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Chapter 12

“These sandbags are huge and bulky. At this point, they don’t work at all as an aid to practice. It looks like I’ll have to go down the mountain and have someone build me a few ‘wrist guards’ to add weight.”

Muyang stared at the sandbags on the ground, remembering the scene where Son Goku was practicing on King Kai’s Planet with a huge weight strapped on him. He currently wasn’t that well-equipped, so he had to take a step back and start with steel instead.

Although science and technology in this world had just started, and electricity wasn’t even widely available in many places, wrought iron skills should have been available.


A few days later, a whole set of dark and cold metallic equipment arrived in Muyang’s hands. This metallic equipment weighed hundreds of kilograms, enough for Muyang’s current stage of training.

After putting this equipment, Muyang quickly threw himself into comprehensive training.

Heng Yue, punches, dives, leg extensions… Muyang was constantly sweating in his own courtyard.

The training was a boring and tedious thing; if you couldn’t take joy in the pain and find the pleasure in it, it was bound to be an excruciating process. But for Muyang, he enjoyed it because he knew that the so-called strengths were forced out of it. In this powerful Dragon Ball World, he would never have the opportunity to make a head start without extraordinary great perseverance!

As his training continued, Muyang could feel the changes in his body every day. His body had become stronger, and his power was increasing. The tiny strand of ki in his body had grown a little. It was as fine as a thread before, but now it got to the point where he could gather it into the thickness of a chopstick.

It’s not a lot yet, but it’s a good start.

The training continued today, and unknowingly, that small strand of earthworm-like ki began to flow through Muyang’s body continuously…

The ki started from the heart, bypa.s.sed the internal organs, and then rushed towards the brain through a small, seemingly invisible “channel.”

Everything seemed normal, but then the unexpected happened.

When the ki traveled to where the brain was, it suddenly seemed to sense some kind of power. Then, it went out of the veins into the cerebral cortex and then settled into consciousness.

“Oh no, something’s wrong.”

A burning sting came from the depths of his consciousness, Muyang’s body shook with a jolt, and he awoke from his training.

At this point, the ki was no longer under his control, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” It was like a heart beating, but the sound was definitely not coming from the heart but from the depth of his consciousness.

Muyang looked frightened; his complexion began to turn from red to white, finally becoming livid, as if he was suffocating. He tried his best to control the ki in his body, but it was useless. The strand of ki that attached to his consciousness seemed like it had taken root like a seedling. The thin ki that was as thin as thread swam through the sea of consciousness, gradually getting out of control.

Boom!!! The violent explosion seemed to break the ground.

It seemed as if something had been breached, yet it was like nothing had happened. The violent shock caused Mu Yang’s eyes to stir and nearly shattered his sea of consciousness.


When he returned to his senses, Muyang shuddered and discovered that his consciousness appeared in the middle of a gray-white s.p.a.ce.

It was a particular s.p.a.ce with very limited visibility around it, and everything was invisible from ten meters away.

“Where…is this place?”

Muyang was stunned at the scene in front of him. He wasn’t sure why he was here, could it be that he broke the void when he was practicing? But it didn’t make sense… he pinched his arm, and it still hurts!

Wait, something seemed to be wrong! Muyang suddenly thought of something, could it be that what was coming in now was not his conscious body, but his real body? And this was a real s.p.a.ce too?

He was busy checking in on himself and finally concluded that his body had actually come in! He could still recognize the difference between the conscious body and the real body.

What was going on here? As a veteran Dragon Ball fan, he was well aware that there was no such setting in the Dragon Ball World!

So, Muyang decided to find out!

He looked around the s.p.a.ce, and because the s.p.a.ce itself was extremely small, Muyang didn’t need to take a few steps before he reached the end. There was an invisible layer of barrier blocking the place five or six meters away. No matter how hard Muyang tried, he couldn’t move any further.

“It seems that the size of this s.p.a.ce is only ten meters square.” With his palm resting on the wall at the edge of the s.p.a.ce, Muyang thought to himself.

“I have to find a way out as soon as possible, or I’ll be trapped here, but how do I get out?” Muyang sat on the floor in distress.

This pocket-sized s.p.a.ce was all gray and white, other than that it was empty. It looked like a gray casket, very similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but not exactly the same as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This place was even more dead, and obviously, there wouldn’t be any supplies.

‘This ten-meter radius of s.p.a.ce was clearly a cage, and I was trapped inside!’

d.a.m.n it! In other novels, when the main character encounters such a situation, it’s usually a sign of “Golden Finger,” but how could it be different for him?

As time pa.s.sed, this gray s.p.a.ce remained unchanged like the ancient starry sky.

Soon, six or seven hours had pa.s.sed, and Muyang still couldn’t find a way to leave. However, after being trapped for so long, the strange thing was that he actually didn’t feel any hunger.

It’s like the body’s consumption was stopped entirely.

No, to be precise, it wasn’t that his body’s consumption had stopped because Muyang could still feel that all of his functions were normal.

The reason was because this s.p.a.ce was filled with the free state of faint and indistinct ki, which was constantly refilling his body’s consumption.

Muyang’s eyes lit up, then he thought to himself, if he could come and go freely, this would be an excellent place to practice.

“Ugh!” Muyang sighed deeply, what was the use of thinking so much, it had been so long, and he already concluded that this s.p.a.ce wouldn’t automatically send him away. The Old Grandfather, the system, or whatever, all of those didn’t exist.

Luckily he wouldn’t get hungry here, so at least he wouldn’t starve to death.

Since he wouldn’t have to worry about his life because he wouldn’t be able to get out for a while, Muyang decided to practice. Maybe if his strength increased, he could break the confinement of this place and return to the original world!

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