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Chapter 10

Seeing that Muyang seemed a little stunned, Isaac smiled slightly and couldn’t help but recall how he looked when he first witnessed the Heavenly Sky Beam.

It’s only when you looked back to the past, you realized how emotional the past was. Time was like a graceful dancer, performing all kinds of things in the world, and before you knew it, you had too much to remember.

‘I was young back then, just like Muyang, I was frightened by the power of ki waves!’

‘Could you believe there was such a powerful technique of attack in the world?’

‘It was terrifying!’

“Haha, Muyang, you have good talent, maybe it won’t take decades, probably just ten years or so!” Uncle Karl said cheerfully.

Isaac nodded gently; he was deeply impressed.


What else could Muyang say?

At this point, Muyang didn’t really know how he should express his feelings.

He already knew that it was extremely difficult for earthlings to release ki waves, but if it really took decades or more of practice just like teacher Isaac said, then by the time he mastered it, things would be over already.

‘Hey, decades from now? By then, I’m afraid the story will have already begun!’ At that point, even if he mastered the application of ki waves, it would be useless. To be honest, he would just be a slightly larger gra.s.shopper waiting to be slaughtered.

For Muyang, who was familiar with the future plot, obviously couldn’t accept this.

Since Krillin was capable of quickly mastering the ki waves in just a few years, Muyang believed that there must be certain crucial tricks that were unknown to Isaac and the other elders.

This was like understanding and categorizing some physical phenomenon. Between schools, the understanding of ki was different, and the techniques of releasing ki waves must be different. So, Kamehameha and Dodon Ray were undoubtedly at the forefront of all schools.

Of course, the theory was only the cornerstone. Whether or not you could finally succeed in releasing the ki waves didn’t depend on how much theoretical knowledge you had mastered, but it depends on your strength!

When the fullness was overflowing, strength was the premise of everything. People in the universe didn’t have that many twists and turns, and their understanding of ki might be rough, but that didn’t stop them from pulling and swinging ki wave with one hand.

This kind of powerful racial talent could only be said to be….. unbearable and untouchable.

‘It seems that after learning the principle of releasing ki waves, we need to go out and have a look as soon as possible. Because only when we have traveled more and seen more can we become stronger.’

As the words “the jade of another mountain can attack the stone,” Muyang secretly decided in his heart. Planning to go to the area around Sacred Land of Krillin after completing his training to see if he could break through even faster.


After a short break, Isaac had regained a little bit of color on his face. He looked at Muyang, who had also recovered after a short period of “startled”, and he couldn’t help but nod secretly.

He took a glance at Yula and signaled her to distract Mexia, so he could begin to teach Muyang the principles of releasing “Heavenly Sky Beam” alone.

“Muyang, after years of training, now that your body has been polished to perfection, the next step is to learn how to mobilize the energy, called ‘ki,’ in your body.”

“We have no way of knowing the exact origin of ki; it may come from the human body’s internal organs or every cell in the body. But our Heavenly Sky School believes that ki is the combination of spirit and strength. The refinement of spiritual power plus physical power will produce an essence called ‘ki.’”


After listening to Isaac’s description, the first thing that flashed in Muyang’s mind was the source of power that the leading characters in the Naruto use to “rub the b.a.l.l.s”- chakra!

To say that they were all products of the island’s cartoonists, it didn’t seem surprising that some of them had similar settings.

But this is the Dragon Ball World, and ki, as a manifestation of energy in this world, was quite visceral.

Upon seeing Muyang carefully listening to him, Isaac continued, “Because ‘ki’ is a combination of spirit and strength. The first stage of practicing ‘ki’ is to sit quietly and perceive the ki in your body with your spiritual power!”

“When you can feel the ‘ki,’ then the first stage is over, and you can start trying to get it to work in your body. The process will be very difficult at first. even accompanied by intense spiritual tingling, which is normal, it means that the ki has started to grow in your body. “

“After this stage, the next step will be as easy as water flow. When the ki in the body condenses into cl.u.s.ters and distributes in every part of the body, it will continue to nurture and acc.u.mulate. When the total amount reaches a certain level, with practices, you will be able to release the ki waves just like me, your teacher.”

“Of course, each school has a different understanding of ‘ki,’ so the training techniques are different, but the general idea should be similar.” Isaac carefully explained the Heavenly Sky School’s understanding of ki.

Muyang was listening carefully while comparing the Heavenly Sky School’s understanding of ki, and his understanding of ki.

Apparently, the original story didn’t mention the addition of spiritual power was needed to practice ki, and it seemed that neither Kamehameha nor Dodon Ray had such a requirement.

Even in general, in the entire Dragon Ball World, ki was equal to power!

As long as you know how to release it, it would be simple and brutal!

Muyang didn’t know whether the understanding of ki by Heavenly Sky School was going down the wrong path to the point that it was already stuck in a narrow alley and wasn’t able to get up, or it was what makes this school different from other schools?

Which one is better and which one is worst, Muyang still unable to decide. So, Muyang kept everything in his mind and wait until he could do further research in the future.

After roughly explaining the key points of Heavenly Sky School Ki Based Training, Isaac stopped to give Muyang time to think.

Seeing the thoughtful look on Muyang’s face, Isaac, nodded his head in satisfaction and continued his explanation after quite some time.

It took about an hour for Isaac to finish his explanation of how to practice Heavenly Sky Beam.

“Alright, you’ve memorized all the key points. Now, go back and have a good comprehension, and try to refine the first ki in your body as soon as possible. Everything is difficult at first, and only after you get through this stage will become as easy as water flow.” Isaac smiled as he looked at Muyang, according to his estimation, it would take at least a month for his disciple to refine the first ki.

After a pause, Isaac said in relief, “You don’t have to be anxious, compared to the disciples of other schools, countless medicines have nourished our bodies, and it’s relatively easier for us to produce the first ki.”

“Teacher, I already kept that in mind, after I go back, I’ll definitely practice harder,” Muyang said seriously and solemnly.

Isaac smiled and patted Muyang’s shoulder, very pleased with him, then he said, “It’s alright, everything is good. You’re still young; you don’t need to push yourself too hard.”

“Yeah.” Muyang nodded obediently, but in his heart, he was already planning his next training.

After learning the higher level of training, Muyang knew that he had some busy days ahead of him.

Heavenly Sky School’s understanding of ki and its training had opened a whole new door for him to enter a new stage of his training.

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