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Chapter 130

During the night, Alice had indeed told Isaac about Muyang and Mexia. Isaac, a rough man, only knew about training in his heart.

How could he as exquisite as Alice? He didn’t even see the changes in Mexia over the past few years.

Now when he heard that Muyang wanted to marry his daughter, his heart was so happy.

“Muyang, marrying Mexia to you can be considered to have fulfilled one of my wishes.” Isaac patted Muyang’s shoulder vigorously. There was no barrier between him and his son-in-law at all.

It was a pity that his daughter didn’t stay by his side for more than ten years except when she was small.

She then went to the Superpower Academy. At this moment, she finally came back from school, but he did not expect her to have grown up and would be married.

The good thing was that she would marry his eldest disciple, who also knew his roots.

So, she would probably have to live in the Heavenly Sky School in the future!

Muyang grinned in a very cheerful mood, “Teacher, you may rest a.s.sured, I will take good care of Mexia.”

“Hahaha, I’m relieved.” Isaac laughed. He was in a good mood for this happy event. He had already encountered several things that made him happy one after another in the past few days, “Come, we are teacher and disciple, so let’s have a drink! Alice, bring out my stash of wine.”

“Is my brother going to marry Sister Mexia? Should I call her sister-in-law or sister after that?” April hugged the blue dinosaur Growlie’s neck, very curiously.

“Call it whatever you like.” Muyang touched April’s head.

April laughed, “Then it’s better to call her sister.”

It had been five years since April joined the Kami School (Heavenly Sky School). She usually lives in Isaac’s house when she returns to Great Azure Mountain, except when she was learning the basics at the martial arts dojo at the bottom of the mountain.

Isaac and Alice were not only her teacher and madam; they were also her adoptive parents.

As for Senior Sister Mexia, April had been curious for a long time. Although she had only met her a few times in a hurry some time ago, Mexia’s relaxed and elegant manners still left a profound impression on her, and April was treating her as her sister.

Now that her brother and sister were getting married, April was genuinely happy for them.

At that moment, Alice brought out the aged hidden wine from the room, “Here’s your wine. Would you like some more food to go with it?”

“Wine must, of course, be accompanied by food, so Alice, go and fry up a few small dishes.”

“Thank you, madam.” Muyang smiled.

Alice put up her face, “You’re still calling me madam!”

Muyang was startled, “…mother.”

“Yes.” Alice smiled and responded softly. She then entered the kitchen to cook a small dish. Soon, the fragrant, delicious aromas wafted into the room.

“Hahaha.” Isaac laughed as he filled his gla.s.s. He squinted his eyes, tasting it pleasantly, and the whole thing was floating.

He looked over to April and lifted his gla.s.s towards her, “Would April like a gla.s.s?”

April ducked and ran towards the kitchen, “I’m not going to drink!”

After having a gla.s.s of wine from Isaac a few years ago, she pa.s.sed out all night and had since vowed never to touch alcohol again. April still liked sweets best; it was her favorite.

“It’s better for a girl not to drink.” Muyang gently lifted her gla.s.s and drank it down in one gulp.


The teacher and disciple drank with great interest. The night seemed to grow brighter.


The following day, a new day began.

The sky was hazy, so Muyang woke up early and came to the courtyard to seriously move his hands and feet.

He then practiced the martial arts movements of the Heavenly Sky School. Muyang’s step was slow and didn’t feel fierce. In fact, simple movements like this were no longer of much use to him.

It was just a habit that he had been raised with it ever since he was a child. It still made his body move involuntarily.

After finis.h.i.+ng the Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts, Muyang calmed down for a while.

He then practiced the Kami School ki wave, which Kami Noah created and perfected by himself.

In terms of understanding this ki wave, Muyang was the one who knew the essence of it best.

Completing the entire set of movements, Muyang let out a long breath, but there wasn’t even a trace of sweat on his body.

The sun was already quietly peeking out of the treetops. The warm light s.h.i.+ning down on the leaves’ dewdrops immediately scattered colorful light as if the entire forest was suddenly filled with vitality.

After breakfast, many of the disciples of the Kami School had gathered over. Upon seeing Muyang, they all respectfully called out “senior brother.”

Muyang smiled when he saw them; all these disciples were very positive.


As the days pa.s.sed, the entire Kami School was dematerializing.

In the blink of an eye, two weeks had pa.s.sed. Muyang gathered all the brothers and sisters together on Isaac’s behalf.

“Senior brother!” All the disciples cast eager gazes towards Muyang. A few female disciples even had blus.h.i.+ng cheeks. They acted as if they had seen their dream lover, showing their adoration.

In the past few days, all the disciples felt a change in their bodies. A warmth was growing within them.

Muyang looked at them and said, “Everyone has worked hard these past two weeks. First of all, congratulations on entering the gate of the Kami School. There is only one month left before the World Martial Arts Tournament; time is already running out. Now, I will announce the way to select the representative for the World Martial Arts Tournament…”

At this point, Muyang paused. The disciples below all warped and waited, full of compet.i.tion among themselves.

Muyang nodded and announced, “The venue of this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament is located in Malan City, a satellite city near the Eastern Capital. You can now head there immediately, but I have one request for you, travel on foot and without the aid of any transportation. “

“The rules of the selection are simple: the first three to arrive in Malan City will represent our Kami School in the compet.i.tion. Everyone else will be good enough to be the audience.”

“Did you hear everything?”

Getting to Malan City on foot?

The following crowd of disciples was all shocked after hearing Muyang’s announcement of the selection requirements. They were busy calculating in their hearts.

The Great Azure Mountain was at least 8,000 kilometers away from the Eastern City. Even taking transportation would take a lot of time.

To arrive within a month, every day… they would have to walk nearly three hundred kilometers…

To be honest, occasionally walking three hundred kilometers a day might not be difficult for martial arts pract.i.tioners, but maintaining this kind of condition for a month was not something that an ordinary person could do.

Muyang was testing their strength by having them walk on foot. He believed that these disciples of the Kami School would make it to the compet.i.tion venue on time.

“Yiya, Lida!” Aso looked up at them with a smile on his face and then challenged them, “Let’s race to see who reaches Malan City first.”

Yiya and Lida took charge and shouted, “Okay, let’s race.”

“Brother Aso, you can’t compare to me in terms of strength.” On the side, Ness, with a redhead, smiled sweetly.

“Of course, that’s possible.”

The older disciples all had the strength to compete for the slots. Thus were full of compet.i.tion and were on the lookout for each other.

However, those who were still young, like April, were just purely along for the ride.

“Haha, it looks like everyone wants to compete for those three partic.i.p.ating slots!” Muyang saw that he had managed to cause compet.i.tion between a few of his younger brothers and sisters. He then looked at the time and continued, “From now on, until the registration deadline for the World Martial Arts Tournament, the first three to arrive at the registration point will represent our school.”

“Now, you guys are out!”

As soon as the words fell, the disciples, looking at each other, disappeared with a swoosh. The speed was as fast as an agile cheetah, leaving only a few young children in place instantly.

“Senior brother, what should we do?” April watched as her older siblings all disappeared at once, fluttering her eyes to look at Muyang.

“You guys, of course, you’re coming with teachers and the others.”

For Isaac and the others who had missed out on the exciting events of the last World Martial Arts Tournament, they wouldn’t miss out on the World Martial Arts Tournament this time.

They had already heard from Muyang – he and Mexia would be competing on the World Martial Arts Tournament. It was definitely a match that would shock the world.

That was why all the members of the Kami School would be there to watch.

Of course, there was a more important point that, as the sect where the previous champion was from, they would be in charge of the meals as per tradition.

“Is brother going along as well?” April tilted her head and asked.

Muyang shook his head, “No, I have something else.”

Before attending the World Martial Arts Tournament, he had to go find Mexia first. This girl knew that the World Martial Arts Tournament was approaching, but she didn’t wait for him at the Great Azure Mountain; instead, she was going out to practice alone. It seemed that her heart was still wild, refusing to admit defeat readily.

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