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Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

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Chapter 10

Just Who’s The Lying One Here?

Gong Mo clenched her fists and trembled. She had pressed the doorbell for so long and no one responded, but Su Mo got a response so quickly. Did the Sheng family intend to ignore her? She said, “I’m looking for Sheng Donglin!”

“Young Master isn’t in!” the person inside answered.

“Okay, then please pa.s.s me my handbag! A rich family wouldn’t steal my belongings, right?”

There was a pause and then the call was hung up.

The door opened for Su Mo. Su Mo was not in a rush to enter, but she looked at Gong Mo. “You still have the cheek to come looking for Donglin after what you did?”

Gong Mo was filled with hatred for Sheng Donglin that she couldn’t be bothered with Su Mo.

Su Mo continued, saying, “You’ve been together with Sheng Nanxuan for quite some time, right? How else would you guys start having a secret affair the moment he got back? You got close to him to help him inherit the family a.s.sets, right? Humph, you look pretty innocent, but you’re quite a scheming person! I feel sorry for Donglin!”

Gong Mo looked up and said angrily, “You like him, right? Then I hope he treats you like how he treated me!”

Stunned, Su Mo lightly bit her lower lip. After pondering carefully, Sheng Donglin was really quite a heartless person. Three years ago, someone drugged his fiancée and played her, but he still quickly got into a relations.h.i.+p with Gong Mo. And he had personally sent his girlfriend to his brother’s bed…

Thinking about it, she realized Sheng Donglin was probably even more ruthless than her. Just then, Sheng Donglin came out with Gong Mo’s handbag in his hand. The two women looked at him from a distance. Su Mo seemed to be filled with fondness but Gong Mo was filled with anger.

Sheng Donglin walked up to the gate. He pulled it open and said to Su Mo, “Go in.”

“Oh.” Su Mo was like his little obedient girlfriend as she turned around and drove her sports car through the gate.

Sheng Donglin handed the handbag over to Gong Mo. Gong Mo took the handbag, forcing herself to stay calm.

Sheng Donglin didn’t want to say a word to her as he turned around to leave.

Gong Mo said, “You told me to go to the second room on the left, but… that room was your brother’s!”

Sheng Donglin stopped in his steps, turned back, and said, “I said ‘second room on the right’!”

“Is that so?” Gong Mo sneered. “Did you think I wasn’t sober at that time? I even asked you if it was the second room on the left. What was your answer?”

He had stopped in his steps at that moment because he had never expected her to ask again to confirm, right? So he had planned to send her to Sheng Nanxuan’s room!

“Sheng Donglin, you’ve been lying to me!” Gong Mo howled miserably.

Sheng Donglin’s face turned ashen. “Who’s the lying one here? You’ve known Nanxuan for so many years, but you pretended not to have even heard of him when we were together! You two were already together, right? So the moment he returned, you two couldn’t help but get intimate. You’ve been lying for two years while you were with me. You’ve gotten quite a lot of information for him, haven’t you?”

“What nonsense!” Gong Mo was trembling all over. When did she ever get acquainted with Sheng Nanxuan? She had only heard that he had a younger brother called Sheng Nanxuan and she had only met him yesterday!

She raised a hand and gave him a hard slap. Sheng Donglin’s face tilted to one side and he glared at her incredulously.

Gong Mo howled angrily, “Sheng Donglin, I must have been blind to have been with you!”

Sheng Donglin said in a cold tone, “I was the one who was blind!”

Su Mo had been watching them from a distance after parking her car. Upon seeing Donglin get slapped, she quickly ran over.

“Why are you so barbaric? You’re a shrew!” She helped up Sheng Donglin and shouted at Gong Mo.

Gong Mo shouted back, “So what if I’m a shrew? I wish I could kill him! a.s.shole! b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Sheng Donglin, I wish you a painful death!”

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