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Chapter 607: Perfect Plan


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Roy wasn’t surprised that Malygos sought help from him in hopes of obtaining the power to take revenge.

In fact, this was a common problem for many intelligent creatures. When they discovered something they couldn’t do with their own strength, their first thought was to seek help.

Where there was demand, there would be a market, and powerful demons were often the biggest sellers of this market…

As someone who had dealt with demons before, how could Malygos not know the consequences of transacting with them? Of course he knew! But he had no choice because he really couldn’t defeat Neltharion.

Although they were both Aspects, Neltharion’s strength far exceeded that of the other Aspects. The reason was because of the artifact in Neltharion’s hand, the Dragon Soul!

Back then, in order to forge this artifact, Neltharion had deceived the other Aspects and infused their essence into the Dragon Soul. This meant that the Dragon Soul had an unparalleled restraining ability against other dragons. As long as other dragons were around the Dragon Soul, they would become abnormally weak. Moreover, Neltharion had not infused his essence into it, making the Dragon Soul an artifact that only black dragons and other races could use, and only Neltharion’s own power could destroy this artifact.

As long as Neltharion had this artifact, it was impossible for the other Aspects to win against him.

Of course, this was Malygos’s idea. But in fact, he didn’t know one thing—the Dragon Soul in Neltharion’s hand had been destroyed!

The destruction of the Dragon Soul had happened just a while ago. It was when the Dragonmaw clan had imprisoned Alexstrasza. The reason why Alexstrasza had been restrained and couldn’t resist was that the Dragonmaw clan had obtained the Dragon Soul. But when Rhonin saved her, he used one of Neltharion’s scales to imitate his power and destroyed the artifact…

But Malygos had no idea about this matter at all. He had been delirious and didn’t have any perception of the outside world. This time, he woke up because of Roy’s Void power. So after Alexstrasza rushed over, she had no time to tell Malygos about this, making him think that Neltharion still controlled the Dragon Soul.

This was a wonderful misunderstanding, but Roy didn’t intend to explain it to Malygos. All of Malygos’s thoughts were on vengeance, and his anger had already destroyed his will. It was time for Roy to raise the price.

He stared at Malygos and observed him from head to toe. After thinking for a while, he said, “Letting you see Sindragosa again is our first deal, and the price is your soul. Now that I’ve fulfilled my promise, according to the contract, your soul is already mine… What you’re proposing now is a second deal. Tell me, what price do you plan to pay?”

“You can take away everything I have!” Malygos pointed at his body. “Including this body. From the soul to the body, I will submit to you!”

Roy snorted and said with a smile, “You saw that Sindragosa became an undead, so you plan to use my power to become the same existence so that you can be together with her, right?”

“That’s right… After all, I have no other choice!” Malygos looked at the dragon lich Sindragosa beside him in pain. “She has become an undead creature, so it’s impossible for her to accompany the living, so I can only be like her… The blue dragons have already been exterminated. Perhaps after becoming undead creatures, we can still leave some traces of existence for the blue dragons.”

Roy looked at Malygos in surprise. He could tell that Malygos was in despair and felt that his future life was meaningless, so he sought to become an undead creature.

As for the duties of the Aspect of Magic… Hehe, after Neltharion fell, what was the use of the so-called duties of the Aspect of Earth? Even so, the t.i.tans had never appeared and transferred the duties to anyone else. This meant that the t.i.tans had never paid attention to their group of dragons.

After figuring this out, Malygos no longer cared about his duty as an Aspect.

“We can carry out the transaction…” Roy thought for a while. “But what I want to tell you is that I’m afraid I can’t let you complete your revenge personally. You’re an Aspect chosen by the t.i.tans. In other words, your body is actually an experimental product of the t.i.tans and has been modified by them. I’m afraid my strength can’t exceed the limitations of the t.i.tans and allow you to obtain greater power. At most, I will let you accept my blood and become a dragon lich like Sindragosa.”

“Then, how should I kill Neltharion?” Malygos was anxious.

“I have to mention your soul!” Roy stretched out his hand, opened a spatial gate in the valley, and summoned Rafaro.

“Do you see him? His name is Rafaro, a dragon who submitted to me in another world!” Roy pointed at Rafaro. “After my modifications, he now has a characteristic. When he devours powerful souls of his kind, he will obtain further evolution.”

“You mean to let him devour my soul?” Malygos’s eyes widened.

Rafaro, hovering in the air, said, “To be precise, it’s a fusion! After all, we’re compatriots. After our souls fuse, I will obtain your memories, and you will obtain mine. You can see it as multiple dragons existing in one soul at the same time, but I’m usually the one controlling the body…”

Seeing Malygos’s hesitation, Rafaro continued to bewitch him. “Come, Malygos, let’s become one. I promise you that when you kill Neltharion, I will let you temporarily control the body. This way, you can take revenge personally…”

Malygos closed his eyes and fell into a dilemma. The scene was silent, waiting for his decision.

A moment later, he opened his eyes and looked at Sindragosa affectionately. He found that she was expressionless and indifferent to his gaze. Feeling a little cold in his heart, he said to Roy, “Okay, I agree!”

Then he relieved all the magic power in his body. “Take it away, King of Despair Osiris!”

He faced Roy calmly, but he didn’t know that behind him, Rafaro’s eyes were wide open in disbelief. Is this guy stupid? He hasn’t even signed the contract yet dares to let Master take action?!

Roy was slightly surprised, but he didn’t stand on ceremony at all. He stretched out his hand and stabbed his claws into Malygos’s chest!

Malygos’s body shook, and a painful expression appeared on his face. He watched helplessly as Roy’s hand slowly withdrew from his chest. When the claws completely left, the skin on his chest didn’t show any damage, but Roy was already holding a large soul s.h.i.+ning with blue light.

This dragon soul was as big as two basketb.a.l.l.s. When Roy took it out of Malygos’s body, Malygos’s body collapsed to the ground, and his entire body lost all signs of life.

After death, Malygos could no longer maintain his human form. In a burst of light, he slowly transformed into an enormous blue dragon lying on his side on the ground.

“Give it to me, Master!” Rafaro didn’t care so much and begged Roy anxiously. “Give it to me quickly, please!”

Roy threw the soul to Rafaro. “Remember to leave a trace of his memories!”

Rafaro first held the dragon soul in his mouth and then said in surprise, “Huh? Master, are you really going to fulfill your promise to him? You didn’t even sign a contract.”

“Cut the c.r.a.p!” Roy said coldly. “This guy is an Aspect, and his soul strength is about the same as yours. If you really want to have another personality in your soul to compete for control of your body, then you can try…”

After hearing what Roy said, Rafaro understood. “You mean… this guy has obsessions?”

Julia said to Rafaro, “Idiot, this guy is an Aspect. Do you really think he’s that stupid? I can guarantee that if you try to devour him completely when you fuse, he’ll definitely do his best to resist and fight you for control of your body!”

“That’s right. This is why I didn’t kill him directly and take his soul!” Roy nodded. “The souls of these t.i.tan creations have exceeded my imagination. It’s probably very difficult to obliterate them forcefully… That’s why I wanted to bewitch him. Only the soul he willingly offers will have certain memory banks open to you.”

“Okay, I understand.” Rafaro nodded and swallowed the dragon soul.

After devouring the dragon soul, Rafaro’s body floated quietly in the air. But it was obvious that his body was expanding and elongating, and the power in his body was constantly increasing.

After the fusion, Rafaro’s body almost doubled in length. Now, he was about 2.4 kilometers long, and his body was hovering above the valley in the shape of a coiling snake.

Moreover, after fusing with Malygos’s dragon soul, some blue scales grew on Rafaro’s body, forming a color gradient with his original black scales. At this moment, Rafaro’s entire body was full of powerful elemental power.

Rafaro opened his eyes, approached Roy with his head, and said respectfully, “Master, you’re right. I left some of Malygos’s memories, and his soul didn’t resist my fusion… Moreover, I obtained almost all of Malygos’s memories when he was alive, including the scene of him being empowered by that t.i.tan. It popped into my mind…”

“Oh? Can you feel how powerful that t.i.tan is?” Roy asked with interest.

“It’s hard to say…” Rafaro deliberated over his words. “The feeling the t.i.tan gives me is that he’s at the level of Lady Lilith, but he seems to be much worse than her!”

“Lilith should be the strongest among the existences I know!” Roy shook his head. “There’s no comparison. Okay, have you obtained the operation method of the Focusing Iris?”

“I got it! Master, your guess was right!” Rafaro said thankfully. “Fortunately, we didn’t forcefully use the Focusing Iris. This thing really has a unique restriction. Only Malygos knows how to control it. Had we forcefully controlled it, the backlash of the magic network’s energy might have blown us up!”

“But it’s ours now, isn’t it?” Benia smiled.

In fact, Roy had had a series of plans to s.n.a.t.c.h the Focusing Iris in advance. He had even set up use permissions in Frostmourne. So how could he not obtain the Focusing Iris, the artifact the t.i.tans had given to Malygos? He had actually plotted for Malygos’s soul from the beginning.

Of course, this scheme was based on obtaining Malygos’s complete memories, so he had gone through so much trouble to bewitch him.

The dragon lich Sindragosa, who had witnessed all of this, watched silently and followed respectfully behind Roy and the others. It had to be said that the loss of memories was indeed a tragedy. Roy had clearly plotted against her spouse, Malygos, but she didn’t react at all.

Roy didn’t waste the corpse left behind by Malygos. He dripped his demon blood onto it and transformed it into a dragon lich.

In this way, Roy harvested two powerful dragon liches, and the dragon lich transformed by Malygos was even stronger.

“Sindragosa!” Roy turned to look at her. “When you fought against Neltharion, where were the corpses of the dead blue dragons buried?”

Hearing this, Julia and the others understood Roy’s plan. He planned to capture the entire blue dragonflight in one fell swoop and form a powerful dragon lich army!

Sindragosa didn’t hesitate to reply. “Honorable Master, almost all the blue dragons that died in that war don’t have a corpse left, and a small number of them might have flown back with serious injuries. If that’s the case, then the burial place they chose may be in Northrend. It might be in Dragonblight because this is where all dragons choose to bury themselves.”

“Dragonblight…” Roy grinned. “Isn’t it very close?”

“The problem is that Wyrmrest Temple is also there. If we excavate the blue dragon corpses, Wyrmrest Temple definitely won’t sit idle, right?” Julia asked.

“Of course they won’t sit back and do nothing. But can they defeat us?” Roy sneered. “We have the biggest fists, so we can do whatever we want!”

With that, Roy spread his wings, flew up, and jumped onto Rafaro’s head. “Let’s go. The demons of the Burning Legion are worried, so I’ll do something myself and give the people of Azeroth a huge surprise…”

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