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Chapter 113

Thinking that he might face the Saiyans or the alien relating to the Frieza Force, Muyang’s face became ugly later on.

He knew that this paradise-like training planet was about to become less peaceful.

Quietly, he spread out his sense of ki. As expected, powerful ki appeared in his perception range. This ki was very cold.

Although it wasn’t as b.l.o.o.d.y as the Great Demon King Piccolo, the cold, bone-chilling aura was still uncomfortable.

The only thing that relieved Muyang was that the opponent’s power level didn’t exceed 1000.

“It’s only the first time I’ve stepped out of the earth, and I’ve run into someone from Frieza. Does G.o.d think he’s given me too much good luck?” While dwelling in his heart, Muyang was adjusting his condition to the best. His muscles tensed up, ready to fight at any time.

Although from the ki sense, the opponent would not be too much more powerful than him, there was no guarantee that this was not a trap set by the opponent so that he could take it lightly. This was no longer earth; it’s better to be careful in all things!

“Here it comes.” Muyang suddenly looked pale and sighed quietly.

Soon, a black silhouette appeared in Muyang’s line of sight.


A few minutes ago.

The location where the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p had landed.

Bazita flew up from the half-soil-covered s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and pressed the scouter in her ear.

However, for a while, there was nothing on the scouter reacting. He could no longer find the ki source from earlier.

“d.a.m.n!” Impatiently, he tapped twice on the scouter, but still, nothing happened.

“What’s up this stupid thing? It’s so unreliable. I’ll make sure those aliens get a good refurbishment when I get back.”

Giving up on his plan to use the scouter to find the opponent, Bazita put away the scouter with an unhappy face. He then used his naked eye to look for traces of his target.

The Saiyans had excellent eyesight and excellent visual abilities. So, he quickly discovered Muyang’s whereabouts through the grove.

When he saw Muyang’s appearance clearly, Bazita opened his mouth. “Hey, this look, there’s actually a race in the universe that looks so much like Saiyans!”

After being slightly surprised, Bazita’s appearance became arrogant again. No matter what race the opponent was, it was impossible to compare to their Saiyans.

Even the fact that the opponent looked exactly like the Saiyans was an insult to them.

“Hehe, no matter what he is, he definitely doesn’t look like a native of this planet. So if we can get the location of his home planet and conquer that planet, it would be a great achievement!”

This was an excellent opportunity to give himself credit.

When he thought of this, Bazita’s heart was secretly happy, as if he had already won. With a hail, Bazita had flown in front of Muyang, and looking at him condescendingly.

“That guy who looks like me, tell me the location of your planet; maybe this Lord Bazita will be pleased and spare your life.”

A little kid?

Muyang looked at the person who was looking at him condescendingly with some surprise. He unhappily raised his eyebrows, a hint of a different color flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

He didn’t expect that the guy he was trying to watch out for just now would be a kid who looked like an eleven or twelve-year-old.

However, this kid was arrogant!

Also, his power was strong. There was nothing to say about that.

His power level had surpa.s.sed his. This universe really was full of masters!

This was crazy; even kids could be so powerful!

Muyang sighed grudgingly. His opponent also said that the potential of the earthlings was indeed weak. He had been training hard for many years, but he was still not as good as a child who was only half his age.

Then He looked at that child’s clothing. The brown and black battle-armor was a popular style in the universe.

The tail that was coiled around the waist; there was no mistaking it; the opponent’s ident.i.ty was already self-evident.

“Saiyans!” Muyang chanted in his heart.

This was the first time he had seen the legendary race. In the Dragon Ball world, the Saiyans were a group that needed to be described in strong words and an enormous paragraph. Surprisingly, he had run into them here.

Seeing that his opponent didn’t answer his question for a long time, Bazita couldn’t hang up his face.

His voice became indifferent, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually dare to ignore me. I’m not going to ask you anything; you’d better go to h.e.l.l!”

After all, it was a child’s mind, and being ignored was something he couldn’t stand the most. Bazita was about to kill Muyang if he didn’t speak up.

His energy surged up, chilling ki centered on Bazita and spread out in all directions.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

In Bazita’s palm, fiery ki appeared. It suddenly descended from the sky and swooshed across the sky in a radiant trail.

However, facing Bazita’s sudden attack, Muyang was already prepared.

“What a barbaric kid!”

Muyang had nothing to say about the Saiyans. They were known for their savagery and stubbornness.

At the same time, both palms struck forward. The same blazing wave of ki fired out from between the palms.

The two waves of radiant ki met in the air and exploded with a loud sound. As long as the power level exceeded 300, each attack was like a nuclear bomb blast, with the ability to move a mountain.

In a moment, dazzling light flooded the earth, and the winds began to whistle. The battle between Muyang and Bazita had begun.

After the first attack missed, and Bazita’s face became even colder. Vigorous murderous ki was released from his body.

Bazita moved forward. His figure suddenly became hollow, producing a zippy cracking sound at an extremely high speed.

“No matter who you are, you can’t be a match for me, Bazita.” Bazita’s face was full of confidence. His icy eyes were filled with a murderous aura. His body then tensed, and an even more powerful attack followed.

Muyang could not hesitate in the slightest. He was busy raising his arm to rest in front of him. With a thud, the ground beneath his feet suddenly cracked open like a spider’s web.

The two unloaded the force of each other’s impact, each taking a few steps backward before stabilizing themselves.

Muyang blocked the opponent’s attack, but his arms were also a little numb.

“What a terrifying force!” A moment of horror appeared in his eyes. Muyang looked more squarely at the young man in front of him.

After the real encounter, Muyang found that he had underestimated the opponent. Even if it was just a small child, the Saiyans were so powerful that the opponent possessed more power than him. Such an infuriating. How could he wasn’t even a match to a Saiyan child?


In the triangular area where the two hands met, a tremendous amount of ki struck out straightforwardly. The radiant light was as powerful as a bamboo, flooding the air.

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