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Chapter 118

“You actually knew that the tail would be a weakness of our Saiyans. I’m really getting curious about your ident.i.ty.” Bazita’s face flashed with surprise as Muyang grasped the tail.

However, instead of panicking, he flaunted his bravado, “But unfortunately, your strategy failed. This weakness doesn’t hold in my body.” 

“You’re overthinking it,” Muyang responded with a sullen, expressionless face.

His purpose in grabbing Bazita’s tail wasn’t because the tail might be the opponent’s weakness. He was trying to prevent the opponent from his Great Ape Transformation.

In addition to being a “weakness,” the Saiyan tail was a time bomb!

After the Saiyan’s tail received the full moon’s light, the intense stimulation would induce a body mutation. It would transform them into a powerful Great Ape Form.

The Saiyans in their Great Ape Form would increase their power level to ten times their original strength. It was a too terrifying and perverted increase! 

Muyang’s purpose in grabbing his tail was to prevent the possibility that his opponent might be harboring an artificial moon or something like that on his body, just in case.

Click! Muyang yanked his hand hard, Bazita’s tail was ripped right off with the same tremendous force that flung Bazita away.

“Now, you can’t do the Great Ape Transformation.”

After dropping that half severed tail, Muyang could finally fight with his whole heart.

Bazita, who had his tail cut off, stayed in the air. He was dumbfoundedly looking at the half severed tail on the ground.

The sore and painful feeling came along his nerves as if his pride had been greatly insulted. His two eyes suddenly turned blood red.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he ripped off my tail!” With a shaky voice, Bazita’s face turned grim.

As he became furiously violent, Bazita lost his mind and attacked recklessly.

Muyang responded with a solemn face. As Bazita’s attack reached him, his body sank slightly.

He allowed the attack to pa.s.s over his head, then twisted his waist. A force erupted from the soles of his feet through his wais. Sith a thud, the attack landed on Bazita’s body.

Although Muyang had lost from Bazita by quite a bit in terms of power level and speed. But, in terms of skill, Muyang was more than a step above Bazita.

The more the opponent lost his mind, the lighter and more ornamental Muyang’s movements became.

“The opponent is fast enough, but his movements are too reckless, and his efficiency is greatly reduced. Such an attack didn’t affect me.” Both of his eyes saw through all of Bazita’s attacks.

Even though Bazita’s power level was quite a bit higher than his own, Bazita was still no match for himself in actual combat application. 

With those thoughts, Muyang’s confidence grew. As he saw through Bazita’s movements, his body suddenly flashed quickly and appeared again already in front of his opponent.

“What fast speed!” Bazita bit her lower lip. Suddenly with cold indifference, he pressed over with a terrifying ma.s.s of ki in his palm.

Hmph, to be able to do this with a power level lower than his own, it was already awe-inspiring. However, no matter how bluff the sheep were, it wouldn’t become a vicious wolf.

“There’s a flaw!” With a smirk on his lips, Bazita stormed off with his hands clasped behind his back, “Go to h.e.l.l!!!”

A giant force flowed through it!

However, he didn’t expect that his ki went through the middle of Muyang’s figure.

Afterimage Technique!

“What’s going on? Where’s that guy?”

The Afterimage Technique was an image left by an extraordinary manipulation of ki, which was completely different from the afterimage left by high-speed movement.

Bazita didn’t know how to use ki, so of course, he couldn’t figure out the secrets of the Afterimage Technique.

“Are you looking for me?”

The cold, waveless voice sounded. Muyang’s figure strangely appeared a few meters away from Bazita. There were dozens of them as soon as they appeared!

The dozens of afterimages were identical. They stepped forward to Bazita with a flat smile on their handsome faces. However, it gave Bazita an intense chill.

“This way…this way, no, that way…”

A slight hint of cold sweat slid down Bazita’s forehead, and he looked fl.u.s.tered as he faced such a bizarre move.

Muyang couldn’t let go of such a good opportunity! By this time, Muyang finally began to gain the upper hand.

With a gust of wind whistling, Muyang’s figure flashed once again. An afterimage was spreading across the sky, dazzling Bazita.

Pendulum punch, straight punch, uppercuts!



Muyang’s set of punches were placed just right. The real and the fake attacked together, directly blinding Bazita.

“Even if your power level is higher than mine, so what? Power level only calculates the destructive power of ki, yet you can’t distinguish your opponent. If you can’t hit them, so what’s the use of more ki!” 

“A really effective attack will be enough with just one hit!”

With that, Muyang quickly stepped forward, and his fist landed on Bazita’s abdomen.

Wow, a mouthful of acid rippled out of the mouth from the hollow cavity. Bazita ricked his body and looked very weak. 


A smooth crus.h.!.+

Looking at Bazita, who was being beaten and screaming in pain, Muyang felt a genuine sense of relief!

“How!” Bazita screamed.

810 vs. 660!

Why did he get beaten up everywhere when he should be fighting better than the opponent!

He couldn’t believe it!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bazita was frantically releasing his ki in all directions. He had no target left at this point and was somewhat panicked as he unleashed his ki aimlessly.

A cloud of ki scattered out in all directions, destroying all the scenery along the way.

Muyang saw this and was busy placing a ki s.h.i.+eld in front of his body with his ki wave’s recoil.

Although he had attacked Bazita with intention, he was still not as good as Bazita when it came to formidable strength.

The way Bazita attacking was too wild; if he attacked him, he would still be d.a.m.ned! 

When the ki around him diminished a bit, Muyang knew that Bazita’s uncontrolled swagger had finally drained a large amount of his strength.

It was now-

As he took advantage of this gap, Muyang’s afterimage flickered, and rushed in front of Bazita as fast as he could. His icy eyes devoid of any emotion; it was as flat as Mr. Popo’s eyes. 

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

“Thunder Shock Surprise!”

Crescent-shaped ki blades floated in the void. Pale golden ki enveloped the entire sky again.

Thunder Shock Surprise was a lightning style attack that could paralyze an opponent’s body from afar, while the Heavenly Sky Beam was extremely penetrating.

Its sharp blade was resembling a piece of a crescent moon, each with terrifying cutting power.

The two ki combined together and suddenly exploded with even more terrifying power.

“Go to h.e.l.l!” Muyang shouted out coldly.

The power of the Heavenly Sky Beam and the Thunder Shock Surprise mixed together; he rushed towards Bazita’s position. Bazita felt a little bitter in his heart and finally began to regret his arrogance.

However, there was no time for him to think about it now. He threw his arms out forcefully and shouted angrily, letting all his strength explode out.


The intense light suddenly lit up. A s.h.i.+ning bright ki blade spun up as if it had transformed into a thin ribbon.

It rounded and lightly moved through the sky, cutting through everything along the way. At this moment, all defenses became futile.

Hiss! The sound of brocade tearing. The sky being torn in half, and the entire atmosphere was disturbed.

During the loud bang, Bazita was finally defeated. At this time, he collapsed in the middle of the explosion crater, half-lidded. His body charred yellow, and his battle-armor shattered into cracks.

His pair of bloodshot eyes were still staring at Muyang as if they wanted to shred him into pieces. 

Panting slightly and rubbing his fist that was a bit numb, Muyang’s face was pale as well.

To be honest, he didn’t have much hatred for the Saiyans. Even if this child called Bazita sincerely repented, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let him off the hook after ensuring his own safety.

However, when he saw Bazita’s hate-filled eyes, Muyang’s face was in shock, and a murderous intent came out.

He knew that the possibility of letting him go no longer existed. Now he absolutely could not indulge him and let the tiger go just because he looked like a child.

Behavior such as Vegeta’s -to challenge a so-called strong enemy for the sake of being arrogant and getting stronger enemies over and over again- was purely brain-dead in Muyang’s opinion. He would never allow such a thing to happen.

He was proud, but not arrogant!

He knew that the premise of all challenges was to have absolute certainty of ensuring his safety and not to feed the tiger!

If a sick tiger would eventually turn on its master, it should be honed early and beheaded!

That was why this Saiyan couldn’t stay!

“Kill you. I must kill you!”

With vicious words as if they were coming from h.e.l.l, Bazita, still unwillingly hating Muyang. He kept mouthing the words.

“You won’t get a chance!”

Muyang said coldly. He looked at Bazita in the air, then clasped his palms together and began to gather strength. He was gradually condensing a radiant white light between his palms. 

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

Ki, more powerful than any attack, fell from the sky and directly hit Bazta’s body. Muyang believed that even a Saiyan wouldn’t be able to survive under the impact of this ki.

As the bright white ki whizzed by, Bazita’s half-open eyes suddenly tightened. He moved his body unwillingly, but the ki above his head had already swallowed him up.

“No!!!” In a miserable cry, Bazita’s body was gradually destroyed by the ki.

The sound gradually became lower until it disappeared completely.

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