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Chapter 11

While Isaac was teaching Muyang the Ki Based Technique alone, Yula and the other elders told Mexia about the Southern Region Superpower Academy.

When she learned that she was going to study at a place called “Superpower Academy” soon, Mexia’s mouth dropped open. She didn’t know what to say, except that she was looking forward to the future.

Soon the sun had risen over the mountains, and the sun’s light was already generating heat on the people.

After the teaching of the Ki Based Technique was over, several people hurriedly dispersed. And due to the shortage of resources in stock, Sith and Karl would team up to go deep into the Primitive Mountains to look for resources. This was a dangerous mission that Isaac and the others would have to prepare for it.

On the way back, Muyang and Mexia walked side by side. Perhaps because of the great shock they had received today, Mexia, who was usually very cheerful, seemed a bit restrained.

When they reached the place where the road split, Mexia suddenly stopped, and her two emerald green eyes, which looked like a lake, stared at Muyang.

“Senior brother, Aunt Yula said I’m going to be away for a long time to study at the Superpower Academy in the Southern Region.”

“Superpower Academy? What kind of place is that?”

Muyang was stunned, and he stopped walking.

“I don’t know; I heard it’s a place specializing in training for superpowers.”

Muyang nodded lightly, confirmed that he had indeed never heard of the name, then asked, “How long will it take?”

“I don’t know.” Mexia shook her head; she was looking a little unsure.

For Mexia, who never left the nearby village since she was a child, the sudden trip to the unfamiliar southern region made her terrified.


Muyang didn’t know what to say at this moment, although he wasn’t quite sure what was the origin of this Superpower Academy, but since it was a place for training superpowers… it brought back a part of his memory. In the original story, it seemed like Oolong and the others studied at Superpower Academy when they were young. But they ended up not entering the headquarters because they didn’t have enough qualifications or something else. They just left after graduating from the affiliated Transformation Kindergarten.

It was Isaac, her father, who decided to send Mexia to the Superpower Academy, and Muyang didn’t have the right to put a peck on it. Perhaps for Mexia, who had superpowers, studying there was the only way to strengthen her ability.

The news of Mexia would be away for a long time, suddenly disrupted Muyang’s training plan.

“Plap!” A sudden sound of crisp applause brought Mexia back to her senses.

It was Muyang who clapped his hands hard, then placed his hands on Mexia’s dark green hair and patted her head.

“This is a rare opportunity. Your senior brother just started his training on Ki Based Technique. While you have to enter the Superpower Academy to study, we might as well compete to see who is more powerful in the future! And don’t cry when you can’t beat me.”

“No way!”

Mexia gave Muyang a quick glance, get rid of Muyang’s hand on her head, and said proudly, “I’m sure I’ll become more powerful than my senior brother.”

“That’s not necessarily true!”

Looking at the little girl’s lovely face, Muyang shook his head confidently.

“I will definitely win. Like right now, if I use my superpower, senior brother is no match for me at all.” After saying that, Mexia swung her fist proudly.

Muyang was speechless for a moment. She was so reasonable that it was impossible to argue.

It was true… normally, when it came to martial arts, Mexia wasn’t a match for him, but once she used her superpower, Muyang was powerless against her.

Mexia’s superpower was like Chiaotzu’s Telekinesis; there was no way to break free from it at this stage.

This topic was a bit of a slap in the face; Muyang simply could no longer continue to talk about it.


In the following days, Muyang went in and out. Aside from paying attention to the news of Sith and Karl, two elders who had entered the Primitive Mountain’s depths. Muyang didn’t listen to anything else and stayed on his hill to condense his ki.

Finally, all his hard work paid off; on the seventh day of his training, Muyang could faintly sense a warm airflow generated in his chest.

This was a full twenty days earlier than Isaac’s prediction.

“Looks like I’m not too bad, the first step is basically completed, the next step is to make this ki slowly build up according to the main points of practice.” Muyang thought in his heart and closed his eyes to sense the ki.


As if a hollow tremor rang out inside his body, the newly generated ki rushed through his body uncontrollably. Muyang’s face suddenly turned pale, and he barely managed to catch his breath, it was so hard to suppress the ki.

“Hiss… this ki is too hard to control, it seems like it will take a while to get it under control. This might be the hardest part of Ki Based Technique training!”

Muyang sat cross-legged, slowly adjusting to the sudden rise of heat in his body. Then he stood up and leaped towards the mountain.

Today is the day Mexia left the Great Azure Mountains to study at the Southern Region Superpower Academy. And Aunt Clarissa, one of the six elders, would personally escort her to the academy.

Mexia was usually very affectionate towards him. Muyang felt that this was the time he should go and see her off.


Today, at the mountainside of the Great Azure Mountain, all the Heavenly Sky School disciples gathered. Upon looking at all the people who had seen her off, Mexia looked back after she took three steps, like an abandoned kitten. She waved reluctantly and then left the Great Azure Mountain after Aunt Clarissa tugged her.

Looking at the figure gradually becoming blurred, Muyang suddenly sighed in despair.

Mexia’s departure made him lost his little partner, who accompanied him during his training. Without her chattering voices in his ears, Muyang was not quite ready for the moment, mainly because he lacked a companion.

Usually, because Mexia’s superpower had the effect of increasing pressure, Muyang didn’t have to tie loads on himself during his training, but now that Mexia was gone, he would have to find another way.

However, he soon discovered that even if he tied sandbags all over his hands and feet, it would be difficult to achieve the same effect as when he used Mexia’s superpower. After several times, the results of his training were not very satisfactory.

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