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Chapter 1813: Ten kilos of fortuitous encounters

Translator: G.o.dBrandy Editor: Kurisu

The black-skinned Soft Feather said, “Senior, you lost again.”

The boy turned his head, and glanced at Soft Feather. “Mm-hm, I know, little fairy maiden.”

“So, do I need to hold a Wealth Distribution?” Song Shuhang shook the two boxes he had, and said, “I’ve only got these two items, how am I supposed to distribute them?”

“My agreement with Xiaoyao was to have one-quarter to one-fifth of the winnings he got distributed. You can decide on how to do it yourself.” The boy wiped his tears, very unwilling to accept this loss.

Song Shuhang asked, “Are there any rules regarding the object of the Wealth Distribution? Does it have to be placed in the Throne of Wealth Distribution?”

The young man waved his hand lazily, and said, “For the first time, you can do whatever you want.”

“I see. In that case…” Song Shuhang slightly stretched out his hand, and transferred the puppet maiden and Chu Chu out of the Inner World.

Chu Chu looked at Song Shuhang, and asked, “Teacher, has something happened for you to summon me?”

The puppet maiden didn’t move, or more accurately, she couldn’t move. She had previously shut down due to a lack of energy, and she had not rebooted or powered back on since then.

“Mm-hm, today, your teacher will be giving you a gift!” Song Shuhang opened the box which contained the chef hearts, took out the white one, and handed it to Chu Chu.

Since he could choose where and how to hold the Wealth Distribution… then that meant he could simply choose to distribute the treasures to his disciples.

Chu Chu took the white chef heart, and asked, “What is this?”

Song Shuhang said solemnly, “This is something that represents an outstanding immortal chef—a chef heart. It’s similar to a sword cultivator’s sword intent. With this, you can go further on the path of immortal chefs.”

After he finished saying that, he remembered something, and turned to look at the boy. “Senior, how do you use the chef heart?”

“I’m unhappy and very tired right now, so I don’t want to talk about it.” The boy sat back in his chair, holding the teacup and taking a sip of the immortal tea.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior, you’re supposed to be a senior figure. Why are you acting so childish?

While he was in thought, the servant with the single big diamond eyeball floated over again. It held several cups of immortal tea in its hands, and served Chu Chu, Lady Onion, Fairy Creation, and the virtuous lamia one cup each.

Besides them, it also served Song Shuhang another cup of tea.

The black-skinned Soft Feather was an inner demon, and did not have the ability to drink, and the same was true for the puppet maiden. As such, neither of them received a cup of tea.

“This tea is very good. Chu Chu, after drinking it, you can immediately enter a state of cultivation and absorb its effects,” Song Shuhang reminded Chu Chu as it was almost time for her ascension. This cup of immortal tea came just at the right time to give Chu Chu a little boost.

Chu Chu held the teacup and nodded slightly.

Just from the fragrance of the tea, she knew that this immortal tea was extremely precious. Its preciousness could already be described to be at the level of a ‘fortuitous encounter’. Consequently, she was even more convinced that having a good teacher was very important.

“By the way.” Song Shuhang looked at the diamond eyeball. “Can I have some of the tea leaves for this immortal tea? I want to share it with some of my friends so that they can also experience the greatness of senior’s homemade tea and have their eyes opened.”

When he saw the tea again, he immediately thought of sharing it with the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

However, as soon as he said that, Song Shuhang immediately realized that he had made a slip of the tongue.

His bad habit of speaking his mind tended to make its appearance when he wasn’t careful. It had pa.s.sed his mind that this senior was not Senior White Two, and they had just met each other not long ago.

I can’t believe I asked him for immortal tea leaves. My brain must have short-circuited just now!

Song Shuhang said quickly, “Apologies, I take back what I said just now. I wasn’t in the right state. Senior, please ignore my request.”

“Oh, you want tea leaves? It seems that you have some taste; you even realized that I’m good at making tea. Little Fellow Daoist Xiaoyao had no such ability when it came to tasting tea. Every time I invited him to drink tea, he would drink it negligently.” Turning around, the corners of the boy’s mouth rose.

The boy continued, “It just so happens that I harvested quite a bit of immortal tea leaves, so I’ll give you 10 kilograms.”

Song Shuhang blinked, and immediately changed his tune. “Thank you, Senior!”

I was too naive. How could I use ordinary people’s standards to judge this senior’s way of thinking?

The boy snapped his fingers, and the big diamond eyeball brought a bag of more than 10 kilos of immortal tea leaves to Song Shuhang.

Chu Chu, who was by the side, was stunned.

She had no idea how she was to describe her inner thoughts just now.

More than 10 kilos of immortal tea leaves!

More than 10 kilos of something at the level of a fortuitous encounter!

Is my teacher really so incredible?

To be honest, she really couldn’t understand the relations.h.i.+p between her teacher and these big shots.

“In addition, regarding the chef heart, you simply need to take hold of it, and press it into your chest. It’s very simple to use.” The boy smiled slightly.

Song Shuhang looked at the white chef heart, and then at his disciple’s chest—this kind of thing should be done by his disciple herself. As her teacher, he was powerless.

The boy said, “However, when absorbing the chef heart, you must mentally prepare yourself. Chef heart and sword intent are both conceptual items. If your mental energy and will are unable to handle the chef heart, you may ultimately be killed by the backlash. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Thank you for the reminder, Senior.” Chu Chu then carefully put away the white chef heart. She planned on waiting at least until she transcended her next heavenly tribulation before absorbing the chef heart.

“Then, this core is for the puppet maiden.” Song Shuhang reached out, and placed the core beside the puppet maiden.

Song Shuhang did not need to manually install it. The puppet maiden’s body could automatically capture the puppet core and install it herself.

The puppet maiden rebooted along with a melodious tune.

Song Shuhang asked, “Fairy, how is it? Does the new core fit well?”

The puppet maiden got up, and sat on the chair. She interlocked her fingers, and placed her chin on top of them while sitting on the chair with a dignified look on her face. “Give me some time. I can slowly get used to this new core.”

“It’s all good as long as you can use it,” Song Shuhang said.

Then, he grabbed the black chef heart. “As for this last one, is it alright to save it for myself?”

The boy held the teacup, and said slowly, “You can do as you wish. However, during the following bets, the Wealth Distribution must be done through the Throne of Wealth Distribution.”

Song Shuhang nodded. “I have no problem with that.”

Perhaps… the Wealth Distribution and the Throne of Wealth Distribution were a part of some plan of the senior.

The boy asked, “What are you planning on doing with that last chef heart?”

Song Shuhang held the box with the chef heart, and said, “Is it worth anything? If it is, then I’ll probably exchange it for spirit stones…”

“…” The boy.

“Ahem!” Song Shuhang immediately changed his mind. “I guess I’ll use it myself?”

The boy asked, “You want to be an immortal chef?”

Song Shuhang said, “I hadn’t thought about it, but… Since it is an item similar to ‘sword intent’ and ‘saber intent’, then maybe I can use it as a reference? The chef heart won’t be in conflict with saber intent, right?”

The second form of his saber intent was about to take shape, so maybe he could draw some inspiration from this chef heart.

The boy confirmed, “They won’t conflict with one another.”

Song Shuhang thought for a moment, and then decided. “Then I’ll give it a try.”

He grabbed the black chef heart, and pressed it to his chest.

After pressing it down, he suddenly thought of something.

I forgot to use the secret appraisal technique on the chef heart just now…. If I had done that, I could have at least known who its owner had been, and perhaps gotten some more information…