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Chapter 1

It is said that danger is always accompanied by opportunity, just like a big bowl of chicken soup fed to pract.i.tioners in the framework of success. Muyang had reasons to believe that he would die sooner or later from the chicken soup because the “danger” in his body had been clearly shown.

Muyang was an electrician, the kind that operated high-voltage power, and it could be said that he didn’t like his job. The salary wasn’t bad; he could consider himself as the “high-income group” in the eyes of others; it’s just that no one knew how hard this job was.

The country had been experiencing heavy snowfall lately, and many power grids located in mountainous areas had been the target. Early this morning, Muyang’s team was instructed to immediately made emergency repairs to one of the power grid that had been covered by snow in the mountains. There was no way he could refuse this job. Once the instruction came out, they had to be in place, so Muyang and his team rushed to the mountain and ready to devote themselves to the intense repair.

He climbed the tower with his workmates to get on the insulator strings and do the last stage of unblocking. On the freezing cold high-voltage tower, hunting cold wind sweeping like goose feather. And the snow roared, blowing on the face as if the knife had cut the face with a great force, made every movement became harder and required a lot of physical exertion.

Muyang waved his sore arms and took off his frosty mask to catch his breath when suddenly a strong gust of wind came. Muyang’s feet became airborne as he fell downwards under the effect of gravity.

The sharp angle iron cut off the safety harness and seat belt attached to his body. Even with double safety, he couldn’t withstand the call of death. The whole world began to spin, and the moment his consciousness disappeared, a thousand images from his childhood flashed through his mind.


Dark, cold, and isolated, this was a monotonous and desperate place. With sharp, piercing pain running through the nerves, making people reluctant to stay here for a moment.

Suddenly, bright light like a cobweb ripped through the sky, and Muyang woke up from his sleep.

“What is this place?”

Muyang suddenly woke up, pressed his forehead, and sat up only to find himself lying on a s.p.a.cious wooden plank bed, covered with a thin blanket of inferior fabric, rough like sackcloth, and very uncomfortable.

It was a small cabin, a room with more than a dozen square feet wide. Inside the room was very simple living furniture such as tables, chairs, and bed cabinets. The white walls were untouched, and the exposed wooden pillar beams were looking primitive. Of course, no electrification equipment was found!

Then, some kind of calendar caught his attention, and when he looked at the year and month, he was frozen.

A year he had never seen before!

‘Wait a minute. Obviously, I fell off the tower, so I should be in the hospital, but why am I here?’ With his many years of experience reading novels, the possibility of crossing over in such a situation was extremely high. Moreover, when he observed his surroundings, it looked like he had traveled to a world with underdeveloped technology.

As he gently patted his chest with his hand, he realized that his hand was small, and so were his arms and legs. That’s right; his body had shrunk down; he looked like he was only twelve or thirteen. If there was any doubt before, he was now 100% sure that he had crossed over!

Thinking back at the countless crossover novels he had read before, a scene flashed through his mind like a movie. The joyful sense full of antic.i.p.ation of a majestic and murderous protagonist didn’t appear, and his heart was left with nothing but confusion.

‘Surrounded by empty walls, this deployment doesn’t seem to be what I thought it would be!’


Just when Muyang was immersed in his thoughts, a creak was heard, the wooden door opened, and a black shadow flew in from outside the room like a squirrel. In a blink of an eye, the shadow was right in front of Muyang. He only saw a blur, and before he could react, his hand was held by another cold and delicate tiny hand.

“Senior brother, finally you’re awake, my father and I have been worried sick.” A sweet voice filled with joy was heard.

Soon, a delicate little face leaned in front of Muyang.

She was an adorable girl with dark green hair that was slightly curl; the length of her hair was just above her ear flaps. She looked delicate and lovely with a ribbon tided up at the end of her hair. Her fair face was small, and the eyebrows were curved like willow leaves. Her two turquoise green pupil eyes were fluttering and full of spirit. She looked young, probably only eleven or twelve years old.


Muyang looked at the girl in front of him as he blurted out her nickname. But, as soon as he finished speaking, he was stunned. Who was this girl, and why did he call her “baby”?

Muyang frowned, his subconscious seemed to know the girl in front of him, could it be the memory of this body itself?

Mexia’s small mouth curled up in dissatisfaction when she heard Muyang called her, “Senior brother, I told you not to call someone by their nicknames. Why did you do that again?”


Muyang apologized, but a cloud of doubt surfaced in his heart, he needed to take some time to gather his thoughts properly.

“Senior brother, is your body alright?”

Seeing that Muyang didn’t respond for a while, Mexia exclaimed again worriedly. Her whole body was leaning over at the edge of the bed, and her little face looked at him with great concern.

“I’m fine, just a little dizzy…”

Muyang waved his hand, not knowing what to say. Luckily, the little girl in front of him didn’t seem to think much about it; she was easily brushed off by Muyang’s fabricated reason.

After talking for quite some time, Muyang finally figured out who he was now.

It turned out that his current name is also Muyang, and he’s only thirteen years old. He’s a disciple of a martial arts school called “Heavenly Sky School.” The little girl in front of him is his junior sister, Mexia, who is two years younger than himself and had just celebrated her eleventh birthday.

Speaking of the “Heavenly Sky School,” this school was considered a middle school in the martial arts world. It was said that it was once a glorious school for several generations. However, as time changed, new people had been replaced by old ones. The school had now fallen, with only a dozen or so disciples joining the school.

It could be said that Mexia was very proud of the Heavenly Sky School. In her description, Heavenly Sky School was a “big school” with over a dozen disciples. The current headmaster was her father. But from the description of only a dozen or so new disciples, Muyang knew that this was just a school that had fallen away.

There wasn’t much useful information plundered from Mexia. Mexia herself was just a young girl and didn’t know much information. There was no way for her to know about the current pattern of the world. Like how many strong people there were, the approximate population, or how many countries it has and so on.

“Father had said, not to overdo it when it comes to training, but you just won’t listen.”

Mexia looked like a young adult with a straight face, but a twinkle in her eye and a delicate heart, “By the way, I’m going to tell father about this, you’ve pulled off a lot of homework in the last few days, and had suffered from it.”

The little girl came and went very fast. Muyang still wanted to ask her more about other things, but she was like an agile little cat rus.h.i.+ng out to the door and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Even the wooden door was still creaking and swinging because of how fast she was.

Muyang stared at Mexia’s distance back and took a deep breath.

“That was fast!”

That speed…even a former track athlete wasn’t a match to her?

‘Could it be that I was wrong about this Heavenly Sky School, who knows maybe with only a dozen or so disciples, it was actually a hidden gem school.’

“…This world seems to be a world where martial arts exist, looking at Mexia’s flexible demeanor just now, I’m afraid that the people in this world aren’t weak…” Muyang sorted out the limited information he got from Mexia. A trace of worry flashed in his eyes, but he quickly regained his composure.

Getting down from the bed, Muyang walked out of the room and found a sizable courtyard outside.

The yard was about fifty square feet, with rows of wood stacked flush in an open s.p.a.ce on one side, there was an outdoor single-port stove, covered by a piece of mat. There was a group of stone stumps of different sizes in the center, not so small as if they were used to exercise. The ground is very compact, but scattered with more than a dozen pits about thirty centimeters wide, which looked like the smashed-out stone mound caused it. 

It looked like a hard worker person owned this place…

Muyang sought to approach those stone mounds, then picked one of the medium-sized ones, ready to test his strength. Since he had come to this world, he had to make sure that he had the ability to defend himself.

As he raised the handle of the stone mounds, a trace of surprise appeared in his face.

It’s not that it wasn’t heavy… but it was lighter than what he was expecting.

Muyang’s eyes lit up, and he tried to lift more.

He actually lifted the entire stone mound with one hand.

Looking at the size of this stone mound, it was probably around forty or fifty pounds. He was able to lift it with one hand, could it be that the physical strength of the children in this world was so good? Muyang secretly speculated, and his heart couldn’t help but overflow with shock waves.

Try again!

He put his palm against the stone mound, then increased his strength, the veins on the back of his hand exposed, and threw it upwards with great force. He saw the seventy to eighty kilograms of stones being easily flung upwards. It even flew more than ten feet in height before they began to fell under the effect of gravity.

With a bang, the large stones landed right in the middle of a large pit not far away, raising a cloud of smoke and dust.

Muyang was dumbfounded upon seeing what happened, and a surprise rolled in his heart.

Judging from the impact of the stone mound’s falling, the gravity of the mound was solid; it wasn’t the ‘looked heavy but actually light’ kind of stone mound!

“This body has so much strength!”

Muyang was surprised. He knew that he had not exerted his full strength just now. There was still some reserved strength, but even so, the strength he had just used was capable of easily throwing up about forty to fifty pounds of stones. This was something he had never dared to think of before.

As expected, this body wasn’t ordinary, could it be this was the effect of martial arts training in this world?

Or this was a world where people were exceptionally strong?

And as for the Heavenly Sky School, this might be a very powerful martial arts school as well.

No, it was unnecessary to think about that now; he had to get more information to make the correct judgment.

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