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Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

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Chapter 3

They’ll Suffer His Rage

Gong Mo kicked the blanket away. “Donglin… Give me water… I want water…”

The man was stunned. Why was her voice so familiar? Was it… really her? Sheng Donglin met her back then. It wouldn’t be surprising if she were to appear here.

The man was carrying luggage and he just happened to have water in his bag. He put down the bag, took out mineral water, and walked towards her.

Gong Mo quickly got up. Although she couldn’t see, she could smell the strong manly scent in the air. She reached out to grab it, but he pinched her chin.

“Uh… Uhh…” Gong Mo struggled uncomfortably.

The man lifted her face so that the light coming through the window s.h.i.+ned on her face.

Under the mild lighting, her skin was smooth and flawless. He could vaguely see a layer of tiny hairs on her skin. As her lips parted slightly, her sweet breath intermittently blew onto his face.

The man froze. After four years of being apart from her, she had grown even more beautiful.

The man gritted his teeth. How dare you get together with Sheng Donglin! Sheng Donglin, how dare you make her your girlfriend! Both of you will suffer my rage!

“Water…” Gong Mo moaned.

The man unscrewed the bottle cap with one hand and brought the bottle to her mouth.

“Oh…” Gong Mo immediately grabbed the bottle and drank most of the water in one gulp. Then he took the bottle away and she whined coquettishly, “I still want it…”

“I don’t think it’s water you need…” the man said in a deep, husky voice.

“Donglin…” This man didn’t sound like Donglin. Was Donglin drunk?

Gong Mo held her head due to a sudden headache. Had she gotten sick so she couldn’t make out the voices very well.

The man threw the bottle of mineral water onto the ground and the water splattered onto the floor. He got closer to Gong Mo and was about to pinch her chin, but she suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck as she laughed, “Happy birthday…”

The man froze for a moment before clutching the back of her head.

“Ah…” Gong Mo felt a slight pain and moaned softly. Plaintively, she asked, “Donglin, what are you doing?”

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