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Chapter 6: Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master

“I have been infected by the people in the chat group. Although reading the chat records is pretty fun, as expected, I should leave the group after a while. Or else, if time, I will become one of them——I’ll let my cousin look at this recipe, determine whether or not these ingredients will cause death if eaten, then leave the group.” Song Shuhang affirmed internally.

Actually, since this was just a mysterious group…and since he was mysteriously added, Song Shuhang could completely ignore whether the other party would live or die.

However, he always felt that if the “medicinal pill” had poison in it, then nevertheless, he should warn and advise them against consuming it. Even if the other party doesn’t heed his words, he would at least have a clear conscience.

Yes, a clear conscience.

Whether they listen or not was the group members’ responsibility, but whether to advise them or not…that was his responsibility.


Upon arriving at the dorms, Song Shuhang opened the chat application and sent his cousin, Zhao Yaya, a copy of the medicinal ingredients.

“Sis Yaya, hypothetically, if you took all the ingredients, boiled them all down into paste, will the finished product kill someone upon consumption? If you have time, please help me find out.”

Upon hitting the enter key and sending the message, Song Shuhang leaned back on his chair, relaxing his mind.

Cousin Zhou Yaya and Song Shuhang were not close. She had already started interning at college, and did not come online that often. A lot of times, she would only pop online once in a few days. Upon sending a message, it would be normal to receive a reply after a week.

If he could, Song Shuhang would rather not have asked this question over the internet.

After all, there were some things better said face to face to prevent any misunderstandings. If his cousin thought he was the one who wanted to eat this, then wouldn’t this be unexplainable without meeting face to face? He was afraid that his dearest mother would fly all the way over to see him.

However today, he felt himself becoming increasingly like one of the group members—Indeed, reading this chat log was interesting, but it would be better for him to leave earlier.

Taking advantage of the fact that he had never popped up in the chat, and he had not interacted with any of the members, his exit from the group wouldn’t have that much impact.

Nevertheless, his fingers involuntarily s.h.i.+fted to the bottom right corner, and opened up the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

It was really easy to form a habit. As a matter of fact, it only took him ten days to form the habit of checking this chat group daily.

At this moment, there were some people online.

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner: “Ah Qi, is the tribulation over? Has little s.h.i.+liu advanced in rank?”

This message was sent just over 10 minutes ago, but Su Clan’s Ah Qi had not yet responded to him.

“Something couldn’t have happened during the tribulation right?” Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather asked. This time, it was actually she herself and not her father. This girl may have had just joined this group, but with her glib tongue, she had already become familiar with some of the more active group members.

She knew that for cultivators, every single tribulation could not be underestimated. No matter how weak the tribulation was, just a single mistake could cause serious repercussions.

“That shouldn’t be the case, there’s Ah Qi there. It’s merely 3rd Stage- Houtian tribulation, if there were to be a problem, he could forcefully dispel it.” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner responded.

Only, Su Clan’s Ah Qi never responded, and he couldn’t put himself at ease.

At this moment, an ID that Song Shuhang had never seen emerged. This person was called ‘Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master’. He sent: “You guys need not worry yet. Wait for this Immortal Master to divinate first, then you’ll know the result.”

After a moment of silence, North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner replied: “Ok.”

It looked like this person called Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master played the role of an Immortal Master in terms of divination?

After about two or three minutes, Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master said: “Haha, no problem. The results from my divination shows a very auspicious outcome, Su Clan’s Ah Qi and his younger relative should be fine. Let’s just wait for little s.h.i.+liu to come challenge us.”

Very auspicious, then they should be relieved now, right? Even though you can’t take fortune telling as truth, but sometimes it certainly can make you feel better. Shuhang thought to himself.

However, after North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner heard the divination result, he wasn’t delighted. Instead, he became quiet.

After a while, he sent an grimacing emoji and said, “It seems that Ah s.h.i.+liu is indeed in trouble, which is why Ah Qi is not online. Is there anybody who is in H City’s vicinity that can go check if Ah Qi needs any help?”

Mad Saber Three Waves appeared, and sighed: “If the result of the Trigram Immortal is very auspicious, then something is wrong. But I am very far away from H city. Even if I rushed there, it will take me days to get there.”

“?” Soft Feather was puzzled.

“Soft Feather, what you don’t know is that Immortal Master’s divination is never correct. If the result from his divination is very auspicious, then you’d better be prepared, because a calamity is imminent. On the other hand, if he divines that you will be in grave danger, you should feel relief, because your luck has just turned great. If one day he foresees that the most world-breaking tribulation is coming your way, then you should have a celebratory party, because this is a sign that you might pick up an immortal tool just from leaving home!” Mad Saber Three Waves explained.

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner added: “From a different perspective, Trigram Immortal’s divination ability is indeed strong, because if you take the opposite of his divinations, you have basically found correct the correct answer.”

Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master, “……”

He felt a strong urge to scream and defend himself, but because of his long and dark track record, he felt stifled to death.

“Oh, right, lady Soft Feather, could you ask your father when he plans to return home? He has been staying at my place for a long time. Doesn’t he miss his home, doesn’t he miss his adorable and beautiful daughter?” Mad Saber Three Waver learned his lesson this time and didn’t say anything that would warrant his death

“Sure thing senior, I will ask my dad when I have time.” Soft Feather responded politely, but her response was vague as she didn’t say when she would ask, and also didn’t confirm that the question she will ask her father is for him to return home.

Mad Saber Three Waves is quite astute, and he realized that Soft Feather was merely throwing him off. As a result, brother Three Waves’ eyes once again moistened.

“Is there any lurker here from H City?” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner asked the entire group.

The lurking group members popped out one by one, but all denied being in H city. Huaxia was a huge country, while there were only that many people in the group. It’s impossible for everybody to be in the same area.

Song Shuhang was in JiangNan region right next to H city, but he was no acquaintance of Su Clan’s Ah Qi. Moreover, he still kept a clear head, it would be impossible for him to a.s.sist these folks in the group to go searching for someone who allegedly went missing after a lightning tribulation based on someone’s divination.

He had not been a.s.similated afterall.

At this moment, Spirit b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather said again: “I plan to run some errands in J city, I will fly to Jiang Nan airport first, then transfer to J city. Jiang Nan region is close to H city, if there is anything I can help with, please contact me anytime. Even though I am not familiar with H city, I will do my best to help.”

“That is great.” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner responded.

“Pa.s.sing by Jiang Nan region? This lady from the chat group is coming here?” Song Shuhang blinked a few times.

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner gladly said: “I will try to contact Ah Qi. If he needs help, I will then reach out to you, Soft Feather.”

He and Su Clan’s Ah Qi had been great friends even before joining this chat group. Now, with Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master’s divination, North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner became very concerned.

If something does not concern you, then it doesn’t matter. If something does concern you, you can’t stay calm .

At this moment, Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch appeared. The moderator of the chat group tried to console him by saying: “North River, don’t get overly worried. With Ah Qi present, don’t even mention the 3rd Stage-Houtian tribulation, even if it was the 4th Stage-Xiantian tribulation, it couldn’t possibly do a thing to him.”

“That’s true.” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner sighed. “Actually I wasn’t worried at first. It was merely a 3rd Stage-Houtian tribulation afterall. However, the very auspicious divination made by Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master truly made me endlessly worried.”

“….” Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch.

“……” Mad Saber Three Waves.

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner words made a lot of sense, and the two of them were left speechless.