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Chapter 4: H City’s 3rd stage – Houtian lightning tribulation

Thinking it through, Song Shuhang pressed and held the ? key and deleted what he typed into the chat window.

He understood, with this group’s members’ temperament, even if he sent advice, he reckoned that none of them would probably listen. Moreover, since there was someone who had already taken it, and was still able to leap and frisk about, that medicine shouldn’t poison someone to death in a short period of time, right?

Although this was how it is, Song Shuhang felt that he couldn’t just leave them to their own devices. Every medicine had its side effects, perhaps this body tempering liquid or something was a slow acting poison, and wouldn’t kill a person in a short period of time, but if it took a life in a long period of time what was there to do?

Therefore this medicinal recipe had to be verified!

He was even still worried for this group of xianxia chuunibyous.

As a person, Song Shuhang was generally a great candidate to choose as a good friend.

He picked up the notebook beside him, then copied down the 30 and more medicinal ingredients that Medicine Master’s ‘body tempering fluid’ contained that could be found online.

Song Shuhang had an older female cousin named Zhao Yaya, who studied medical science.

Her university had a Chinese medicine faculty, so Song Shuhang wanted to have her ask them, if these 30 and more improving qi and blood circulation ingredients were thrown into a pot and cooked for a while, will the end result be able to kill the one who eats it?

All these improving blood circulation, qi and health ingredients, theoretically shouldn’t kill the one who eats it. But so many things stuffed into a pot to cook and stew, who knows what kind of thing it would end up transforming into at the end?

As for those names at the back, the Fresh Tyrant Branches, Nine-Yang Scarlet Bamboo slices etc. Those carried a clear sense of chunni, therefore Song Shuhang naturally chose to ignore them. Who knew what kind of things these were? He wasn’t someone stuck in second grade, alright?

If he took these items to ask his cousin, his cousin would definitely think that water had entered his brain. And then the next day, Mama Song would certainly board an aeroplane to hurry towards Jiang Nan City and take him to see some neurosurgeon or psychiatrist.

“When I go back home in another two weeks, I’ll secretly ask my cousin…” Song Shuhang quietly reasoned in his heart. He hoped that in this span of time, the xianxia aficionados wouldn’t cut him off.

While Song Shuhang was copying the pill recipe, Nine Provinces (1) Group also remained peaceful temporarily. On normal days the number of members online always remained low, by the looks of it even chuunibyous have normal lives to lead?

That’s right, people living on this earth still had to eat, work, and take care of children. Perhaps within this group there were also students like him.

After copying the 30 and more ingredients from the pill recipe, Song Shuhang stretched his back. He then looked towards the bottom right hand of his monitor, at the weather forecast software.

1st June, clear.

2nd June, clear.

“The weather’s good, I should go exercise for a bit later.” Song Shuhang felt that his physique had deteriorated, and so decided to do more exercise.

But it didn’t matter what his heart thought, for his fingers couldn’t help but open the computer’s game icon, first enjoy a game then think about it!


Although he said he’d enjoy a game, once the game started, one match after another, he simply couldn’t stop!

Unwittingly, it was afternoon.

“Time during weekends always seem to pa.s.s particularly fast.” Song Shuhang made a dry laugh, closed the game, then conveniently opened up the Nine Provinces (1) Group by habit.

Taking a look after booting, taking a look before shutting down, and a happy mood for the whole day!

Once the chat window opened, he realized that the frequently online North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner was already online.

Inside there were many new chat records.

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner: “Medicine Master bro, your pill concocting standards leave me speechless. I tried 10 furnaces of that altered body tempering liquid, and even managed success with 8 of them, the medicine’s effectiveness was better than expected. It’s a pity that this body tempering liquid is only effective for entry-level cultivators. For a loose pract.i.tioner like me this isn’t very useful, but for those like Daluo Sect’s Rainmoon True Monarch and the others’ disciples and disciples’ children, those seniors would have great use for it. Once senior Rain b.u.t.terfly and the others receive this pill recipe, they would owe you, Medicine Master bro, a huge favor.”

Roaming Cloud Monk Tong Xuan mysteriously appeared, and sent a thumbs up.

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner immediately laughed, “I forgot, Master Tong Xuan you have a group of little monks under your care. Medicine Master bro, seems like the people who owe you a favor has once again increased.”

Roaming Cloud Monk Tong Xuan once again sent a smiley, then lurked.

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner returned with another smiley, he felt that practising that ‘silent meditation’ was a real pain in the a.s.s, and if it wasn’t for the chat software allowing Master Tong Xuan to send punctuations and emoticons, he probably wouldn’t even have a way to socialize, right? Buddhist sects were just such a pain in the a.s.s, which was why that time, when a great monk tried to sway him into becoming a novice monk, him not agreeing was a decision that couldn’t be greater!

Approximately 10 minutes later, Mad Saber Three Waves came online, “Soft Feather Fairy ~~ Soft Feather Fairy, if you are here please be sure to reply to this majesty for a moment!”

At the same time he sent a line of crying and kneeling emoticons.

“Oh, fellow daoist Three Waves hasn’t been online for the past few days, where did you go for closed-door cultivation?” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner made a naughty smile, he was asking despite knowing the circ.u.mstances.

“Closed a d.a.m.ned door!” Three Waves sent a voice message, even his voice sounded like choking: “Three days ago, ‘senior’ Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Respected Sage came to visit this majesty, then stayed in this majesty’s house for three days. After that, you all know what happened ah ah ah ah……”

“Hehe.” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner expressed how he definitely wouldn’t pity Three Waves, someone who seeks death is not worth pitying!

“Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather, beautiful Soft Feather Fairy, please come out to meet Waves! I have something to request!” Three Waves miserably called, Waves was Three Waves’ surname. His original name was Waves Three.

“?” Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather came online, and sent a question mark.

“Fairy, you are finally here. This majesty has a request. I’m requesting you to please bring that overly-attached-to-his-daughter’s-relations.h.i.+ps father back home. Waves is kneeling!” Three Waves sent a otz kneeling emoticon.

“Hehe.” Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Island’s Soft Feather sent a smiley, and then sent another sentence after a moment, “Old me is overly attached to his daughter’s relations.h.i.+ps?”

Huh? Wait a moment, doesn’t something seem to be wrong?

Old me? Oh my mama, it was Spiritual b.u.t.terfly Respected Sage using his daughter’s account again?

Clunk, did something break? It was Three Waves’ frail heart.

Sure enough, this old fella was overly attached to his daughter’s relations.h.i.+ps, often using his daughter’s account, was there still justice in this world!?

“…….” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner felt that his mouth could no longer stop twitching. In the end, he kindly prompted, “Right, Three Waves bro. Lady Soft Feather seems to be refining the new version of body tempering liquid right?”

Which is why Lady Soft Feather will not come online for a short period of time.

Afterwards, there no longer was an afterwards.

Mad Saber Three Waves disconnected…… It was a disconnection, not that he went offline.

“Chi!” Song Shuhang happily laughed out.

Cheerful mood.

Over the 10 days of reading the chat records, he felt that the people in the group weren’t like normal chuunibyou patients. Their conversations revealed contents were too real, like it wasn’t products of their imaginations.

This thought only stayed in Song Shuhang’s mind for a moment before it pa.s.sed.

“Could it be that I’ve seen too much of their chat records, and have been a.s.similated by them?” Thinking of this, Song Shuhang was frightened to the point he had cold sweat.

He had long pa.s.sed the age for chuuni, but who doesn’t have a ‘remember that time’ moments?

Those years of heroic, wuxia and superhero dreams were his dark history, and experiences he wouldn’t want to face in this lifetime. Once he thought of it he would feel ashamed, and feel like dying; wanting to forget and wanting to forget!

So he absolutely must not be a.s.similated by the other fellas in the group.

“Time to go eat.” He extended his hand, and was about to close the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Just as he was about to close the chat, the group’s North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner once again appeared with a line, “Ah Qi, has the junior in your family finished with his tribulation? Why is there no noise from him?

Su Clan’s Ah Qi replied, “Preparing for it right now, it’s about to begin in a few hours.”

North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner replied with another question, “Going through the tribulation from where? Do you need help?”

“The tribulation will be at a suburb of H city, don’t worry, my family’s Ah s.h.i.+liu has outstanding talent, a mere 3rd stage – Houtian advancement’s lightning calamity is a small matter, sprinkle a little water and it’s enough to pa.s.s. You guys can wait for my family’s Ah s.h.i.+liu to advance towards 4th stage – Xiantian, then he will come challenge you guys, wahaha!” Su Clan’s Ah Qi laughed, he was very relaxed.

[TL: Ah Qi’s Qi is the character seven, while Ah s.h.i.+liu’s s.h.i.+liu refers to sixteen. I might change to the actual numbers if more and more Ahs appear]

“If you put it that way then I’m relieved, Ah s.h.i.+liu this little fella’s talent is indeed pretty good. 3rd stage – Houtian should pose no problems for this little fella.” North River’s Loose Pract.i.tioner replied.

After this, the group’s peace was restored.



Song Shuhang rubbed his chin, H City?

Wasn’t that the place right beside the Jiang Nan region! Bringing that up, the university city he was at was right beside Jiang Nan City and H City, the J City’s district.

H City was a small city in Huaxia, and while the area was small, their economy was doing extremely well. It was Huaxia’s famed shopping heaven, with the reputation of having everything within heaven and earth up for sale. Of course, illegal things were excluded.

If the tribulation is received in H City, then can it be seen from the Jiang Nan region?

“Am I an idiot?” Song Shuhang laughed, how could he take things said by the group seriously?

A lightning calamity nonetheless? With this weather there are no clouds within 10000 miles, with bright and beautiful suns.h.i.+ne. It couldn’t be possible to have a thunderstorm right?

What’s more, the present is unlike a few years prior, the weather forecast is now accurate, at least within the approaching three days. If it was reported to be a sunny day, there wouldn’t be waves of thunder or torrential rains.

“Taking advantage of the good weather, I’ll go to the bookshop after eating!” Song Shuhang murmured.