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Chapter 127

“April, how are your studies going?”

Muyang stretched out his hand and stirred the slightly raised hair on April’s head. For some reason, the strands of April’s brown hair were sticking up one by one, but it was quite comfortable to touch.

April said happily, “I have learned all the basic subjects.”

Ness picked up, “April’s mind is so smart. She can learn much deep knowledge right away. The teachers who teach her say that she was born to be a scientist. We plan to send her to the big city for further studies when she has honed her skills a bit better.”

Muyang couldn’t help but nod at this. He thought to himself that this might be genetic. April’s father and mother were researchers, and the daughter she gave birth to seemed to be a scientist’s material as well.

Of course, Ness said that when she had honed her martial arts well, she would send her to the big city for further studies, which Muyang also felt was very necessary.

It was too important to know little martial art when going out. After all, the world was not so peaceful that you wouldn’t encounter danger.

It was only a miracle that she didn’t face any threat to her life when she went out alone and grinning like Bulma in the original story.

As a disciple of the Heavenly Sky School, April’s main focus could be science and technology.

However, hand and foot skills couldn’t fall too far behind, and some necessary self-defense skills always had to be learned.

“Right, senior brother, where have you been training these past few years? Why haven’t you come back to see us?” Ness asked with some confusion, as April’s white, lovely face turned to him.

“These years…” After calming down a bit, Muyang began to tell about his years.

With strength as strong as his, there was no need to hide it, so he openly and honestly told about his experiences.

It was a rather long story, starting from leaving the martial arts school and challenging the world’s major martial arts schools. Meeting Son Gohan, the disciple of The G.o.d of Martial Arts, Master Ros.h.i.+.

Then the stories of Fortuneteller Baba, Korin Tower, and then talking about his ascension to the Lookout and his training there… 

The long story confused Ness and April as if they were listening to a myth.

“Senior brother, are you saying that the ancestor of our school is a Kami?” After hearing this, Ness looked at her senior brother, incredulously.

Muyang corrected, “It’s the previous Kami!”

“My senior brother saw Kami and was practicing on the Lookout, and the Lookout was floating in the sky.

“How do you overcome gravity? This is not science!” April’s intelligent mind was already making calculations, but the Lookout’s magic was simply not something that science could explain. So her whole head was lost.

This was the difference between knowledgeable people and unknowledgeable people. When they see a phenomenon, the unknowledgeable people will say, “Oh, so…”

while the knowledgeable people will repeatedly seek the cause of the phenomenon or the mechanism that was happening internally, as they would have physical formulas in their head.

“Fool, how can science explain Kami? Science hasn’t developed to the point where it can explain everything.” Muyang laughed and flicked April’s head, making her cover her head and laugh.

Muyang earnestly said, “The inheritance of the Heavenly Sky School comes from Kami; this is true. I have with me a brand new inheritance that has been transformed by Kami Noah.

When I return to school, I will personally pa.s.s on the new inheritance to you. This inheritance should be able to enhance your strength greatly.” 

The brand new inheritance of Kami Noah was able to raise the earthlings level by a step. The Heavenly Sky School was pa.s.sed down from Noah and possessed a particular foundation in itself.

So, if someone learned the more profound Heavenly Sky School martial arts, they would be able to get started faster than ordinary people.

At this time, both Ness and April believed in Muyang’s words. They were incomparably looking forward to the more profound Heavenly Sky School inheritance he spoke of.

After sending a message to the Heavenly Sky School and asking Isaac to gather all the Heavenly Sky School disciples who had gone out, Muyang and Ness arranged their work in the dojo.

They returned together to the Heavenly Sky School’s residence in the Great Azure Mountain. 


In the Great Azure Mountain, where the seasons were evergreen.

“Muyang, you’re back.”

As soon as they stepped into the teacher’s residence, from afar, the cheerful voice of Teacher Isaac was heard, followed by Teacher Isaac’s wife, Alice.

Several years had pa.s.sed since they had seen each other, and the two were still as loving as they were back then. However, the pa.s.sage of time had left faint traces on their faces.

“Madam!” Muyang strode forward, full of smiles.

“Well, well, you’ve become stronger and stronger.” Isaac patted Muyang’s shoulder, amazed at the strength he had.

After a simple family routine, the elders Yula, Sith, Karl, Clarissa, Beyaros, and others who were informed by Isaac came.

Isaac stopped chattering and returned to the main topic of the day, asking with a serious face, “Muyang, what’s up with the inheritance you mentioned in your previous message?”

As the Heavenly Sky School headmaster, Isaac knew something about the Lookout, so he showed an unusual seriousness after being informed by Muyang.

Muyang smiled, “This was a few years ago…”

Then, he told the story about his meeting with Kami Noah, “Kami Noah was still perfecting the martial art of the Heavenly Sky School. Now, the roughly finished product has come out, which I later partially revised and officially named it ‘Kami School’!”

“Kami School…” muttered Isaac, exchanging glances with a few elders. They all recognized the name.

Muyang took in Isaac’s and the others’ expressions. He then smiled slightly and said, “The theory of the Kami School is more in line with the earthlings’ physique and culture. Its practice significance is as follows…” 

Muyang then spelled out the essence of the Heavenly Sky School one by one.

The Heavenly Sky School martial art changed to the Kami School, which was a step up in level, indicating that this martial art was already basically formed.

Every nation and every race had its unique cultural connotations. Like word translation, even if words with the same meaning were translated into other words, the words’ meaning could not be 100% restored.

Many words can only be understood but not conveyed, which was the cultural system’s connotation.

For earthlings, the Kami School was the most suitable martial art to practice at the moment.

Even if aliens were to obtain the same practice technique, it would be impossible for them to accept it 100%.

As Muyang pa.r.s.ed a little bit, making side-by-side references and comparisons with the previous Heavenly Sky School, Isaac, and the others sometimes pondered deeply.

They frowned, and after figuring out a few of the joints, their eyes were increasingly bright. They quickly recognized that the Kami School was a more suitable martial art for everyone to practice than the Heavenly Sky School. 

“Wonderful!” Isaac laughed openly.

“With such an inheritance, our Heavenly Sky School can take it to the next level.”

“Also, for the Heavenly Sky School, maybe we’ll have to change our name to Kami School in the future. Ancestor Noah’s inheritance is truly no small matter.” Several elders were discussing, but the joy in their eyes could not be concealed.


The sky was blue, and the sun was s.h.i.+ning.

The verdant trees sprouted new buds. The sun shone down through the leaves, falling a coppery light.

Great Azure Mountain, Heavenly Sky School Residence.

“Dang!” “Dang!” “Dang!”

Along with the sound of the gong, the disciples who had gone out rushed back into the martial arts building. Compared to five years ago, the number of disciples in the Heavenly Sky School had increased, reaching around twenty. Several unfamiliar faces also had appeared.

All of them were fellow disciples who hadn’t seen each other for a while. They were all lively and conversing when they met again.

“Yiya, Aso!” A young man who looked to be about the same age smiled and greeted the two brothers beside him, then asked in a low voice, “Do you know why the teacher gathers us back this time?”

Yiya shook his head, “I don’t know. I was wondering the same thing.”

“Aso, do you know anything?”

Aso shook his head too, indicating he didn’t know anything either.

“Strange, even you guys don’t know!”

Neither Yiya nor Aso, who was stationed on the mountain all year round, didn’t know what was happening?

“Could it have something to do with the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament? Senior brother is the previous champion, and a new one is about to start. Could it be that teacher has gathered us over for this?”

One of the disciples woke up the dreamers with a word, and everyone reacted.

“Very likely!” Yiya nodded his head.

It was true, the five-yearly World Martial Arts Tournament was about to hold its twelfth edition, and this conference was heard to have undergone a lot of reforms compared to the previous one.

The organizers had been handed over to the official government. Their senior brother was the previous champion.

The teacher and elders had recruited them mostly for the World Martial Arts Tournament.

A few disciples were already certain in their hearts.

Especially when they saw Muyang, who had stepped into the martial arts dojo with the teacher, they were even more certain of their suspicions.

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