaws of the Elixir of Immortality in this world.

“I wonder if Shenron has a way?” Muyang suddenly remembered Shenron, and his mood suddenly came alive.

Muyang had the Dragon Ball Radar made by the Dominian in his hands; collecting the Dragon b.a.l.l.s was no longer difficult.

After attending the World Martial Arts Tournament with Mexia, he would search for the Dragon b.a.l.l.s with her.

Just like the original Son Goku and Bulma, such a trip could also be considered a kind of honeymoon.

Now Muyang’s mood turned better; he tossed a booklet containing the Kami School Training Technique to Korin.

“Immortal Korin, this is the Kami School that I perfected in combination with Kami Noah inheritance. You can take it for reference. If, in the future, after I collect the materials to make the Elixir of Immortality, you can make it for me!”

“Don’t worry.”

Korin received the booklet and flipped through it. Korin was instantly captivated, his eyes glowing, praising it incessantly, “Awesome, this is awesome. It’s the martial arts suitable for earthlings’ training. With this, the level of all martial arts pract.i.tioners can be raised by a large margin.”

Seeing that Korin looked obsessed with it, Muyang knew that he wouldn’t come back to his senses for a while.

He then smiled and directly stepped out of the Korin Tower and flew towards the Lookout.


The long, turquoise blue sky was clear and flawless. The miles of clear sky was as calm as the sea.

On the Lookout, the pristinely dressed Mr. Popo was sweeping the ground of the Lookout with a broom.

Although the ground was spotless, Mr. Popo was still repeating the work as if it had all been integrated into his life.

Suddenly, a dark shadow came towards him. It was as fast as a bolt of lightning and was in front of Mr. Popo instantly.

“Huh?” Mr. Popo’s lifeless eyes aimed at the shadow and brought the broom up to his chest, blocking the opponent’s attack.

The wooden broom broke in two with a gurgle, and that was when the opponent’s attack came again.

This person who was attacking Mr. Popo was none other than Muyang. For many years, Muyang had never found out how strong Mr. Popo was.

Now that he had returned from outer s.p.a.ce, wrapped with an 830 power level, he officially challenged Mr. Popo. 

Swiftly, just as Muyang’s attack was about to land on Mr. Popo, he saw the opponent suddenly turn sideways and flatten his body, dodging it again.

At this time, on the flat and open temple square, two silhouettes kept flas.h.i.+ng.

In the air, Mr. Popo floated expressionlessly, stretched out an arm towards Muyang, who was flying towards him.

With a bang, Mr. Popo’s attack hit Muyang’s chest. Muyang’s mouth grimaced, and his entire body flew far away.

It was continuously flipping several circ.u.mlocutions in the air before landing on the ground!

Turning his feet apart, Muyang slid on the stone floor for another ten meters, leaving two deep skid marks. Muyang leaned over and pushed his palms on the stone slab.

“Come again!”

With a crack, the floor of the Lookout suddenly collapsed in a place under pressure.

The concrete stone slab shattered into countless sinuous cracks, and tiny stones began to burst and splash.

With this powerful impact, Muyang’s body rushed up, his fist tips bringing forth intense vibrations.


Without a hint of fluctuation, Mr. Popo’s eyes methodically took Muyang’s attack, then lightly threw a punch.


The fist wind broke the air, Muyang felt the pressure on his body multiply, and his body involuntarily retreated out.

When he flew fifty meters above the ground, Muyang steadied his body. His palms began to close together, and a brilliant light gradually condensed between his palms.

This move was Muyang’s combination of the Thunder Shock Surprise and Tri-Beam.

Which created a great technique.

“Heavenly G.o.d, Beam!”

At this moment, bright white energy rushed in, like a tiger, like a hungry wolf, and like a dragon roaring.

The huge energy enveloped the ground, and the strong electric current locked fifty meters below the ki wave. Nothing could move under the lock of the force field.

At this time, Mr. Popo was also surprised. The plush fibers on his body continued to crackle with electricity as if his body was imprisoned. 

However, Mr. Popo is Mr. Popo. The countless years of practice had long made him capable of rippling through anything he encountered. Muyang only saw him slowly stretch out a hand, flattening it in front of him.


The ki of the Heavenly G.o.d Beam fell but stopped a foot away from Mr. Popo’s palm. The ki that followed gathered together and merged into a bright white ball of ki.

This ki ball continued to spin and squeeze the air in front of it, trying to break through the barrier.

“Hahaha, so that was how strong you are, Popo.” Muyang’s two eyes glowed. His emotions were high as he strengthened his ki again.

Crackle, puff, puff, puff!

The ki of Heavenly G.o.d Beam moved forward with an ear-piercing low buzzing almost punctured the eardrums.

Just then, Mr. Popo’s palm was a grasp, and a huge force actually squeezed all the ki of Heavenly G.o.d Beam. 

Muyang looked dumbfounded for a while before he came back to his senses.

“Awesome, Popo!” He couldn’t help but praise.

Mr. Popo moved his palms. His black skin somewhat burnt, “This is the result of many years of training by Popo. Muyang, you have almost pa.s.sed me.”

“No, not even close!” Muyang humbly laughed.

This was the first time he saw Mr. Popo’s strength. According to the power level estimation, Mr. Popo’s energy had at least 900 power levels.

With his inscrutable skills, he could win easily even if he encountered an alien with 1200 power levels. 

“You haven’t been seen on earth for the past few years, did you leave earth?” Mr. Popo’s tone was still so calm as if nothing could break his mind.

This level was beyond Muyang’s reach.

“That’s right. I left earth!” Muyang frankly admitted, then told his experience.

“…I see, Kami’s house turned out to be a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.” Mr. Popo stopped talking after he figured it out.

At that moment, Muyang asked, “Popo, you can see everything in the lower realm here; how about helping me find someone?” 

“Who are you looking for?”

Observing the lower realm can be done by the water tank there in Korin Tower, but it’s still up to Mr. Popo here to find someone. 

Muyang said, “My fiancée, Mexia!”

Mr. Popo said, “Oh, it’s her. She came to the Lookout two days ago. She actually flew right up here without Korin’s permission. She was on the Lookout for a few days and then left.”

“Mexia came to the Lookout?” Muyang was surprised.

“Yes, she came to look for you. When she didn’t find it, she just left.” Mr. Popo told the whole story. Mexia stayed on the Lookout for two days and left without waiting for Muyang.

“Do you know where she went? Can you help me find her?”

When he remembered that Mexia, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, had actually flown to the Lookout to look for him, Muyang felt a little guilty. So he asked Mr. Popo about it.

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