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Chapter 1748: He lives next to her

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She put down her things and rushed to the peephole to take a look. It was Xiao Mianmian!

She hurriedly opened the door and shouted excitedly, ” “Mianmian …”

“You live here?” countless voices were heard.

Sheng shuangxue looked over and found that most of the criminal Police were there. They were standing in front of several different doors.

This Kasaya

Everyone’s back?

Sheng shuangxue smiled. Hi! You’re all off work? ‘

At this moment, Gu Yunhao walked past her and stopped next door.

She took a look-he was actually using the key to open the door next door!

F * ck! Is there a mistake? Who would want to live next to him?

And it was in the direction of the toilet! In this kind of house, there was still a toilet next to the toilet, which meant that they would have to p.o.o.p and bathe on the other side of the wall? (Young lady, your imagination is too wild.)


Xiao Mianmian’s voice pulled her back from her thoughts. She looked at Xiao Mianmian and felt that she was really cute!

Xiao Mianmian pointed across the street. I live opposite you. You can find me if you need anything.

sure! Sheng shuangxue smiled. Seeing that she was about to open the door, she suddenly called out, ” wait a minute. I need to talk to you right now!

Bang! Bang!

The door next door slammed shut, and everyone was shocked.

Sheng shuangxue immediately pulled Xiao Mianmian into her room and closed the door. Then, he felt that something was wrong, so he opened the door and said to the men outside,””See you guys tomorrow

She closed the door again and asked Xiao Mianmian,””Are you free tonight?”

“Uh, Yingluo usually doesn’t have much to do.”

“Then can you accompany me to the mall? I want to buy something.”

“Of course it’s good!” Xiao Mianmian laughed. I was just worried that it wouldn’t be easy to walk around alone. I can go with you in the future.

alright, alright, alright. We’ll go now!

“But Yingluo, I still want to go back and cook …”

“I’ll treat you! Let’s go buy some things first, we’ll eat outside!” alright! Xiao Mianmian nodded. then I’ll go change my clothes first.

Xiao Mianmian walked out, thought about it, and turned back to ask, ” “Do you want to come over to my place?”

“Alright!” Sheng shuangxue quickly agreed. She didn’t have anything on her side, so it would be good to go over and sit.

When she walked into Xiao Mianmian’s house, she found that it was especially warm inside, and there was even a wallpaper!

Sheng shuangue’s eyes widened,”how could I forget? I can just renovate the room a little!”

“You can sit.” Xiao Mianmian pointed to the small sofa and went to pour her a gla.s.s of water.

Sheng shuangxue looked around the house and added a few more items to her shopping list.

there’s so much furniture here, ” she asked Xiao Mianmian. did you buy it yourself? ‘

“l bought a refrigerator and a was.h.i.+ng machine. The rest were left behind by the previous owner. The house given by the team came with a bed, a cabinet, an air conditioner, and a TV. By the way, I bought this small sofa myself.” “Then I can buy more things. There shouldn’t be anything wrong, right?”

“Of course I won’t,” Xiao Mianmian lowered her voice. I heard that the captain renovated his room when he came!

Sheng shuangxue was surprised. he’s so particular about it?!

Xiao Mianmian nodded. everyone went to his birthday party. There wasn’t even a bed. It was only later that we found out that he kept the wall bed he made after he got up.

“This is good!” Sheng shuangxue said, ” but I don’t know how to make this. I’m too lazy to accept it.

pfft-” Xiao Mianmian covered her mouth and laughed. She suddenly remembered, ” Aiya! I should change my clothes!”

She hurriedly found her clothes and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later, she came out and turned into a cute girl.

Sheng shuangxue held her face and sighed,”Mianmian, how old are you?” He looks like eighteen..”

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