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Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable

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Chapter 1

Second Young Master Is Back!

Gong Mo looked up and saw Su Mo gracefully walking towards her.

Seeing that Gong Mo was only holding a gla.s.s of champagne, Su Mo asked, “Why aren’t you eating?”

“I’m not hungry yet.” Gong Mo put down the gla.s.s of champagne and smoothened down her skirt.

“Oh…” Su Mo nodded. She turned her head to look at Sheng Donglin and said in an admiring tone, “Brother Donglin is so handsome!”

Gong Mo’s attention snapped to her.

Su Mo laughed. “To be honest, I used to swear that I would marry Brother Donglin. Ah, what am I saying? Don’t mind me, I was just joking!”

Gong Mo gave her a mirthless smile. “It’s fine…” However, she was gritting her teeth inwardly. How she wished to give Su Mo a good, hard slap!

She had gone too far! How could she go up to someone and tell her that she liked her boyfriend? What was wrong with her?

Gong Mo lowered her head to suppress her anger. Taking her chance while Gong Mo’s head was lowered, Su Mo reached over and dropped a white tablet into Gong Mo’s gla.s.s.

The tablet dissolved instantly in the drink.

Su Mo picked up the gla.s.s of champagne and held it in front of Gong Mo. “Come, we were brought together by fate. Let’s have a drink.”

Gong Mo bit her lip. She took the gla.s.s and clinked with Su Mo while she said to herself, “Ill-fated, definitely!”

Su Mo watched her drink the champagne with delight and she turned and went over to Sheng Dongzun.

Sheng Dongyuan had seen her spike the drink. What was she doing? She’d better not spoil his plan! Sheng Donglin was quietly angry.

He immediately said to Sheng Zhongtian, “Dad, I’ll go see Gong Mo.”

Sheng Zhongtian frowned. “Isn’t she supposed to be with you? Why is she so ill-disciplined? Poor people are just too ill-refined!”

Sheng Zhongtian had always disliked Sheng Donglin’s relations.h.i.+p with Gong Mo. Gong Mo’s family was unknown. How could she possibly be of any help to him?

Sheng Donglin was going to retort, but the butler suddenly came over and said quietly, “Master, Young Master. Second Young Master has just gotten off the plane.”

Their expressions changed immediately. Sheng Zhongtian said angrily, “Why is he coming back at this time? He didn’t even tell us he was coming!”

Sheng Donglin looked at Gong Mo and his eyes narrowed as he thought to himself. “The drug she used should be the typical kind, right? Sheng Nanxuan has come back at the right time! Although this wasn’t his original plan, removing the troublesome Sheng Nanxuan might not necessarily be a bad thing. As for Gong Mo… this is our chance to get rid of her and make Sheng Nanxuan wish he were never born!

Sheng Donglin held his gla.s.s tightly in his hand as he said to Sheng Zhongtian, “Dad, let him come back, alright? After all, today is…”

Sheng Zhongtian was silent for a moment. He was, after all, his son, and he still cared about him. His usual annoying behavior was in part because he cared about Sheng Donglin.

He nodded and said to the butler, “Tell him to come back and send a car to pick him up.”

“Yes, Master.” The butler quietly retreated.

Gong Mo felt something was wrong. Although it was already summer, the summer nights were cool yet she felt so hot. Glancing at Go Mang from afar, Su Mo smirked as though her plan had succeeded. Sheng Donglin would have no choice but to…

Clang clang!

Gong Mo stumbled and accidentally b.u.mped into the waiter who was walking past. The that the waiter was holding fell to the ground with a clatter.

The noise startled Gong Mo. Suddenly, she remembered that when Sheng Donglin introduced her, he only said, “This is Gong Mo”. He never said, “This is my girlfriend”. Did he… not want to tell people about their relations.h.i.+p? What was the point of her foolishly loving him these past two years, then?

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