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Chapter 1806: Divine Strike? No, it’s a Pay-To-Win Strike!


Translator: G.o.dBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang turned his head calmly, and glanced at the two fairies and the ensemble of Holy Apes behind him. As he had already prepared himself for this beforehand, no matter how much the image of the two fairies changed, he was able to remain calm.

On the contrary, Senior Loose Immortal Xiaoyao felt as if something had gotten stuck in his throat, letting out a strange sound. From this sound, Song Shuhang could hear Senior Xiaoyao’s heartache and shattered dreams.


As such, he felt satisfied.

This was the effect he wanted. Such great things could not be limited to one person alone—they had to be shared with many!

After a long while, Senior Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song… I will give you the first-grade prize now.”

“Senior.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and said, “Can we discuss whether or not the first-grade prize can be replaced by something mundane? To be honest, I am very much fine with normal things.”

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you’re too hot-headed. As a cultivator, you must have a big heart. Even if the sky falls and the earth cracks apart, you should be able to keep a straight face,” Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said. How could one lose composure for the sake of mere mundane items?

“Senior, your words are very reasonable.” After Song Shuhang finished saying that, he glanced meaningfully at Fairy Creation behind him, who was headbanging in all directions.

“…” Loose Immortal Xiaoyao.


After a long while, Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said, “The treasures on the eighth and ninth floor cannot be given to you. However, you will gain something of far greater value. Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, do you see this Throne of Wealth Distribution? From today onwards, it belongs to you! The value of this throne far exceeds the total value of the treasures on the eighth and ninth floor.”

Song Shuhang silently glanced at the Throne of Wealth Distribution—this throne was indeed interesting. However, many of its functions overlapped with the Inner World, and Song Shuhang did not feel much desire to acquire it.

However, if I were to give it to Senior White, how much of my debt would I be able to offset?


Song Shuhang couldn’t remember the exact number of Eighth and Ninth Stage spirit stones that Senior White had kept in his spatial equipment. Still, this throne looked amazing, so Senior White should be interested in it. If Senior White felt pleased by it, Song Shuhang might be able to directly clear himself of his debts.

Thinking of this, Song Shuhang felt very happy.

He wanted to repay his debt to Senior White as soon as possible, because it was only by paying off his debt that he could bring himself to borrow more.

The unreasonable mentality of ‘when there are too many debts, there’s no need to worry about them anymore’ was one that he didn’t have. Even if Senior White did not care and wouldn’t mind letting him borrow more spirit stones, Shuhang’s skin was too thin to accept such a thing, and he would be too embarra.s.sed to borrow more.


“Also, the value of this throne is not as simple as it appears on the surface,” Loose Immortal Xiaoyao’s voice continued. “As I said previously, this is the final Wealth Distribution.”

Song Shuhang nodded slightly. He knew that Loose Immortal Xiaoyao’s Wealth Distribution was not only a hobby, but rather something related to bets between him and the big shot called ‘beep beep~’.


Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said, “Actually, besides being a part of my personal hobby, the Wealth Distribution is related to a very mysterious senior.”

A curious look appeared in Song Shuhang’s eyes. It seemed that Loose Immortal Xiaoyao was going to start talking about that senior called ‘beep beep~’!

Song Shuhang was also very interested in this senior who could not be identified by the secret appraisal technique.

The other party had the ❮Divine Weapon Appraisal❯, so maybe it had something to do with Slow-Witted Song, or perhaps the Great Northern Emperor?

Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said, “That senior is very mysterious. I still don’t know what his origins are. I first met him when I was at the Third Stage Realm, and that was the beginning of my ‘Road of Wealth Distribution’.”

Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said softly, “Since then, I’ve been able to have a bet with him every time I ascended. Every time I won against him, I would take out a quarter to one-sixth of my winnings, and carry out a Wealth Distribution. Now that I’ve ascended to the Ninth Stage, my bets with him have come to an end. In the future, even if I have the opportunity to step out onto my own path and become an Immortal, I won’t have the chance to bet with him again. Speaking of which, I feel quite reluctant to abandon all this. I’m very fond of that senior.”


Song Shuhang keenly captured a message. “Every time you win against him?”

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you are very witty. You really captured the most important part of what I said.” Loose Immortal Xiaoyao laughed. “Yes, you’re right. This is the reason why I like that senior so much. That senior is a real big, fat sheep. Out of 10 bets, he loses 10~ Aaaaaah~”


Loose Immortal Xiaoyao’s voice faded amidst a series of screams.

If it weren’t for the occasional faint groans, Song Shuhang would have wondered if he had pa.s.sed away.


After a long while, Loose Immortal Xiaoyao’s voice continued, “Anyway, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, you should’ve understood what’s happening. The first-grade prize I want to give you is the ability to ‘bet’ with this senior. Unfortunately, you’re already at the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm, so you only have two opportunities to bet with this senior.”


“…” Song Shuhang.


In other words, one would get the chance to make a bet with this ‘mysterious senior’ every time one ascended. Then once one reached the Ninth Stage, that was the end of it?

This was indeed slightly unfortunate… If the bet was based on the ‘number of times’, after completing his share of bets, he could hand over the right to the bets to Senior White. With Senior White’s heaven-defying luck, it would definitely be very interesting.


“Now then, I will be handing the Throne of Wealth Distribution over to you, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song,” Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said softly. “When I leave, the Throne of Wealth Distribution will start a ceremony to recognize its new master. When you become the master of the Throne of Wealth Distribution, you can get in touch with that senior. This is the greatest wealth!”

What could the mere wealth on the eighth and ninth floor account for? The treasures in the entire Throne of Wealth Distribution s.p.a.ce only accounted for a quarter of the treasures he had won from that mysterious senior!

Moreover, what was the real treasure?

The true priceless treasure was the mysterious senior behind the Throne of Wealth Distribution. Xiaoyao was able to grow from a mere Third Stage loose cultivator all the way to a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender because of the constant guidance of this mysterious senior and the support of a large number of treasures.


It was truly priceless to get the guidance of this mysterious senior.

“Take advantage of those two betting opportunities, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song,” Loose Immortal Xiaoyao reminded him. He secretly reminded Song Shuhang not to be fascinated by mundane things, and to discover the true priceless treasure beyond them, making the greatest gain.

Song Shuhang replied, “Senior Xiaoyao, rest a.s.sured. I will cherish them.”

“After I leave, you have to take good care of… Forget it, you should do fine on your own.” Loose Immortal Xiaoyao sighed.

Some things could not be repeated too much lest they lost their value.

Loose Immortal Xiaoyao laughed, and said, “Finally, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, if we’re fated, we’ll meet again. I heard that you are the first Sage in 1,000 years. After I leave the Throne of Wealth Distribution, I’ll be able to watch your Divinity Show and Sage Speech. You seem rather agreeable, so I’ll definitely watch your speech.”


Song Shuhang laughed dryly. “Haha, uhh… If Senior gets prompted to watch Demonic Sage Tyrannical Scholar’s speech, it’s best you avoid it.”


“Although I don’t know why you’re telling me this, you should be saying this with kind intentions, so I’ll remember it,” Senior Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said. “Lastly, before I leave, I have a magical technique to teach you. Grab the token, and experience it well. I can only teach you this magical technique once. In the future, you are also to pa.s.s it on to the next inheritor of the Throne of Wealth Distribution. This magical technique is very important: without it, there will be an upheaval when you extricate yourself from the Throne of Wealth Distribution.”

Other than that, Loose Immortal Xiaoyao was someone with a strong sense of curiosity.



Song Shuhang grabbed the token tightly, and his gaze penetrated the Throne of Wealth Distribution as if penetrating s.p.a.ce itself, projecting in another location.

This location was where Loose Immortal Xiaoyao was hidden, deep in the Throne of Wealth Distribution.


Then, the figure of a golden-haired man appeared in Song Shuhang’s sight. Gold was not his original hair color; it was just that when he cast this magical technique, his hair would be dyed golden.


The man said, “Watch carefully, I can only demonstrate this once.”

He stretched out his hands, and a pair of huge wings of light condensed behind him.

The wings of light unfurled, and a beautiful ‘eye’ emerged on top of the wings. The wings were like bridges, allowing the power of this eye to be projected.


Loose Immortal Xiaoyao shouted solemnly, “Ah!”

He folded his hands in front of his chest. Between his hands, the power of laws whirled wildly.

Immediately afterward, Song Shuhang saw the treasures on the eighth and ninth floor disappear. All the treasures turned into a big torrent, and poured towards Loose Immortal Xiaoyao.

Besides the books that recorded those ‘secret cultivation techniques’, all the other treasures merged and fell into the s.p.a.ce between his palms.


With every treasure that came over, the power between Loose Immortal Xiaoyao’s palms became stronger.


This energy was highly compressed. In the end, it turned into a small dot of light, spinning and entwining itself around Loose Immortal Xiaoyao’s fingertips.

Loose Immortal Xiaoyao said slowly, “Divine Strike!”

His voice, as if it carried its own echoing and thunder sound effects, resounded across the entire s.p.a.ce.


The s.p.a.ce where Loose Immortal Xiaoyao was located was torn apart; the huge spatial rift resembled the b.l.o.o.d.y mouth of a man-eating beast.

In this spatial rift, there was a destructive energy that rushed towards Loose Immortal Xiaoyao to kill him.

“Heavenly Punishment? No, it isn’t that.” Song Shuhang frowned.

It wasn’t the Heavenly Punishment, because this energy was lacking the ‘ceaseless’ nature of the Heavenly Punishment. However, it was somewhat similar. It was like the will between heaven and earth making a move against Loose Immortal Xiaoyao.

Nowadays, Tribulation Transcenders had withdrawn from the world and Immortals lived in seclusion. Even if a Tribulation Transcender did make a move, they would use indirect methods.

Could it be that Loose Immortal Xiaoyao’s Wealth Distribution Event and his current action drew a reaction from the Will of the Heavens?


While Song Shuhang was in thought, Loose Immortal Xiaoyao pointed his finger.


A small golden light appeared in his hand, and directly defeated the destructive energy.